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AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop
Source Rocks of the Middle East
Abu Dhabi, UAE, January 25-26, 2016

Search and Discovery Article #90252 (2016)
Posted April 18, 2016




Factors Controlling Natural Fracture Development in the Qusaiba Hot Shale, Northwest Saudi Arabia; Outcrop Approach,
      M. O. Abouelresh, D. Boyde, L. O. Babalola, K. Koithan, and M. Omer

Source and Petroleum Generation Potential of Jordanian Oil- Shale,
      Mohammad Alalaween, Martin Jones, Daniel Gittins, Olaf Podlaha, Sander Van Den Boorn, Erik Tegelaar, Sadat Kolonic, and Thomas Wagner

Shines Bright for Jurassic Exploration Targets: Study Case of Geochemistry Shale Oil Characteristic,
      Meshari Al-Hashash, Rita Andriany, Hussain Taqi, and Awatif Al-Khamiss

Source Rock Characteristics, Thermal Maturity and Hydrocarbon Generation Potential of Mesozoic Section of Kuwait,
      Awatif Al-Khamiss, Rita Andriany, Salem Al-Ali, and Hussain Taqi

Kinetics for Oil and Gas Composition in Source Rocks: Implications for Unconventional Petroleum Systems,
      Francoise Behar

Modeling Conventional and Unconventional Petroleum Systems in Saudi Arabia,
      Abid G. Bhullar

3D Numerical Stratigraphic Model for Basin Scale Modeling of the Organic Matter Deposition in a Marine Environment: Application to the Natih Formation (Late Cretaceous, Oman),
      Benoit Chauveau, Didier Granjeon, and Mathieu Ducros

Source Rocks in the Eastern Mediterranean Realm with Special Emphasis on Petroleum Generation Kinetics and Expulsion,
      Samer Bou Daher, Fadi H. Nader, and Ralf Littke

Source Rock Kinetics: Goal and Perspectives,
      Mathieu Ducros

Assessment of Geochemical Variability in the Vaca Muerta Unconventional Play, Argentina: An Analogue for the Middle East?,
      Rouven Elias and François Gelin

Oil and Gas Generation and Migration from Lower Cretaceous-Jurassic Source Rocks, Mesopotamian Basin, Iraq,
      George J. Grabowski and Ana L. Braun

A Comparison between Shale Gas Plays of the East European Platform and Lower Silurian Plays of the Middle East,
      Jerzy Hadro

Basin Scale Modeling of Pore Pressure, Rock Stress and Failure: Method and Applications,
      Thomas Hantschel

Tight Oil Reservoir Characterization and the Difficulties Associated with Quantification of Producible Oil-in-place,
      Chad Hartman

Predicting the Quality of Petroleums Generated by Lower Paleozoic Source Rocks, MENA Region,
      Brian Horsfield, Nicolaj Mahlstedt, Tiem Vu, and Victoria Sachse

Source Rocks: Global and Regional Control on Organic Matter Accumulation; Middle East Examples,
      Alain Yves Huc

Hydrocarbon Potential of the Silurian Qusaiba Shales of Saudi Arabia in a Regional Context of the Paleozoic Shales in the Arabian Platform,
      Sedat Inan, Mahdi A. AbuAli, Salman Qathami, Ahmed A. Hakami, and Salem H. Shammari

Qualifying Source Rock Properties with Reservoir Fluid Geodynamics,
      Armin I. Kauerauf, Oliver C. Mullins, Kang Wang, and Oluwaseun A. Fadipe

Prediction of Carbonate Reservoirs Pore Pressure and Porosity in Onshore Abu Dhabi Using Petroleum Systems Modeling Technology,
      R. Mohamad, O. A. Fadipe, X. Zhang, O. Djuraev, A. L. MacGregor, A. M. Bouhlel, N. C. Koutsabeloulis, A. Noufal, M. Sirat, and D. Popa

Geochemical Source Rock Characterization,
      Peter Nederlof and Pierre van Laer

Detailed Characterization and Depositional Drivers of a Siliciclastic Source-Rock: An Example from the Early Jurassic of the North Sea Basin,
      Susanne Nelskamp, Alexander J.P. Houben, Tanya Goldberg, and Roel Verreussel

The Hercynian Unconformity in Saudi Arabia – Quantification of Erosion and the Associated Uncertainty through Monte-Carlo Analysis of Maturity Profiles,
      Guido Port

Workflow on the Economics of Shale Plays Using Analogs,
      Scott Tye

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