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AAPG Middle East Region Geosciences Technology Workshop
Carbonate Reservoirs of the Middle East & Their Future Challenges
Abu Dhabi, UAE, January 30 – February 1, 2018

Search and Discovery Article #90318 (2018)
Posted April 10, 2018




Finding New Oil Accumulation Between Two Giant Oil Fields of North Kuwait: From Evaluation to Development,
      Lamya Abou-Qammaz, Shaikh Abdul Azim, Chintamani Vemparala, and Ahmed Abdel Rahman

Carbonate Facies Prediction Using Seismic Inversion Technique: An Integrated Reservoir Characterization Approach,
      Jawwad Ahmad

The Organic-Rich Limestones of Najmah Formation in Kuwait – An Unconventional Play,
      Mohamed Al-Ajmi, George Gega, Awatif Al-Khamis, and Al-Sahlan Ghaida

Calciturbidites of Hanifa Formation: Stratigraphic Traps in Deep Basinal Settings,
      Saad Al-Awwad, Bassam Al-Shammari, Mohammed Al-Marhoon, Abdullah Al-Dhubaib, Fahad Al-Khateeb, Mohammad Habeebuddin, Mohammad Balisy, Khalil Al-Sulami, and Abdullah Al-Dheyab

Evaluation of Complex Carbonates from Pore-Scale to Core-Scale,
      Osama AlJallad, Moustafa Dernaika, Safouh Koronfol, Yasir Naseer Uddin, and Prasanta Kumar Mishra

Using 2D Reflectivity Data to Perform Seismic 3D Reservoir Characterization: Application to the Evaluation of an Oil Exploration Lower Cretaceous Prospect,
      Maria Helena Caeiro and Fernando Neves

A New Exploration Concept in Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Interval in Abu Dhabi,
      Amogh Chitrao and Sara Satti

Link between Microporous Limestones and Elastic Properties in Tight Carbonates – A Case Study from the Lower Arab Formation (Upper Jurassic), Onshore United Arab Emirates,
      Matthieu Deville de Periere, Alexander Foote, Meriem Bertouche, Razza Shah, Fatima al-Darmaki, and Wala bin Ishaq

Facies-Based Rock Typing in Complex Carbonates,
      Moustafa Dernaika

Polygonal Faults Implication on the Carbonate Reservoir Characterization. Case Study: Abu El-Gharadig Basin, Egypt,
      Munir El-Mahdy, Elhamy Tarabees, Ali Bakr, and Ali Farag

Seismic Characterization of a Calciclastic Submarine Fan in the Cenozoic Foredeep of the Oman Mountains,
      Luca Fava

Stratigraphy and Reservoir Architecture of the Apulian Carbonate Platform-Ionian Basin System (Late Cretaceous, Albania),
      J. Le Goff, T. Cavailhes, A. Slootman, J. Jaballah, and J. Reijmer

Application of Borehole Micro-Imagery Logs for Lithofacial Association Interpretation of Carbonate Reservoirs,
      David Green, Quintin Davies, Alexey Chistyakov, Sergey Yakubovskiy, Mahmoud Abbas Ali, and Muhanned Abdol Razaq Dawod

Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy, Nannofossil Biostratigraphy and Geochemical Characterization of Organic-Rich Source Rock Intervals in the Upper Cretaceous Shilaif Formation, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E,
      Emina Helja, Dominik Hennhoefer, Aisha Al Suwaidi, Thomas Steuber, and Cinzia Bottini

Petroleum Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Eastern Offshore United Arab Emirates,
      Sungun Jung and Mohammed Ali

Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentological Analysis of a Late Jurassic Ooid Shoal System, Abu Dhabi, UAE,
William Mills, Claire Gill, Michael Harrison, Salah Al Deen Ali Muhsen Al Qallabi, Maniesh Singh, Tarek Solaiman, Gary Stefan Aillud, Kook Sun Shin, and Michel Rebelle

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Arab-A and B in a Giant Carbonate Field, and its Impact on Reservoir Quality,
      Yousef Mousa, Abdullah A. Neyazi, and Khalaf O. Altemimi

Characterization of Jurassic and Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoirs in UAE Through Advanced Seismic Conditioning and High Resolution Seismic Inversion,
      Anubrati Mukherjee

Diagenetic Controls on Rock Property Variations in Lower Shuaiba Reservoirs, Sultanate of Oman,
      Christopher Nicholls

Why do Carbonates Systems Buck the Trends of Sequence Stratigraphic Models?,
      Luis Pomar

Micro-Fossil Sub-Zones in the Arab Formation for High-Resolution Stratigraphic and Facies Analysis,
      Dirk Radies, Jake Jacovides, Holger Forke, Daniel Fitzsimons, and Frauke Schulze

The Story Behind Calciturbidites: Linking Single Grains to Analogue Flume Experiments,
      John J. G. Reijmer, Rosa de Boer, Max de Kruijf, Jonathan Kranenburg, Johan Le Goff, Arnoud Slootman, Jean Borgomano, and Emmanuelle Poli

Diagenetic Evolution and Timing of Oil Emplacement in the Arad-D Carbonate Reservoir, Saudi Arabia,
      Idoia Rosales, Luis Pomar, and Saad Al-Awwad

New Insights into the Statistical Behavior of Middle Eastern Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Obtained Through Near Deterministic Discrete Fracture Network Modeling,
      Thomas D. Seers

Characterization of the Overburden: The Neglected Child,
      Michael Shaver, Abdulla Al Neyadi, Abdulrahman S. Almessabi, Mohamed Ali Al Tamimi, Ahmed Al Tenaiji, Ahmed S. Salem, Khalfan Khalifa Al Ali, Adam Donald, and Suvodip DasGupta

Stratigraphic Trapped Carbonate Reservoirs Gas Detection using Mono Frequency Spectral Decomposition Ratio Approach, Application in Saudi Arabia,
      Taher M. Sodaga

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