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AAPG Middle East Geosciences Technology Workshop
Advances in Subsurface Imaging and Mapping
Muscat, Oman, October 26-27, 2016

Search and Discovery Article #90286 (2017)
Posted February 15, 2017


Depth Imaging and Pseudo 3D Velocity Model Building for 2D Lines Offshore Mozambique – A Case Study,
      Abdallah Ibrahim Abouelela, Mahmoud El Attar, Mohamed Tabana, Olufemi Adegbulugbe, and Deepak Rathee

Subsurface Reservoirs Imaging through Characterization and 3D Modeling,
      Mohammad Alkhalifah

Integrating and Quantifying the Impact of Fault Position Uncertainty on Hydrocarbon Volumes Estimates and Production Forecasts,
      Clement Belgodere

Marine Seismic Acquisition Using Wave Glider Autonomous Marine Vehicles: A Field Test, Offshore Abu Dhabi,
      M. A. Benson, T. Lecoq, G. Mercado, S. Nakayama, N. Moldoveanu, P. Caprioli, G. Nyein, S. Pai, E. Yandon, and L. Alkan

The Long and Short Solutions of Near-Surface Anomalies,
      Ralph Bridle

Climbing the Never Ending Road of Seismic Densities,
      M. Denis, M. Guillouet, A. Berthaud, T. Klein, S. Mahrooqi, and J. Shorter

Integrating Well and Seismic Data for Rock Type Prediction Using a Democratic Neural Network Association Approach,
      Bruno de Ribet

Broadband 3D Land Data Benefits in Seismic Imaging and Interpretation,
      Luis Giroldi, Ayman Suleiman, and Mukarram Ahmed

Reducing Fault-related Structural Uncertainties by Ranking Models using Seismic Data Misfit Functions,
      Modeste Irakarama, Gabriel Godefroy, Paul Cupillard, Guillaume Caumon, and Paul Sava

Extract More Information from the Full Seismic Wavefield in the Local Angle Domain,
      Christophe Rimlinger

Applications of Broadband Land Seismology,
      Zhang Ruijie, Tao Zhifei, Zhang Baoqing, and Chen Hongtao

Stochastic Inversion: A Case Study,
      Bertrand Six

Getting the Most Out of Difficult Data,
      Philippe Steeghs

Practical Examples of the Implementation of Surface Related Multiple Elimination for Land Data,
      Philip J. Thompson

Living 2D Reservoir Models,
      Troy Thompson

Application of an Amplitude Seismic Attribute to Structural Framework Interpretation in the Rub' Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia,
      Juan Zunino and David P. Taylor

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