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Figure 2. Paleobathymetry determined from foraminifera faunas recovered from Bakersfield Energy Resources well Tisdale 71X-22, section 22, T27S, R21E, MDB&M, southeast Lost Hills oil field, Kern County, California. Subsurface correlations from this study. Paleobathymetry is interpreted from foraminifera bathymetry by the Shell Oil Company Stratigraphic Services (unpublished memorandum dated February 24, 1981). The diatom stratigraphy is by Mobil Exploration and Producing Services Inc. (unpublished memorandum dated September 7, 1983) and is correlated from nearby Bakersfield Energy Resources well Truman 121-26, section 22, T27S, R21E, MDB&M, and from Bowersox (2003).