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AAPG Education Directorate Forum
Reservoir Optimization for Times with Low Oil Prices

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, February 19, 2015

Search and Discovery Article #90239 (2015)
Posted September 7, 2015


Exploration Insight and Input that Changed Organizational Focus, Strategies and Economic Outcomes: Several Resource Play Examples,
      Bill Fairhurst, Frank Reid, and Nick Pieracacos

Nanotechnology for Waterless Fracking,
      Sean Guillory

A New Approach to Optimizing Recovery PRTISP Process,
      Harold Nikipelo

A Novel Method for Analysis, Prediction and Control of Directionally Drilled Wellbores using Mechanical Specific Energy,
      Sam Noynaert

A New Approach to Modeling Production Decline in Unconventional Formations,
      Anthony Ogunyomi (Femi), Dong Song, Larry Lake, Natalie-Nguyen La, and Shah Kabir

3-D Integrated Workflow for Understanding the Fracture Interference and Its Impact into the Gas Production of the Woodford Shale,
      Eva Peza, Erik Kvale, Richard Hand, Wallace Harper, Ram Jayakumar, Daniel Wood, Eric Wigger, Barry Dean, Ziad Al-Jalal, and Sameer Ganpule

Horizontal Mississippian Fracture Completions in Oklahoma and Kansas,
      Hap Pinkerton

Seismic Attribute Analysis and the Use of Unsupervised Neural Networks and Principal Component Analysis in Unconventional and Conventional Reservoirs,
      Deborah Sacrey

Using Granular Hydrocarbon Profiling to Augment Reservoir Understandings of Hydrocarbon Sources, Seals, Porosity, Water Saturation and Lateral Placement: an Eagle Ford Case Study,
      Rick Schrynemeekers

A Practical Petrophysical Approach for Brittleness Prediction from Porosity and Sonic Logging in Shale Reservoirs: Case Studies from the Woodford, Barnett, and Granite Wash,
      Jerry Truax

Pitfalls in Prestack Inversion of Merged Seismic Surveys,
      Sumit Verma, Shiguang Guo, Thang Ha, and Kurt Marfurt

A Digital Rock Physics View of the Mississippian Lime,
      Joel Walls

Finding the Fractures and Faults in the Mississippian Lime Play: Reservoir Optimization, Fluid Management, and Enhanced Recovery,
      Lynn Watney

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