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AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop
Optimizing Geoscience and Engineering to Explore and Produce in a Low Price Environment
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 18-19, 2016

Search and Discovery Article #90265 (2016)
Posted June 13, 2016




Achieving Productivity Gains and Cost Reduction in Well Construction: an Operator's Perspective,
      Umberto Borges

Using Subsurface and Outcrop Analogues to Improve Reservoir Modeling in a Low Price Environment – The Petrobras Experience,
      Carlos Bruhn, E. Freire, R. Lykawka

Prestack Classification Applied to Siliciclastic and Carbonate Deepwater Reservoirs,
      G. Camargo, F. Borges, P. Johann, Márcio Spínola, N. Xuan Nam

Drilling Dynamics Knowledge Contributes to Reservoir Navigation Decisions in the Peregrino Field, Offshore Brazil,
      Rafael Cremonini, E. Ferreira, A. Martins, O. Sanabria, S. Soltvedt, G. Simões, J. Barbosa, E. Galletti

Geo-hazards in Deep Water and Associated with Exploration around Salt,
      John Robert Dribus

Integrated Hydrocarbon Systems Study of the Santos Basin Pre-salt to Quantify and Reduce Risk from Play to Drillwell Scale: Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil,
      Sarah Gelman, S. Barboza, U. Bayram, E. Bowlin, K. Brittle, C. Lacerda, J. Matoush, G. Nolet, J. Pyburn, A. Savrda, J. Sitgreaves, J. Stewart, G. Stone, D. Tavernier, A. Tikku

Adapting to the Context by Integrating Past Lessons and Innovations,
      Henri Houllevigue, M. Le Vot

Porosity Synthetic Logs To Evaluate New Production Zones,
      Luis Angelo Longhi Escarcena, Paulo Roberto Blaskovski

Integration of Seismic and Real-time Well Data to Reduce Drilling Risk and Cost,
      John Mathewson, C. Esmerzoy

Cognitive Computing for Exploration and Production,
      U. Mello, Renato Cerqueira, B. Zadrozny, B. Flach, R. de Paula

Modeling Tectonic Stress Rotation in Real Time Projects and Its Application on the Brazilian Post- and Pre- Salt Rocks,
      Claudio Rabe, C. Silva, T. Pessoa

Evolution of the well construction in the Parnaiba Basin,
      Gustavo Silveira

Reservoir Mapping and Geosteering Using a Combination of Extra-Deep Azimuthal Resistivity and Seismic Profiles,
      Richard Tilsley-Baker, Jose Eustaquio Barbosa

Advanced Chromatography, Cuttings Analysis and Well Logging Integration: An Optimized Petrophysical Approach,
      Carlos Vargas Caña, D. Llanos, N. DeCastro, S.Vija

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