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AAPG Hedberg Research Conference
Latitudinal Controls on Stratigraphic Models and Sedimentary Concepts
September 28-October 1, 2014 – Banff, Alberta, Canada

Search and Discovery Article #120178 (2015)
Posted March 2, 2015

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*Tides at High Latitudes,
      Robert W. Dalrymple and Laurie Padman

Organic Enrichment in Time and Space,
      A. Davies, J. Etienne, L. Robinson, and G. Baines

A Paleo-Polar to Mid-Latitudinal Transect Preserved in the Permian Succession of Eastern Australia: Trends in Facies, Stratal Stacking Patterns and Petroleum System Elements Through a Prolonged Icehouse Interval,
      Christopher R. Fielding and Tracy D. Frank

A High-Latitude Signature Evidenced by Distinctive, Recurring Facies and Sedimentary-Pedogenic Structures in the Late Cretaceous Prince Creek Formation, North Slope of Alaska, USA,
      Peter P. Flaig, Paul J. McCarthy, Anthony R. Fiorillo, Dolores, A. van der Kolk, and Susana Salazar

Polar Sensitivity to Climate Change: Impacts on Reservoir Quality,
      Tracy D. Frank and Christopher R. Fielding

Sequence Stratigraphic Models – Latitudinally Derived Differences,
      C. M. Fraticelli and J. R. Suter

Uncertainty in Using Stratigraphic Models for Exploration – How Latitude Introduces Variability in Sedimentary Systems,
      C. M. Fraticelli, A. W. Martinius, P. Markwick, and J. R. Suter

Paleolatitudinal Controls on Depositional Processes and Products: A Reality Check from Global Analogues of Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs,
      Jose I. Guzman and Allard W. Martinius

**Are Data-Model Results Bias Towards The Warm Low Latitudes?,
      M. Harland, P. Valdes, D. J. Lunt, J. E. Francis, D. J. Beerling, and P. J. Markwick

Petroleum Source Rocks and the Predicative Modelling of Marine Productivity: Palaeogeographic and Palaeo-Earth Systems Controls on Latitudinal Distribution Patterns,
      Jim Harris, Alexandra Ashley, Simon Otto, Rob Crossley, Ros Preston, Carl Watkins, John Watson, Mike Goodrich, Paul Valdes, Jon Hill, and Peter Allison

Latitudinal Controls and Caveats on the Distribution of Trace Fossils and their Resultant Textures in Continental and Marine Depositional Systems,
      Stephen T. Hasiotis, Murray K. Gingras, Alan H. Halfen, Adam M. Jackson, Peter P. Flaig, and Dolores A. van der Kolk

*Sediment Delivery and Retention in a High-Latitude Coastal Delta: A Study of the Great Whale River, Hudson Bay, Canada,
      Peter Hülse and Samuel J. Bentley, Sr.

*Late Paleozoic Carbonates and Coeval Glacial Deposits in Bolivia: Correlations across a Significant Paleoclimatic Gradient,
      P. E. Isaacson, M. di Pasquo, G. Grader, and H. Anderson

High Latitude Tidal Environments – Examples from Braganzavågen, Svalbard and their Implications for Facies Models and Stratigraphy,
      Maria A. Jensen, Eiliv Larsen, Astrid Lyså, and Samuel Faucherre

Climatic Controls on Deposition in Syn-Rift Sequences: A Case Study of Cambrian–Ordovician Siliciclastics Tasmania, Australia,
      S. A. Mahmud, M. Hall, and J. P. Driscoll

**A Conceptual Model of Ice Shelf Sedimentation,
      M. W. Mayerle and R. D. Powell

*Latitudinal Controls on Modern Shoreline Geometries,
      Björn Nyberg and John Howell

Building High-Latitude Sequence Stratigraphic Models, with Examples from Eocene Through Miocene Successions on the Antarctic Continental Margin,
      Sandra Passchier, Dan Ciarletta, and Melissa Hansen

*Latitudinal Controls on Submarine Channels: Processes and Deposits,
      J. Peakall, M. G. Wells, and R. Cossu

*Effects of Strongly Seasonal and Yearly Variable Precipitation Patterns on Fluvial Facies: Tropics and Subtropics,
      Piret Plink-Bjorklund

Temperate Glacimarine Sequence Stratigraphy,
      Ross D. Powell

Contrasting Parameters of Deposition and Erosion of High Vs. Low-Latitude Muddy Shelf Seas – an Experimental Perspective,
      Juergen Schieber

The Effects of the Coriolis Force on the Morphology and Stratigraphy of Submarine Channel-Levee Systems,
      Zoltán Sylvester and Carlos Pirmez

In Pursuit of a High-Latitude Signature During the Late Cretaceous Greenhouse: A Comparison Between Shallow Marine Storm Deposits in the Schrader Bluff Formation, Alaska, and the Kenilworth and Grassy Members of the Blackhawk Formation, Utah,
      Dolores A. van der Kolk, Peter P. Flaig, and Stephen T. Hasiotis

Large Scale Climate Teleconnections Driving Marine Black Shale Formation in the Mesozoic Ocean: Conceptual Ideas from Jurassic-Cretaceous Case Studies,
      Thomas Wagner, Howard Armstrong, Liam Heherringshaw, Jonathan Imber, Sascha Floegel, and Peter Hofmann

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