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AAPG Geoscience Technology Workshop (GTW)
Carbonate Plays around the World – Analogues to Support Exploration and Development

February 4-5, 2015, New Orleans, Louisiana

Search and Discovery Article #90222 (2015)
Posted April 6, 2015


Lacustrine Microbialite Analogs to the Pre-Salt of the South Atlantic,
      Stanley Awramik and Paul Buchheim

Core to Seismic Reservoir Characterization of a Carbonate Heavy Oil Reservoir, Grosmont, Canada,
      Gregor Baechle, N. Krylov, E. Cavallerano, O. Ortega, M. Balzarini, and J. Lonnee

Fracture Networks, Apertures and Flow Patterns in Carbonates Rocks from the Surface to Reservoir Depths,
      Giovanni Bertotti and Kevin Bisdom

Outcrop-based Geomechanical Fracture Aperture and Flow Modelling: The Importance of Shear on Flow,
      Kevin Bisdom, Giovanni Bertotti, and Hamidreza M. Nick

Microbialite Biohermal Facies Architecture, Basinal Distribution, and Deposition: The Eocene Green River Formation Analog to the South Atlantic Pre-Salt Carbonate Reservoirs,
      Paul Buchheim and Stanley Awramik

Petrophysical Characterization of Carbonates of Campos Basin in Southeastern Brazil,
      Antonio Carrasquilla and Darcy Ribeiro

Petroleum System Analysis of the Nicaraguan Rise and Colombia Basin: A regional overview from seismic and well data,
      Luis Carlos Carvajal and Paul Mann

Can Modeling Solve Heterogeneity Challenges with Reservoir Geomechanical Characterization of Carbonates?,
      Rick Chalaturnyk

Reservoir Characterization Challenges in Pre-Salt Brazilian Carbonates,
      Patrick W. M. Corbett

Impact of Hydrothermal Fluid Flow on Conventional and Un-conventional Carbonate-Rich Reservoirs, Midcontinent USA,
      Robert Goldstein

Application of Outcrop Analogues in Carbonate Reservoir Characterization and Modeling: Multiscale and Multidisciplinary Approaches,
      Youri Hamon, M. Barbier, R. Deschamps, B. Doligez, P. Joseph, S. Rohais, J. Schmitz, and J.-P. Callot

Sedimentologic, Stratigraphic and Diagenetic Analysis of Mi-crobialite-Bearing Lacustrine Rift Sequence within the Lower Cretaceous Yucca Formation, Indio Mountains, West Texas,
      Xiaowei Li

Pre-Salt Carbonate Reservoirs in the South Atlantic and World-wide Analogs,
      Webster Mohriak

The K/T Boundary Sedimentary Succession in Southeastern Mexico: Outstanding Outcrop Analogs for Calibration of the Main Carbonate Reservoirs in Offshore Campeche,
      Gustavo Murillo-Muñeton, Jose Manuel Grajales-Nishimura, and Luis Velasquillo-Martinez

Syndepositional Fractures in High-Relief Carbonate Margins: Outcrops in the Canning Basin, NW Australia, as Analog for Tengiz Reservoir, Kazakhstan,
      Wayne Narr and Eric Flodin

Internal Waves and Carbonate Systems,
      Luis Pomar

Using Ultra-Sensitive Hydrocarbon Mapping to Elucidate the Carbonate Dahl Reef Complex,
      Rick Schrynemeeckers

Balbuena Supersequence, Salta Basin, Argentina: A Good Analog for Phanerozoic Lacustrine Microbialite-Bearing Reservoirs,
      Gerson Jose Salamoni Terra, G.P. Raja Gabaglia, E. B. Freire, R. Lykawka, R. B. Bunevich, R. Hernadez, and J. Hernadez

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