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AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region GTW
Optimizing Geoscience and Engineering to Explore and Produce in a Low-Price Environment
Bogota, Colombia, May 17-18, 2017

Search and Discovery Article #90300 (2017)
Posted June 30, 2017




Geomechanical Approach to Assess and Mitigate Risk,
      Olga Carvajal

Near Field and Infill Exploration: Onshore Colombia,
      Andrés Fuensalida

Maná Field: an Updated Model Unveils New Opportunities for Exploration,
      Edgar García

Strategies to Optimize the Reserve and Resource Development before Drilling: Case Study in the Llanos Basin, Colombia,
      Yohaney Gómez

Geometry Controlled PSDM Tomography,
      Camilo González, D. Gutierrez, C. Becerra, F. Vivas, and N. Espindola

Polymer Injection Project in an Unconsolidated Sandstone in Neuquén Basin, Argentina,
      Federico Hochenfellner

New Generation Geosteering Technologies – a Game Changer for Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs,
      I. Kuvaev, I. Uvarov, V. K. Payrazyan, and Rafael Aguilar

Exploitation of a Marginal Heavy Oil Field Using Unconventional Techniques: Enhancing Production with Horizontal Drilling, Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia,
      Stephen Leslie, Peter Mullin, and M. Heider

Geomechanical Approach to Assess Risk in Drilling and Completion,
      Tebis Llobet

Drilling Strategies in Low-Price Environments: Lessons from the Llanos Basin, Colombia,
      Ernesto Melo

A Successful ASP Pilot Implementation in the Caracara Sur Oil Field,
      J. Montes, Hernando Mayorga, and G. Quintanilla

Basin Hydrodynamics in the Southern Llanos basin: De-risking the Heavy Oil Plays,
      Andrés Mora, A. Lasso, C. Villamizar, J. Gelvez, M. Vivas, R. Gomez, C. Díaz, J. Rico, V. Caballero, and J. Ortiz

Cyclic Injection of Production Gas in Provincia Field,
      Juan Eduardo Rivera

Pauto and Floreña Fields: Adding Value from Uncertainty,
      Luis E. Soto, R. Linarez, L. Rincón, Z. Gutiérrez, and J. Clavijo

Improving Drilling Efficiency in Colombia Deepwater Exploration,
      Jorge Trujillo and D. Hernandez

Unlocking Reserves From a Secondary Reservoir in a Mature Field Through Integration and Engineering Approach: A Case Study From Oriente Basin, M-2 Reservoir, Eden-Yuturi Oilfield, Ecuador,
      Néstor Vásconez, L. Bravo, R. Grijalva, E. Alba, A. Valdez, D. Tapia, J. Lomas, M. Castillo, and D. Cuenca

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