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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, May 12, 2015

Search and Discovery Article #90241 (2015)
Posted September 7, 2015


High Resolution Stratigraphy and Structure of an Unusual Woodford Outcrop, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma,
      Caleb Bontempi and Roger Slatt

"Stealth" Exploration and Serendipitous Exploitation for the Texas Woodford,
      Bill Fairhurst

Paleotopographic Control on the Variability of Woodford Shale Strata Across the Southern Cherokee Platform Area of Central Oklahoma: A Mechanism for Increased Preservation-Potential of Organic Content,
      Brent McCullough

Unconventional Asset Previous HitDevelopmentNext Hit through Reservoir Visualization,
      Mark Parker

Integrated Workflow for Understanding Fracture Interference and its Impact on Gas Previous HitProductionTop of the Woodford Shale,
      Eva Peza

Woodford Completion Efficiency Improvement through Applied Geology,
      Charlie Smith

The Use of Chemostratigraphy to Refine Ambiguous Sequence Stratigraphic Correlations in Marine Shales: An Example of the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma,
      Bryan Turner

The Acquisition and Analysis of High Resolution Digital Photorealistic Outcrop Models,
      Lionel White and Carlos Aiken

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