--> 2009 PAPG/SPE ANNUAL TECHNICAL CONFERENCE, November 17-18, 2009, Islamabad, Pakistan, - Abstracts, #90139 (2012).

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Pakistan Association of Petroleum Geoscientists
Maximize Reserves – Optimize Exploitation
November 17-18, 2009, Islamabad, Pakistan
Appreciation is expressed to
Nadeem Ahmad for providing the Geology & Geophysics abstracts.

Search and Discovery Article #90139 (2012)

Posted February 21, 2012

Items preceded by asterisk (*) designate extended abstracts.



*Knowledge Management and Setting up of Effective Communities of Practice,
      Syed Mohannad Aftab

Seismic and Well-log Based Sequence Stratigraphy of The Early Cretaceous, Lower Goru “C” Sand of The Sawan Gas Field, Middle Indus Platform, Pakistan,
      Jamil Afzal, Thomas Kuffner, Attique ur Rahman, and Muhammad Ibrahim

Himalayan - Induced Deformation and Kinematics of The Arcuate Nature of The Trans Indus Salt Range, North Pakistan,
      Sajjad Ahmad, Amjad Ali Khan, Athar Ali, Nouman Shoukat, Fayyaz Ali, and M. Irfan Khan

Role of Geographic Information System (GIS) in E&P Business,
      Masood Akhtar, Ahmed Irfan, Abdul Hakeem, and Nicolai Egger

Evaluating Sand Body Thickness on Seismically Thin Reservoirs: An Integrated Approach Applied to Kadanwari Field,
      Alessandro Amato del Monte, Fabio Luoni, Luca Baruffini, and Nasir Ahmad

Basal Ghazij Sand (BGS) - A Unique Exploration Play in Eastern Part of Pakistan,
      Athar Jamil and Jim McCann

Pakistan's Major Petroleum Plays - An overview of Dwindling Reserves,
      Athar Jamil, Dr.Abdul Waheed, and Dr. Riaz A Sheikh

Effect of Mega Shear Fractures / Strike Slip Faults on Entrapment Mechanism in Sulaiman Fold Belt, Pakistan,
      Moin Raza Khan, M. Amir Bhatti, Abid H. Baitu, and M. Zubair Sarwar

Hydrocarbon Prospects of Karak Siwalik Anticline, NW Pakistan: Myths & Facts,
      Amjad Ali Khan, Sajjad Ahmad, M. Irfan Khan, Fayyaz Ali, and Amjad Waheed Qureshi

Reservoir Potential of Lower Nari Sandstones (Early Oligocene) In Southern Indus Basin and Indus Offshore,
      Syed Amir Mahmud and Shamim Ahmed Sheikh

Structural Geometry and Tectonics of Southern Part of Karachi Arc - A Case Study of Pirmangho & Lalji Area,
      Mohammad Niamatullah and Muhammad Imran

Integrating Structural Geology and GIS: Wrench Tectonics and Exploration Potential in the Eastern Sulaiman Fold Belt,
      Herwig Peresson and Farrukh Daud

Foraminiferal Biofacies and Depositional Environment of the Early Eocene (Ypresian), Sui Main Limestone, Sui Field, Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan,
      Salma Rafi, S. H. Khursheed, and Syed Iqbal Mohsin

Seismic Stratigraphic Framework of an Early Cretaceous Sand Lobe at The Slope of Southern Loppa High, Barents Sea, Norway,
      Nauman Sattar, Christopher Juhlin, and Nadeem Ahmad

*Hse Risk Assessment in Seismic Data Acquisition Activities: Threat and Mitigation,
      Rashid Tippu and Muhammad Ibrahim

*Uncertainity Analysis in The Sawan Static Reservoir Model and Optimization of Facies Using Neural Network Technology,
      Attique ur Rahman and Muhammad Ibrahim

G&G Data Management And GIS: An Integrated Business Objects Based Approach,
      Irfan Zulfiqar and Mohammed Sunil Bokhari

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