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AAPG Geoscience Technology Workshop
Big Data & Deep Learning in the Oil Industry: Basic Applications
Houston, Texas, May 22, 2017

Search and Discovery Article #90304 (2017)
Posted August 30, 2017




Application of Emerging Deep Learning Techniques for the Energy Industry,
      Bo Chen and Yang Liu

Optimal Configuration Models for Highly Performant VDI Solutions,
      Mark Daus

Big Data Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities in E&P,
      Ashwani Dev

Data Analytics: Upstream E&P,
      Bill Fairhurst

How – Implementing Big Data in Oil and Gas,
      Sashi Gunturu

What is Deep Learning? – And a Bit More,
      Kamal Hami-Eddine

Putting loT to Work,
      Chris Lenzsch and Cody Falcon

Implementation of Machine Learning Systems to Enhance the Value of the CDA North Sea Data Set,
      Philip Neri

Using Little Big Data and Machine Learning to Manage Risk,
      Patrick Ng

Mining Big Data Using Principal Component Analysis and Using Results to Find Oil and Gas with Neural Analysis of Multiple Seismic Attributes – Machine Learning!,
      Deborah Sacrey

Powering the Future of Data in Oil and Gas,
      Kenneth Smith and Ryan Templeton

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