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AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region GTW
Optimization of E&P Projects: Integrating Geosciences and Engineering from
Block Acquisition through Production

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, August 22-23, 2017

Search and Discovery Article #90306 (2017)
Posted September 6, 2017




Multidisciplinary Integration for Quantitative Reservoir Characterization in Deepwater Colombia,
      Kosita Azbel, Chris Wojcik, Oswaldo Davogustto Cataldo, Eddy Lee, Kamran Zahid, and Steve Johnson

Beating the Benchmark in Deepwater Drilling Cost and Performance,
      Enrique Barrios

Will Broadband Seismic Integrating mCSEM Data be Able to De-risk Fluids in the Foz do Amazonas Basin?,
      Gautier Baudot

Reservoir Fluid Geodynamics: a New Way to Evaluate Connectivity, Baffling, Aquifer Support and Many Other Concerns,
      Andre Bertolini, Oliver Mullins, and Vinay Mishra

Stochastic Modeling Workflow for Well Drilling Zones Delineation: Integrating Probabilistic Models and Production Data to Reduce Risk,
      Marcela Feilhaber and Marcelo Pubill

Recommended Methodology for Drilling and Multistage Completion for Horizontal Wells in Tight Gas Formation in Neuquén Basin-Argentina,
      Americo Fernandez, Tebis Llobet, Martin Paris, Adrian Munoz, and Hector Rodriguez

Embracing the Digital Revolution from an Oil and Gas Perspective: Total's Experience,
      Henri Houllevigue

Reservoir Modeling "Big Loop" Workflow Applied to the Deepwater Reservoirs,
      Joseph Hovadik, Alexandre Castellini, Gustavo Fernandez, James Fowler, Frederic Gadelle, Mark Lynch, and Kevin O'Sullivan

Reservoir Geophysics Characterization and Monitoring of Brazilian Oilfield Reservoirs Incorporating New and Revised Seismic Technology: Petrobras Examples,
      Paulo Johann

Libra Case Study,
      Keith Lewis

Technological Solutions to Deepwater Slope Valley Reservoir Challenges,
      Mark Lynch and Alex Castellini

Reservoir Characterization and Connectivity Analysis of a Multi-TCF Gas Field: Quantifying Risk and Uncertainty through Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Analysis,
      Trey Meckel, B. James, A. Murray, and W. Bailey

Improvements in ESP Designs in Wells Completed in Non-consolidated Sandstone Reservoirs and Mature Fields from Marine Region Mexico,
      Emaglin Hernandez Medina, Sarita Sandoval Perez, Saul Gomez Saavedra, Hermilo Ramos, Juan Jesus Guerrero, and Gustavo Gonzalez

Advanced Technologies in Pre-sat Exploration and Production, Brazil,
      Mauricio Moraes and Umberto Borges

Reducing Risk and Improving Drilling Programs Using 3D-VSP High Resolution Images, Offshore Mexico,
      Rafael Perez, Adriana Grosso, and Francisco Olarte

Potential Applications of Deep Learning to Geosciences,
      Pedro Mario Cruz e Silva

Advances in OBN Technology: Full Azimuth, Long Offset Illumination for Complex Reservoirs,
      John Smythe

Using Cognitive Computing to Enable Multidisciplinary Knowledge Integration across the E&P Value Chain,
      Emilio Vital

Low-invasion Coring System – Introduction in Argentina: History, Statistics and Lessons Learned,
      Ezequiel Yunes, Henrry Caridad, Ruben Gonzalez, and Martin Paris

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