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AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Geoscience Technology Workshop
Increasing the Recovery Factor in Mature Oil & Gas Fields
Co-hosted with Geological Society of Peru
Lima, Peru, October 15-16, 2015

Search and Discovery Article #90243 (2015)
Posted November 2, 2015




Improving the Well Construction Rate of the Mogollon Formation using New Technology,
      Edwar Agüero and M. Seminario

Alternative Solution to Control Wax Deposition in Low Temperature Reservoirs,
      Katherine Aristizabal, F. Forttini, M. Morffe, M. Heredia, and F. Paredes

Numerical Simulation for Well Start-up in Pressure Depleted Gas Condensate Reservoirs,
      Carlos Bilbao

How 3D Seismic in the Talara Basin Might help to Maximize the Recovery of Hydrocarbons,
      Edgar Borda

Recovery Factor Increase in Areas under Gas Injection: Re-evaluation of the Geological Model,
      Eloy Coronado and Javier Dextre

Peruvian Giant Camisea Gas Fields: Results of Development after 11 Years of Production,
      Johnny Gabulle

Dynamic Behavior of May Field, Case Study,
      Mirna Heredia, C. Villegas, M. Morffe, and K. Aristizabal

Incremental Oil Recovery in Heavy Oil Fields through Active Flow Control Devices,
      Victor Huerta and P. Zegarra

Reactivation of Mature Fields in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina,
      Patricio Malone

Ramos Field (Argentina): from Discovery to Maturity,
      Patricio Malone, J. Luquez, and D. Torchinsky

Construction and Calibration of Fracture Tight Reservoir on a Mature Field,
      José Marín and E. Escobedo

Production & Optimization in a Mature Reservoir: Lobitos Field Z-2B Area, Basal Salina Formation Case Study,
      M. Morffe, M. Heredia, K. Aristizabal, J Dextre, and F. Paredes

Geotesting: Fracture Characterization Using Static and Dynamic Data, Copacabana Group,
      William Navarro

Permeability Model using Minifracture Analysis in Tight Sands of Mature Fields,
      José Pajuelo, D. Escobedo, and G. Moreyra

Numerical Simulation of Horizontal Alternate Steam Drive (HASD) for Heavy Oil Fields in the Marañon Basin,
      Néstor Palacios and V. Huerta

Potential for Increasing Recovery in mature Fields Onshore & Offshore Trinidad using Carbon Dioxide,
      Krishna Presad

Experiences in the Development of Reserves and Expected Production Increases in Mature Fields in the Peruvian Northwest,
      José Luis Sebastian and J. Roldan

Transmissibility Evaluation of the Lower Noi Dunes Formation and its Impact over on Field's Development Strategy,
      Manuel Sueiro, A. Lanchimba, and N. Luque

Core Flood Modelling of Ion-Exchange during Low Salinity Waterflooding,
      Néstor Vásconez, Y. Sabyrgali, and E. MacKay

Improving Reserves Management Processes to Increase Oil Production in Peru,
      Seferino Yesquén, S. Yesquen, and E. Basilio

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