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Southwest Section AAPG Annual Convention

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Intelligent Design


Few would argue that Abilene is “the buckle” of the Bible belt. So it seems appropriate to address a topic here that straddles concepts of science and religion.

Fewer still would argue the associated age old conflict is largely identified with Darwin's theory of evolution conveyed to the world thru “The Origin of Species” published in 1859. The modern antithesis of this is known as the theory of or movement of “Intelligent Design”, introduced in 1989.

These seemingly immiscible topics have always been and likely always be intractable. More positively, one of several questions relating to this associated tension that can be asked is: what if any are the mutual benefits of these opposing viewpoints?

The purpose here is to answer this while maintaining the Southwest Section AAPG spirit of science, by objectively reporting on: the current state of Intelligent Design, what if anything it has to do with advancing our understanding of life and how it evolved, any effects if any on the scientific process and the broader philosophical influences between religion and science.

This builds on a similar presentation made at the 2008 SWS meeting in Abilene.