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Hydrocarbon Seals of the Middle East
January 18-20, 2016, Muscat, Oman

Search and Discovery Article #90251 (2016)
Posted April 25, 2016




Gotnia Formation-Cracking the Code!,
      Mubarak M. Al-Hajeri

An Overview of Seals in Petroleum Systems of Central and Eastern Saudi Arabia,
      Mohammed J. Al-Mahmoud and Abdulaziz A. Al-Duaiji

How Hydrodynamism Can Enhance Hydrocarbon Entrapment?,
      Jean-Jacques Biteau

Characterization of Major Seals in Zubair Reservoir Leading to Multiple Fluid Contacts: Raudhatain Field North Kuwait,
      Francia A. Galea Alvarez and Lamyaa Bogammaz

Oman and its Wealth of Seal Diversity,
      Uzma Ghulam

Tracing Oil Migration using Oil Geochemistry and Fluid-Inclusion Volatiles,
      George J. Grabowski, Jr., Ana L. Braun, Danielle E. Hood, and Lara E. Heister

Pressure Generation below the Muti Fm. – the Natih Petroleum System Deeply Buried under the Semail Ophiolite, Oman Mountains,
      A. Grobe, J. L. Urai, and R. Littke

Sealing, What Are We Risking?,
      Mark Hollanders and Steven Bloemendaal

Hydrocarbon Seals in Kuwait – Variability and Impact on Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Reservoir Compartmentalization,
      Riyasat Husain, Ghaida Al-Sahlan, and Awatif Al-Khamis

Regional Controls on the Depositional Systems of Key Hydrocarbon Seals of the Arabian Plate,
      Thomas Jewell, Roger B. Davies, Michael D. Simmons, and Joanne Wyton

Simple Evaluation of a Critical Risk: Seal Effectiveness and Seal Effectiveness Timing,
      Tom Levy

Calibrating Seal Risk Against Global Analogues and Observations: Where Does the Middle East Fit?,
      Duncan Macgregor and Roger Davies

The Puzzling Problem of Sealy and Leaky Faults,
      Abdelwahab Noufal

Integration of MICP Data with Logs, as a Means to Improve Reservoir and Seal Characterization,
      Philippe Rabiller

BIB-SEM, Cryo-BIB-SEM and Wood's Metal Injection to Image and Analyze Pore Morphology, Pore Connectivity, and Fluid Distribution in Seals and Reservoirs,
      Joyce Schmatz, Jop Klaver, Mingze Jiang, Moritz Süb, and Janos Urai

The Importance of Regional Seals of Saudi Arabian Petroleum Systems: Insights from 3D Basin Modeling,
      Rainer Schmidt, David Z. Tang, and Adedayo A. Adebulehin

Prediction of Sealing Capacity of Jurassic Carbonates by Integrating Petrography, Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure Data and Well-logs: Implications for Exploring Stratigraphic Traps, Eastern Saudi Arabia,
      Wenbin Tan, David Z. Tang, and Philippe Rabiller

Fluid Flow in Brittle and Ductile Seals: Geomechanical Aspects of Dilatant Fracturing and Fracture Resealing in Top Seals and Low Permeability Reservoirs, with Examples from the Middle East,
      Janos L. Urai

Hydrodynamics and Seal Evaluation,
      Hanneke Verweij

Non-Conventional Seals in Northern Oman, Examples from the Lekhwair High,
      Lee Watts, Kester Harris, Mohamed Azzazi, Said Balushi, Shaikha Qassabi, and Petrus Duindam

Analog-based Seal Classification and its Potential Application in Prospect Evaluation,
      Shengyu Wu, Shaoqing Sun, and José I. Guzmán

Workflows for Fault Seal Prediction in Siliciclastics and Carbonates,
      Graham Yielding

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