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AAPG Middle East Region Meeting
Geosteering and Well Placement in Thin Reservoirs
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, February 25-27, 2013

Search and Discovery Article #90269 (2016)
Posted May 1, 2017




Geo-Steering with advanced LWD Technologies and Real-Time Management, Umm –Gudair Field, Kuwait,
      Nasser Al-Khalifa, T. K. Banerjee, and Fazal Ahmad

Burgan Multilateral Campaign: A Success Story in Development of a Complex Siliciclastic Reservoir in Kuwait,
      Omran Al-Zankawi

New LWD Technologies for Unconventional Reservoirs,
      Craig Barnett and Aly Bassiouny

Advancement and Economic Benefit of Geosteering and Well-Placement Technology,
      Michael Bittar

Opportunities and Challenges on Our Way to Integrated Solutions for Geosteering and Its Optimization,
      J. M. Denichou

Improved Wellbore Positioning Using Whole-Rock Elemental Data from Cuttings: Results from the First Decade,
      Michael Dix, Simon Hughes, Nicolo Casarta, and Ryan King

Geosteering Techniques for Thin Reservoirs,
      Hisham El Masry

Achieving Increased Net Reservoir Contact Using High Resolution LWD Resistivity Imaging,
      Wael Fares

Biosteering the Upper Permian Khuff Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia,
      G. W. Hughes, A. Alibrahim, A. Al Dhubaib, and S. Rashid

Well Placement in Shale Plays – How Significant Is It?,
      Jeffrey Kok

Determining Well-Bore Pathways During Multilateral Drilling Campaigns in Shale Resource Plays: An Example Using Chemostratigraphy from the Horn River Formation, British Columbia, Canada,
      Ken Ratcliffe, Tim Pearce, Craig Rice, and Howard Pitts

Landing with a New EM Technology,
      Mauro Ribeiro

Advances in the Precise Placement of Wells in Reservoirs using Proactive and Reactive Methods,
      Iwan Roberts

Chemosteering Using elemental Chemostratigraphy,
      Rachad Zeriek

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