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Figure 3. Development of depositional architecture and stacking patterns of small-scale sequences in the Firkanten, Basilika and Grumantbyen Formations.

a: Tabular, small-scale sequences onlap the basal unconformity on the distal basin margin in Todalen-lower Endalen Member time, after passage and relaxation of the initial peripheral bulge.

b: Deposition of basinward-stepping, wedge-shaped, small-scale sequences takes place during upper Endalen Member time in response to uplift and basinward migration of the peripheral bulge.

c-d: Basilika-Grumantbyen time: repetition of pattern A-B, with strongly basinward-stepping sand sheets in the upper part of Grumantbyen Formation.

e: Eocene: passage of the foredeep and following progradation of shelf clinoforms from the fold-thrust belt side of the basin.


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