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AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop
New Opportunities with Drones: New Needs, FAA Rule Changes, New Technologies
December 1-2, 2016, Houston, Texas

Search and Discovery Article #90284 (2017)
Posted February 27, 2017


Meeting Purpose,
      Susan Nash

Launching Drone Services – Legal, Ethical and Technical Considerations,
      Jeffrey R. Campbell

Mapping on a Budget Using Drones and Digital Data,
      Jeffrey R. Campbell

Evolution in Drone Technology and Regulations,
      Marc Johnson

Intelligent Gas Detection Drone Technology Development and Field Testing,
      Taylor Mitchell

Lease Mapping with Drones,
      Lyndon Nance

Drone Reality Check…What Drones Can't, Won't, and Flat-Out Refuse to Do,
      Michael Nash

New Developments in Drones and Methane Detection for Monitoring, Emissions Detection, and Regulatory Compliance,
      Susan Nash

Eighty Percent of Success is Showing Up: Maximizing the Online Presence of Your Growing Drone Business: Practical Applications and Examples of Drone Use: Case Studies,
      Jason Pederson

What to Look For, What to Watch Out For,
      Jason Pederson

The Apps You Need for Aerial Mapping via Drones,
      Ian Smith

Application of UAV-based Photogrammetry for Outcrop Characterization of Fluvial Deposits of the Burro Canyon Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado,
      Javier Tellez and Matthew Pranter

Examples of Methods of Control for Vertical Outcrops Applied to Close Range and Drone Photogrammetry in Texas, Oklahoma, and Saudi Arabia,
      Lionel White, Becky Aguilar, Tiffany Savage, Arlo McKee, Mohammed Al Farhan, Ning Wang, and Carlos Aiken

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