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AAPG Middle East Region Geoscience Technology Workshop
Siliciclastic Reservoirs of the Middle East
Amman, Jordan, May 15-16, 2017

Search and Discovery Article #90299 (2017)
Posted July 10, 2017




Reservoir Facies of the Late Cambrian to Ordovician Formations Southwest of the Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia,
      Mouathe Al-Essa, Nawaf Dossary, and Marco Vecoli

Stratigraphic Understanding of the Cambro-Ordovician, West Ghawar, Saudi Arabia,
      Zulfiqar Ali, Marco Vecoli, Michael Le Strat, Mohammad Nawaf Dossary, and Shahab Khan

Geological and Petrophysical Evaluation of Sandstone Cores in Great Burgan Field in Kuwait,
      Osama Al-Jallad, Moustafa Dernaika, Safouh Koronfol, Mona Rashaid, and Laila Hayat

Lithofacies and Depositional Environments of the Late Ordovician Sarah Formation in the Subsurface of Rub' Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia,
      Abdullah Alqubalee, Osman Abdullatif, Lameed Babalola, and Mohammed Makkawi

Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality: Insight into the Late Ordovician Sarah Tight Sand, Rub' Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia,
      Abdullah Alqubalee, Osman Abdullatif, Lameed Babalola, and Mohammed Makkawi

New Insights for Kuwait's Lower Fars Formation Exposure over Jal Az-Zor Escarpment: The Importance of Linking Surface to Subsurface,
      Aimen Amer, Mubarak Al-Hajri, Ali Najem, and Faisal Al-Qattan

Compatibility between the Fracture Trends of Subsurface Sarah Formation, Rub' Al-Khali Basin with the Fracture Trends Associated with Sanamah Formation Outcrop, Southwest Saudi Arabia,
      Mohammed Benaafi and Mustafa Hariri

High Resolution Sedimentological Interpretation of the Lower Paleozoic Clastic Reservoirs in Ghadames Basin, Libya,
      Seraj Bosnina, Ali Najem, and Adel Marimi

Integration of Chemostratigraphy, Sedimentology, Borehole Image and Seismic Data to the Correlation of the Sarah Formation, Northern Saudi Arabia,
      Neil Craigie, Andrew Rees, and Keith Macpherson

Tawil Formation, Eastern Saudi Arabia: Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis and Implications for Better Understanding of Reservoir Heterogeneities,
      Nawaf Dossary, H. Tourqui, P. Breuer, M. Soua, and E. Lacsamana

The Sarir (Nubian) Sandstone Sequence in Sirt Basin and its Correlatives: Interplay of Rift Tectonics and Eustasy,
      Ahmed S. El-Hawat

Sedimentological Model Construction of the Pab Formation Sandstone –Case Study from the Kirthar Range, Pakistan,
      Patricio Silva Gonzalez, David Green, Ishtiaq Noor, Quintin Davies, Marek Koprianiuk, Iwona Matuszewska, Michal Makos, and Ihtesham Ul Walahab

Large-Scale Hypogenic Karst in the Siliciclastic Wasia Group and its Related Reservoir Intervals: A Hypothesis,
      Martin Keller, Roman Koch, and Daniel Bohnsack

Depositional Model for the Ordovician Glaciated Margin of Jordan; Implications for the Reservoir Potential of the Risha Formation,
      Maher Khatatneh and Philip Hirst

Petrographic Facies of the Albian Siliciclastics from Northeastern Saudi Arabia,
      Elizabeth C. Lacsamana

Late Ordovician Glacial and Glacio-Fluvial Paleovalley Architecture and Sedimentation in Southeast Jordan and Northwest Saudi Arabia,
      Ahmad Masri

Impact of Taconic Unconformity on the Depositional Geometries of the Lower Paleozoic Clastic Successions in Murzuq Basin, a Case from SW Libya,
      Ali Najem, Seraj Bosnina, and Ali El-Arnauti

Fault Distribution Characters and its Influence on Hydrothermal Water Flow of Risha Field in North East Jordan,
      Abdel Rahman Qteishat and Maher Khatatneh

Diagenetic Controls on Porosity Evolution of Deeply Buried Sandstone Reservoirs,
      Khalid Ramadan

Image Based Characterization of Micro-faulted Sandstones: Implications for Clastic Reservoir Plays of the Middle East,
      Thomas Seers

Outcrop/Behind Outcrop Characterization of Siliciclastic Reservoirs,
      César Viseras, Luis M.Yeste, Fernando García, Saturnina Henares, Javier Jaímez, Gersan Rodríguez, and Sila Pla

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