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Figure 1. Gas Technology Institute (GTI)’s 2001 CBM resource map. Click image for overall enlargement.
A. Coal map of North America (after Wood and Bour, 1988).
B. Powder River basin.
C. Alaska.
D. Global coal distribution.
E. Plot of producing CBM wells, 1984-2000.
F. Plot of CBM production in U.S. basins in lower 48 states, 1984-2000.
G. CBM production from Powder River, Uinta, and Raton basins, 1992-2000.
H. Table of Canadian coal and coalbed gas resources.
I. Table of Alaska coal and coalbed gas resources.
J. Table of coal and coalbed gas resources in U.S. lower 48 states.
K. Table of reservoir properties of historically productive areas.