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AAPG Geoscience Technology Workshop (GTW)
Sixth Annual Deepwater and Shelf Reservoir

Houston, Texas, January 27-28, 2015

Search and Discovery Article #90223 (2015)
Posted April 13, 2015


Seismic Screening for Hydrocarbon Prospects Using Rock-physics Attributes,
      Per Avseth and Tor Veggeland

Process-based Analysis of Sediments Distribution at Reservoir-Scale: Transportation, Deposition and Compaction in the Peira Cava Sub Basin,
      Ricardo Basani, Tor Aas, Ernest Hansen, and John Howell

Overview of the Deepwater Geology of the Mexican Gulf of Mexico – Round 1 of Bidding in the Energy Reform,
      Milena Colmenares and Jens Hustedt

New Insights into the Stratigraphic Framework and Depositional History of the Paleocene and Eocene Chicontepec Formation, Onshore Eastern Mexico,
      Stephen Cossey

Reservoir Architecture and Stratigraphic Evolution Channelized Deep-Water Depositional Systems,
      Jacob Covault

Observations from the Southern Gulf of Mexico – Correlation with the U.S.,
      Brian Horn, Jim Pindell, Antrara Goswami, Ed Haire, and Don Haward

Channelized and Lobate Seafloor Analogs from Offshore Western Nigeria: Facies Architecture, Temporal Deposition Patterns, and Application to Turbidite,
      Zane Jobe

Sediment Diagenesis in the Gulf of Mexico Basin and its Role in Pore Fluid Pressure Evolution: Implications for Hydrocarbon Transport via Solitary Waves,
      Ajit Joshi and Martin Appold

New High-Resolution Oil-Base Mud Borehole Imaging for Improved Interpretation of Deepwater Sediments,
      Anish Kumar and W. Cantwell

Understanding Deepwater Transport Systems from Processing and Interpreting Seismic Data in Color,
      Andreas Laake

Reservoir Modeling of Deepwater Lobes: Impact on Connectivity and Production,
      Fabien Jean Laugier

Depositional Processes and Impact on Reservoir Quality in Deepwater Paleogene Reservoirs, US Gulf of Mexico,
      Ann Marchand

Spatial Variations in Pore Water Salinity: Implications for Fluid Flow Pathways and Reservoir Compartmentalization in a Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Field,
      Jeffrey Nunn and William Daugherty

Tectonostratigtraphic Evolution of the Nicaraguan Rise Based on Integration of 2D Seismic and Potential Fields Data: Implications for Frontier Exploration in the Western Caribbean,
      Bryan Ott and Paul Mann

Crustal Framework and Tectonic Evolution of the Gulf of Mexico Basin: Deep Image Seismic Reflection Data, A New Reflection-refraction Profile, and Aeromagnetic Data,
      James Pindell and Brian Horn

Facies Analysis and Stratigraphic Relationship of Avulsion Splay Successions in the Paleogene Wilcox Formation, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico,
      Bruce Power, Jacob Covault, Morgan Sullivan, Brooke Carson, Larry Zarra, Brian Romans, Julian Clark, and Andrea Fildani

A Mega-Regional Perspective of the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Linking Stratigraphic and Structural Framework of Shelf Margins to Sands and Plays in Deep Water,
      Barbara Radovich, Don Howard, Ed Haire, and Gulce Dinc

Tectonics of Eastern Mexico – Gulf of Mexico and its Hydrocarbon Potential,
      Ricardo Padilla y Sanchez

Improving Petroleum System Identification in an Offshore Salt Environment: A Gulf of Mexico and Red Sea Case Study,
      Rick Schrynemeeckers

Exploring the Missing Blind Zone on the GoM Shelf,
      Selim Simon Shaker

New Approach to Pore Pressure Predictions: Generation, Expulsion and Retention Trio, Case Histories from GOM,
      Selim Simon Shaker

New Perspetive to SWF and Sinking Well Head Prevention in Deepwater,
      Selim Simon Shaker

Predicting of Seal Failure and Reservoir Breaching in Deepwater,
      Selim Simon Shaker

Peak Oil, Predictive Models, and the case for Business Innovation,
      Niven Shumaker

Healing-Phase, Top-Trapped Fills associated with Mass Transport Complexes: Controls on Turbidite deposition in Chaotic Margin Settings,
      Lesli Wood, Lorena Moscardelli, Dallas Dunlap, and Sebastian Cardona

Seismic Sedimentology of Incised Valley, Lowstand Delta, and Slope fan Systems in the Eocene Wilcox Group, Central South Texas Coast,
      Hongliu Zeng, William Ambrose, Zhijun Yin, Yawen He, Wenlong Xu, and Pao-Hsien Huang

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