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AAPG Latin America Region Geoscience Technology Workshop (GTW)
Extending Mature Fields' Life Cycles: The Role of New Technology and Integrated Strategies

May 11-12, 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Search and Discovery Article #90237 (2015)
Posted August 24, 2015




Integrated Reservoir Management in a Mature Field–25 de Mayo El Medanito SE y Jagüel de los Machos,
      Jorge Arguello and R. Martinez

El Tordillo, an Integrated Mature Field Development Case Study,
      Carlos Berto

Recovering Historical Decline Rates and Maximizing Production in a Mature Field,
      Julián José Blanco, Valeria Riveros, Juan Tagliorette, Flavio Donadio, and Horacio Albarracin

Improve Your Petrophysical Evaluation in Mature Fields: New Mineralogical Pulsed Neutron Technology for Case Hole,
      Gustavo Diaz, César Gazzera, Freddy Mendez, Nora Alarcon, Martin Paris, and Angel Lopez

Application of the Radioactive Tracer Log for Flow Measurement in Polymer Injection Wells,
      S. P. Figliuolo, F. Peñalba, H. P. Burbridge, M. Ichard, M. Ravicule, J. E. Juri, and A. M. Ruiz Martinez

Cerro Dragón: History and Future Challenges for an Integrally Managed Field,
      Javier Gomez

Data Automation and Operations Management in Chihuido de la Sierra Negra Field,
      Juan Inchauspe, Esteban Echeverria, Pablo Miguel, Leandro Giannini, Nicolás Pena, Juan Tagliorette, and Horacio Albarracín

Anaerobic Monitoring of Polymer Viscosity Derived from Radioactive Tracer–Tool Well Logs and Detailed CFD Wellbore Model,
      Juan Juri, A. M. Ruiz, M. Burbridge, M. Ichard, F. Peñalba, and S. P. Figliuolo

Extending Desfiladero Bayo Field Life Cycle–Study of Polymer Flooding and Pilot Test,
      Sergio Koch, Ariel Lucero, Anthony Thompson, Mariana Beltrán, Pablo Barros, and Silvana Gandi

Novel Alkali for an ASP Formulation,
      Maria Leticia Legarto, Maria Isabel Hernández, Sergio Bosco, Silvana Gandi, Andrés Lopez Gibson, and Leandro Giannini

Bombas de Cavidad Progresiva en Pozos Horizontales y Crudo de 2000000cp: Yacimiento Llancanelo, Mendoza,
      Emmanuel Monestario and P. Gusberti

Brown Field Management Strategy: An Integrated and Multi-variable Approach – Aguada Pichana Case,
      Federico Nacach

Development of High Risk Deep Horizons with Secondary Recovery: Golfo San Jorge Basin, Santa Cruz, Argentina,
      Omar Ortiz and Eduardo Farina

IOR: Improving Polymer Selection, Connecting Lab Results with Field Operation,
      Isabel Vega, M. Isabel Hernández, Diana Masiero, Leticia Legarto, Sergio Bosco, Remigio Ruiz, and Silvana Gandi

Natural Fracture and Storage Characterization in the Granitoid Basement of Campamento 1, the Oldest Oilfield in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina,
      Diego E. Velo, René Manceda, and Oscar Pioli

Integrated Field Study to Optimize Production at Chad,
      Lyndon Yose, Brandon Bush, Kyle Guice, Aaron Liesch, and Christie Rogers

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