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AAPG Middle East Region Meeting
Fracture Monitoring Using Passive Seismic
Dubai, UAE, January 28-30, 2013

Search and Discovery Article #90268 (2016)
Posted May 1, 2017




What Have We Learned After 10+ years of HFM Monitoring of Microseismicity,
      Adam Baig and Ted Urbancic

Correlating 3-D Seismic and Micro-Seismic Data for Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization,
      Antoine Bouziat, Remi Moyen, Cedric Godefroy, Philippe Doyen, Simon Voisey, Gabino Castillo, and Thomas Bardainne

Role of Long Period Long Duration Seismic Events in Hydraulic Stimulation of the Barnett Shale,
      Indrajit Das

Using Passive Seismic Data in Discrete Fracture Network Models,
      Thomas Doe, William Dershowitz, Clifford Knitter, and Alfred Lacazette

Origin of Microseismicity Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing,
      Leo Eisner

Integrating Microseismic with Geomechanics to Improve Reservoir Characterization,
      Thomas Finkbeiner

Microseismic Event Positional Uncertainty,
      Mike Mueller, Mike Thornton, and Leo Eisner

Fit for Purpose Microseismic Design,
      Anca Rosca

Time Lapse Passive Seismic Emissions and Fracture Images From Microseismic,
      Charles Sicking, Jan Vermilye, Alfred Lacazette, Pete Geiser, and Laird Thompson

Variations in Microseismic Monitoring Response, Eagle Ford, South Texas,
      Nat Smith

Scratching the Surface, Limitless Possibilities for Understanding Reservoir Behavior Through the use of Extensive Downhole Seismic Networks,
      Ted Urbancic

The Development of Reliable Earth Models,
      Iain Weir-Jones

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