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AAPG Division of Professional Affairs (DPA) Playmaker Forum
Heritage of Discovery: Resources for Explorers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, March 31, 2015

Search and Discovery Article #90233 (2015)
Posted September 14, 2015


Creative Petroleum Exploration,
      Edward A. Beaumont

What Makes a Play Unconventional?: Exploring for the Unconventional Play,
      David J. Campagna

Unconventional Thinking,
      Bill Haskett

The Canol Oil Shale Play Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories, Canada: Geoscience, Operations and Social License,
      John Hogg

Second White Specks Formation: New Concepts for Understanding Fractured Reservoirs,
      Paul MacKay

Geoscience and Professionalism,
      Tom Sneddon

The Giant Continuous Oil Accumulation in the Bakken Petroleum System, Williston Basin,
      Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Heritage of Discovery: Resources for Explorers,
      Charles A. Sternbach

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