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AAPG Africa Region Geoscience Technoogy Workshop
Paleozoic Hydrocarbon Potential of North Africa
Marrakech, Morocco, November 1-4, 2017

Search and Discovery Article #90313 (2017)
Posted January 11, 2018




Hydrocarbon Exploration and Potential of the Paleozoic Basins North of the High Atlas, Morocco,
      Abdallah Ait Salem and Lahcen Boutib

Paleozoic Stratigraphy of the Middle East,
      Said Al-Hajri

Significance of the Paleozoic for the Hydrocarbon Potential of the High Plateaux, Eastern Meseta, Morocco,
      John Argent, Rabah Bouchta, Jason Canning, Giancarlo Ghiglione, Paolo Martini, Lachen Tassine, and Daniele Tripone

A New Chronostratigraphic Framework for the Paleozoic Strata of Sinai, Egypt, Based on Geochronologic and Thermochronologic Constraints,
      William Bosworth and Daniel F. Stockli

Organic Matter Deposition at High Lattitudes: An Example from the Early Paleozoic Tanezzuft Formation (Tunisia),
      G. Gambacorta, V. Caronni, E. Antonielli, E. Previde Massara, A. Riva, P. Scotti, E. Trincianti, and E. Erba

Multi-phase Thermal History of Palaeozoic Basins in NW-Africa (Algeria, Morocco) and its Impact on Hydrocarbon System Development,
      H. Jaeger, T. Bechstaedt, and M. Mohr

Late Paleozoic Geodynamic Framework of the North African Platform,
      Francois Leparmentier

New Insights on Late-Ordovician Glacial Reservoirs Using Spectral Decomposition,
      Andrea Moscariello, Francisco J. Bataller, and Neil McDougall

Charge and Inversion, Illizi Basin, Algeria,
      Jonathan Redfern and Kara English

A Review of Ordovician Glacial Reservoir Potential Across North Africa,
      Jonathan Redfern

The Effect of Oil Composition on Field Development Plan: A Study From Two Infracambrian Reservoirs,
      Rachid Sablit

New Exploration Frontiers in North Africa: An Architechutal Evaluation of Potential Paleozoic Resource Plays,
      Owen E. Sutcliffe, Sigrun Stanton, and Christopher Willcox

Is the Pre-salt Sequence Underexplored Regionally in North Africa?,
      Gabor Tari and James Kiely

The Palaeozoic Play of North Africa and Surrounding Areas: A historical Overview in a Palaeogeographic Context,
      Daniel Trumpy

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