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AAPG Education Directorate Geosciences Technology Workshop
International Shale Plays
Houston, Texas, April 28-29, 2015

Search and Discovery Article #90240 (2015)
Posted September 21, 2015




Petroleum System Charge Analysis for Liquid-Rich Unconventional Plays,
      Michael Abrams

Recent Advances in Assessing the Commerciality of the Shale Basins of Australia: From the Precambrian McArthur Basin to the Triassic Perth Basin and Several Shales In-between,
      Jeffrey Aldrich

Unconventional Reservoir Potential of the Brown Shale, Central Sumatra Basin, Indonesia from Outcrop Characterization,
      Richard Brito

International Shale Leaders and Laggards: Case Studies of Commercial Successes and Stalled Exploration,
      Robert Clarke

Multiscale Stratigraphic Analysis of the Lower Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation in the Sichuan Basin,
      Hang Deng and Roger Slatt

Exploration Insight and Input that Changed Organizational Focus, Strategies and Economic Outcomes: Several Resource Play Examples,
      Bill Fairhurst, Frank Reid, and Nick Pieracacos

Log-based Resource Assessment of A Gas Shale Reservoir – A Case Study of the Barnett Shale,
      Qilong Fu

Reservoir Characteristics and Evaluation Study of Shale Oil of the Continental Sedimentary Formations in China,
      Huang Fuxi, Yan Weipeng, and Li Xin

The First Shale Gas Field in Sichuan Basin, Southwestern China: Geologic Characteristics and Structural Controls on Accumulation,
      Tonglou Guo, Harong Zhang, Ruobing Liu, and Xiangfeng Wei

The Silurian of the Wuzhishan Block: Integrated Results of Joint Study Field Work,
      Dave Leary, Penny Patterson, Mark Richardson, Xia Weishu, Wen Zhidong, Zhang Hanrong, Yan Jihong, Mark Rudnicki, and Scott Kelley

Mechanisms of Shale Gas Storage in Marine Shales with Complex Evolution Histories: A Case Study from Sichuan Basin, SW China,
      Li Zhuo, Song Yan, Jiang Zhenxue, Ji Wenming, Tang Xianglu, and Gao Xiaoyue

The Types and Characteristics of Source Rocks of Lacustrine Shale Oil in China,
      Li Xin, Yan Weipeng, and Huang Fuxi

Reservoir Characteristics of a Shale Gas Reservoir in the Longmachi Formation at Jiaoshiba Field, Fuling, China,
      Yongsheng Ma and Peirong Zhao

Microseismic Geomechanics: The Critical Link be-tween Geophysics and Completions in Discrete Fracture Networks,
      Mark Mack

Determination of In-situ Hydrocarbon Volumes in Liquid Rich Shale Plays,
      Eric Michael

Production Focused Seismic: Applying 3D Seismic to Well Productivity Analysis and Completion Optimization,
      Ross Peebles

Outcrop/Subsurface Geological Characterization of La Luna Formation as Gas Shale in the Northwest Lago de Maracaibo Basin and North Andean Flank, Venezuela,
      Andreina Liborius Prada

Extracting Formation Properties from Hydraulically Induced Microseisms, Seismic Attributes, and Impedance Inversion,
      Xavier Refunjol

Petroleum Geology of Mexico, with Emphasis on Shale Plays,
      Ricardo Padilla y Sanchez

Isotropy: A Lethal Assumption in Geomechanical Modeling of Shale,
      Hamed Soroush

Completion Optimization through Geomechanical Modeling of Interacting Hydraulic and Natural Fractures – Application to the Montney Shale,
      Nick Umholtz

3D Seismic Processing and Interpretation from 2D Seismic Data: Application in Environmentally Sensitive Areas of the Neuquen Basin, Argentina,
      Luis Vernengo

Method of Shale Porosity Determination Based on Magnetic Suspension Weight,
      Xingjian Wang

Advances of Shale Oil Exploration and Development in China,
      Yan Weipeng, Li Xin, and Huang Fuxi

The Geologic Condition for Shale Gas Accumulation and Exploration Target of Shale Gas Reservoir in Upper Yangtze Area,
      Zhou Wen, ZhouQiu Mei, XieRun Cheng, ChenWen Ling, DenHu Cheng, and Zhang YinDe

Seismic Characterization of Kerogen Maturity for Source Rocks,
      Malleswara Yenugu

Pore Type, Sizes and Genetic Analysis of Continental Shale Gas in Ordos Basin,
      Wen Zhou and Huchen Deng

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