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AAPG Middle East Region Meeting (GTW)
Tight Reservoirs in the Middle East
Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 28-30, 2013

Search and Discovery Article #90275 (2017)
Posted June 5, 2017




Integrating Seismic Stratigraphy and Forward Stratigraphic Modeling for Prediction of Source Rocks and Tight Carbonate Facies: A Case Study from the Callovian-Oxfordian of the Eastern Saudi Arabia,
      Abdel Fattah Bakhiet, David Z. Tang, and Abdel Ghayoum Ahmed

More Oil and Gas to be discovered in Mature Fields: A Case from Offshore Abu Dhabi,
      Ahmed Berrim, Tadashi Hashimura, and Sabah K. Aziz

A New Strategy to Explore Tight Oil / Gas Reservoirs Fit for Purpose Acid Fracturing,
      Gehad Mahmoud Hegazy

First Successful Wire Line and Extended Coring Through the Unconventional Reservoirs in UAE: Saved 50% of Coring Time with World Record,
      Gehad Mahmoud Hegazy

An Overview of Pre-Devonian Petroleum Systems – Unique Characteristics and Elevated Risks,
      Barry Katz

Seismic Characterization of Tight Gas Reservoirs; An Integrated Approach,
      Jalal Khazanehdari

Application of Petroleum Exploration Concepts to Differentiate Between Source Rocks and Unconventional Reservoirs,
      Bruce Martin

Identification and Characterization of Producing Fractures in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Using PIWD,
      Mohamed Cherif Mazouz

Is It The Rock or The Frac? Shale Reservoir Quality and Production Performance,
      Randy Miller

Hydraulic Fracture Optimization Model to Maximize Tight Gas Recovery,
      Md Motiur Rahman and Jorge Salgado Gomes

Characterization of a tight chert reservoir at the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary: the Athel Silicilyte, South Oman Salt Basin,
      Ibrahim M. Al Rajaibi and Cathy Hollis

Maturation of an HPHT Tight Gas Fields in North Oman,
      Qassim al Riyami, Andreas P. Briner, David A. Elliott, Hamood al Habsi, Mauricio Lane, and Edwin Lamers

Advanced Cutting Analysis to define reservoir Geochemistry (TOC, Thermal Maturity, etc.) and Elemental Analysis to determine Brittleness Index, and Wellbore Placement with Geo-steering,
      Lorne Rutherford

Completing a Deep Unconventional Well with Wellbore Limitations in Saudi Arabia: Case Study,
      Ali Al Saihati

Multi-Well Pad Completions – How Operations, Geographic Infrastructure, and Service Company/Operator Relationship Evolve in a Contemporary Efficiency Based Environment,
      Chris Soileau

Drilling and Completion Fluids Design for Horizontal Well Drilling – Case History from Raudhatein Field,
      Ghery Sotomayor

Connecting the Worlds of Hydraulic Fracturing and Production Evaluation,
      Bart Vos

Integrated Approach to Drilling and Completing a Multistage Well,
      Stuart Wilson

Unconventional Gas Resources: Economics & Developments,
      George C. Yeung, Mohammad A. Mian, and Anwar M. Beaiji

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