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Well Logs form the foundation upon which Oil and Gas reserves are based. Logging vendors are responsible for delivering data that has been acquired with instruments what were calibrated and run properly, providing documentation of this in both delivered hard and soft copy data. However, the client is responsible to see that this is done.

The wellsite is the front line of well log quality. The client representative needs to verify that well log products meet quality standards, before signing the vendor invoice, as the logging witness. Failure to do so can have severe repercussions, if “Stated Reserves” include data from miscalibrated and/or improperly run logs.

Unfortunately operators often send the most junior member of their staff to “catch the logs”, without adequate training on the responsibilities of a “Log Witness”. The complexity of modern wireline and LWD logs, with several pages of logging job parameters and calibrations do not make these duties any easier.

Simple, straight forward, wellsite techniques can allow the client representative to quickly determine if the vendor has properly done their job. These techniques can avoid later embarrassing and costly revelations, for both vendor and client.