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AAPG Division of Professional Affairs
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 13, 2016

Search and Discovery Article #90262 (2016)
Posted July 5, 2016




Exploration Creativity,
      Ted Beaumont

Application of Unconventional Technologies to Appalachian Basin Conventional Reservoirs,
      Dan Billman and Bob Trevail

Evolution of a Marcellus Previous HitDevelopmentNext Hit Program – The Importance of Adaptation,
      Randy Blood and Luke Schanken

Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory: Initial Results and Plans,
      Tim Carr

Culture of Greatness – Resource Plays and Resourceful People in the First Unconventional Downturn,
      Rick Fritz

The Emerging Rogersville Shale Play: Hurry Up and Wait…,
      Dave Harris

Discovery and Previous HitDevelopmentNext Hit of the Trenton/Black River Napoleon Field, Jackson County, Michigan,
      Matt Johnston

Marcellus and Utica Previous HitProductionTop Analysis,
      Tim Knobloch

Sequence Stratigraphy and TOC Modeling of the Utica-Point Pleasant Interval in the Middle Appalachian Basin,
      Taylor McClain

Heritage of Discovery: Resources for Explorers,
      Charles Sternbach

Quebec's New Horizontal Play for Light Oil in the Gaspe Peninsula,
      Linda Sternbach

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