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AAPG Division of Professional Affairs (DPA) Playmaker Forum
AAPG and DPA Resources for Explorers
Houston, Texas, January 23, 2014

Search and Discovery Article #90230 (2015)

Posted July 13, 2015


The Golden Age of Shale (Re) Discovery: Thoughts from the Onset of the Eagle Ford and a Toolbox for the Future,
      Paul Basinski

Characterizing Shale Plays–The Importance of Recognizing What You Don't Know,
      Brad Berg

Practical Prospecting: The Past, Present, and Future,
      Tom Bowman

Bakken and The Tight Reservoir Renaissance,
      Bud Brigham

Recent Exploration Success in the Woodford Shale, Payne Logan Counties: Finding 1,000+ BOPD Wells in an Area Peppered with Dry Holes,
      Bill Coffey

Bypassed Pays and Bypassed Plays: The Importance of Integrating Well Data of All Types: Logs, Shows, DST's,
      Bill DeMis

Three Important Conventional Reservoirs Receiving Exploration Focus in the Atlantic Margin,
      John Dribus

Mexico's Energy Reform, Where Will it Impact First: Deep Waters and Unconventionals,
      Alfredo Guzman

Observations on Recent Exploration Success in Canada's Arctic Frontier Regions,
      John Hogg

GEOCHEM Seals the Deal: Data to Support Your Ideas,
      Chris Laughrey

Marketing Your Prospect at Prospect Expos,
      Robert Pledger

The Role of Shale in the US Energy Future,
      Scott Tinker

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