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AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop
Revitalizing Reservoirs
San Antonio, Texas, December 1-2, 2015

Search and Discovery Article #90248 (2016)
Posted February 15, 2016




High-Resolution Stratigraphy and Structure of an Unusual Woodford Outcrop, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma,
      Caleb Bontempi and Roger M. Slatt

Limestone Frequency and Well Performance Redux,
      John A. Breyer

Are Geologic/Reservoir/Completion Models Properly Constrained (are they working) in the Permian Basin,
      Bill Fairhurst

A Commercial Evaluation of Refracturing Horizontal Shale Wells,
      Purvi Indras

Free and Almost Free Petroleum Information: Low-Cost and Open-Source Software,
      Susan Smith Nash

Unconventionals Update: Lessons Learned in U.S. Plays,
      Susan Smith Nash

Multilateral Stimulation Technology – A New Approach to Stimulating/Revitalizing Production in Carbonate Reservoirs,
      Kevin Rice

Tectonics of Eastern Mexico – Gulf of Mexico and its Hydrocarbon Potential,
      Ricardo J. Padilla y Sánchez

Comparison of Hydraulic Stimulation Methods of Coals and Carbonaceous Shales in the Cherokee Basin, Mid-Continent, Kansas USA,
      Steven Tedesco

Comparison of Completion and Drilling Techniques Utilized in Developing Paleozoic Reservoirs in the Southern Denver Basin, Mid-Continent, Colorado USA,
      Steven Tedesco

Seismic Characterization of the Mississippian in South-Central Kansas,
      George P. Tsoflias, Yousef Fadolalkarem, and W. Lynn Watney

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