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2007 AAPG Eastern Section Meeting

September 16-18, Lexington, Kentucky

Search and Discovery Article #90068 (2007)
Posted August 3, 2007

*Special appreciation is expressed to Jim Drahovzal, Technical Program Chair, for providing these abstracts for posting on Search and Discovery.

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Preliminary Interpretation of Syn-Rift and Early Post-Rift Stratigraphy on the St. Lawrence Promontory
John S. Allen and William A. Thomas

Science Policy from the Senate Perspective
Allyson Anderson

Thickness and Extent of Saline Cambrian Reservoirs in the Ohio Region Is Controlled, in Part, by the Underpinning Precambrian Complex and Paleotopography
Mark T. Baranoski

Geological Carbon Sequestration (GCS) Potential in Upper Silurian to Middle Devonian Strata in the Michigan Basin, USA
David A. Barnes, William B. Harrison III, Amanda Wahr, Phil Jagucki, and Neeraj Gupta

Hydrothermal Dolomite (HTD) in the Michigan Basin, USA
David A. Barnes, T.M. Parris, William B. Harrison, III, and G. Michael Grammer

Aeromagnetic Gradient Anomalies Help Locate New Oil and Gas Reservoirs
Harold Robert Beaver

Carper Sandstone Potential in the Illinois Basin
James Blumthal

Pennsylvania State Forests: Our Role in Basin Exploration and Development
Teddy W. Borawski, Nathan S. Bennett, and Amy E. Randolph

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Producing and Potential Shale Gas Reservoirs of the Eastern United States
James L. Coleman, Christopher S. Swezey, Robert C. Milici, and Robert T. Ryder

Palinspastic Reconstruction Around a Recess in the Appalachian Thrust Belt in Georgia
B.S. Cook and W.A. Thomas

Flow in Porous Media: Experiments and Simulations with Application to CO2 Sequestration
Dustin Crandall, Goodarz Ahmadi, and Duane H. Smith

Methodology for Combining Old Log Suites with Modern Modeling Technology, Louden Oil Field, Illinois Basin
James R. Damico, Rex Knepp, and John P. Grube

Examining Stimulation Options in Light of Big Lime Geological Characterization
B.J. Davis

You've Won Your Energy Trifecta --Now for Some Thoughts on Keeping Your Winnings
Rick Derry

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Palynologic Correlation of Late Middle Pennsylvanian Coal Beds in the Central Appalachian Basin
Cortland F. Eble and Stephen F. Greb

CO2 Re-Stimulation in the Michigan Basin: A Second Chance for the Prairie Du Chien
James T. Edwards and J. W. Crafton

Secondary Porosity Development in the Galena (Trenton) Dolomite of Northern Illinois: Implications for Regional Fluid Flow and Hydrocarbon Accumulation
Dean W. Ekberg, John P. Grube, and Joan E. Crockett

Horses, Kentucky Bluegrass, and the Origin of Upper Ordovician, Trenton-Age Carbonate Reservoir and Source Rocks in East-Central United States
Frank R. Ettensohn

Dropstones, Glaciation, and Black Shales: New Inferences on Black-Shale Origins from the Upper Ohio Shale in Northeastern Kentucky
Frank R. Ettensohn, Thomas R. Lierman, and Charles E. Mason

Preliminary Study of a Producing, Late Mississippian, Low-Stand Sand Body at the Base of the Big Lime on and near the Pine Mountain Thrust Sheet in Southeastern Kentucky and Northeastern Tennessee: Relationships to Ouachita Tectonism
Frank R. Ettensohn and Matthew B. Vest

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How Far Did the Appalachian Thrusts Move? A Study of the Burning Spring and Pine Mountain Structures
S. Parker Gay, Jr.

Simulation of Sparging in Connection with Leakage of Sequestered Carbon Dioxide
E. Gessner, G. Ahmadi, G. Brohmal, and D. Smith

Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Paleozoic Rocks in Kentucky
Patrick J. Gooding

Middle Ordovician Carbonates of Central Kentucky
Patrick J. Gooding and Robert R. Daniel

Michigan’s Antrim Shale Play—A Two-Decade Template for Successful Devonian Gas Shale Development
Wayne R. Goodman and Timothy R. Maness

Geology of the Planned Carbon Sequestration Demonstration Well, Boone County, Kentucky; a Test of the Mount Simon Sandstone on the Cincinnati Arch
Stephen F. Greb, James A. Drahovzal, John A. Rupp, Wilfrido Solano, et al.

Carbon Sequestration, CBM, and Coal-to-Liquids Conversion in Appalachia; Critical Need for Understanding Unmineable and Deep Coal Resources
Stephen F. Greb, Cortland F. Eble, and Gerald A. Weisenfluh

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Production History and Reservoir Characteristics of the Antrim Shale Gas Play, Michigan Basin
William B. Harrison III

Facies and Rock Properties for Reservoir and Caprock Intervals in the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP) State-Charlton #4-30 Test Well, Otsego County, Michigan
William B. Harrison III, David A. Barnes, G. Michael Grammer, and Phil Jagucki

Geophysical Signature within the Northern Nile Delta, Egypt
Ahmad Muhammad Sobhy Helaly

Mercury in the Coals and Fly Ashes from Bulgarian Power Plants
James C. Hower, Irena J. Kostova, Maria N. Marks, and Daniel J. Hedges

AAPG Invades Washington - What the Headlines Don't Tell You
Don Juckett

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The Mississippian Floyd Shale in the Black Warrior Foreland Basin, Alabama and Mississippi
Carrie A. Kidd and William A. Thomas

Geology and Public Policy—What? Why? How? Local, State, and Regional Efforts
John Kiefer

Testing the Efficacy of CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Illinois Basin: Preliminary Results
Rex Knepp, James R. Damico, Scott M. Frailey, John P. Grube, and Beverly Seyler

Petrologic and Petrophysical Evaluation of the Lockport Dolomite (Middle Silurian) for Geological Recent Appalachian Basin Mergers and Acquisitions – 2007
Tim Knobloch and Benjamin Thomas

Characterization of Environmentally Sensitive Trace Elements in Coals and Fly Ashes From Bulgarian Power Plants
Irena J. Kostova and James C. Hower

Geology of the Kyrock and Nolin River Gorge Region, Edmonson County, Kentucky
Kenneth W. Kuehn and Michael T. May

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Late Middle Devonian Tectonic Activation of the Appalachian Basin, Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania
Gary G. Lash

Crosscutting vs. Abutting Joints: A Reflection of Overburden-Induced Joint-Normal Stress in Devonian Black Shale, Western New York
Gary G. Lash and Terry Engelder

Petrology and Petrophysics of Middle Devonian/Middle Silurian Potential CO2 Sequestration Reservoirs in the Central Appalachian Basin
Christopher D. Laughrey, Jaime Kostelnik, Kristin M. Carter, and John A. Harper

Sequestration of CO2 in the Central Appalachian Basin
Christopher D. Laughrey, Jaime Kostelnik, Kristin M. Carter, and John A. Harper

Using a Petroleum System Approach for Evaluation of CO2 Sequestration Potential in Saline Reservoirs
H.E. Leetaru, D.G. Morse, S.M. Frailey, and J. McBride

Use of Digital Log Analysis to Evaluate the Helderberg Group as a Confining Layer for CO2 Sequestration
J. Eric Lewis, Ronald R. McDowell, Katharine L. Avary, and Kristin M. Carter

Experimental Determination of Reaction Rates and Modeling of the Long-term Fate of CO2 in Deep Geological Formations
Peng Lu, Qi Fu, William E. Seyfried, Jr, Brain R. Strazisar et al.

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Evaluation of Coalbed Methane Potential and Gas Adsorption Capacity in the Western Kentucky Coalfield
Sarah M. Mardon, Kathryn G. Takacs, Cortland F. Eble, James C. Hower, and Maria Mastalerz

Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration Programs in New York
John P. Martin and Amanda Stevens

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Pottsville Formation in Southern Ohio
Ronald L. Martino, Andrew McCormick, and Charles Sorden

CBM Gas Composition Trends – Central & Northern Appalachian Basin
Michael G. McClure and Matthew W. Frost

A New Application of Low Altitude Airborne Multispectral Mapping of Rock Microfractures and Joint Systems, to Maximize, Conventional and Unconventional Hydrocarbon Production, and Related Sequestration Injection of Carbon Dioxide
Bruce R. Moore

Geology and Development of Devonian Shale in Eastern KY
Joe Morris and Jim Pancake

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Predicting Cumulative Production of Devonian Shale Gas Wells from Early Well Performance Data, Appalachian Basin of Eastern Kentucky
Brandon C. Nuttall

Update on Regional Assessment of Gas Potential in the Devonian Marcellus and Ordovician Utica Shales of New York
Richard Nyahay, James Leone, Langhorne B. Smith, J.P. Martin, and D.J. Jarvie

Fluid and Gas Geochemistry of Organic-Rich Shales in the Appalachian Basin
Stephen Osborn and Jennifer McIntosh

Optimization of Hydraulic Fracturing Performance in the Fractured Utica Shale of Northeastern United States
J. Paktinat, Joe Pinkhouse, Jeff Little, Gary G. Lash, and Michael A. Forgione

Characterizing Soil Gas Chemistry in Advance of Carbon Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery in Eastern Kentucky
T.M. (Marty) Parris, Michael P. Solis, Kathryn G. Takacs, Brandon C. Nuttall, and James A. Drahovzal

Hydrodynamic Control of Coalbed Methane Reservoir Performance in the Black Warrior Basin
Jack C. Pashin

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Silurian Shelf Sequences, Wabash Platform, Mid-Continent North America: Records of Global Climate Change
J. Fred Read and Alison Spengler

Appalachian Devonian Gas Isotopes Suggest Lower Maturity Plays Than in the Fort Worth Basin Barnett Play
Jackie Reed, John Zumberge ,and Stephen Brown

Shale Plays Revitalize Northeast Gas Activity
David D. Reimers

Thermal Maturity Maps Based on Conodont CAI for the Central Appalachian, Illinois, and Michigan Basins
J.E. Repetski, R.T. Ryder, E.L. Rowan, J.A. East, et al.

Reducing Methane Emissions and Improving Profits in Upstream Oil and Gas
James E. Rice and Donald Robinson

Assessing the Potential for CO2 - Enhanced Oil Recovery in the MRCSP Region
Ronald A. Riley, Brandon Nuttall, John A. Harper, Lee Avary, et al.

Organic Matter Preservation in Devonian-Mississippian Marine Black Shales of Central Kentucky (U.S.A.)
Susan M. Rimmer and Harold D. Rowe

Provenance of Oil on the Findlay Arch Based on Geochemistry and Basin Modeling (Illinois, Appalachian, and Michigan Basins)
Elisabeth L. Rowan, Joseph R. Hatch, Robert T. Ryder, and John E. Repetski

Talking About Earth to Policy Makers: The Real Big Picture
Linda Rowen

Stratigraphic Framework, Structure, and Thermal Maturity of Cambrian and Ordovician Rocks in the Rome Trough and Adjoining Cumberland Plateau, Eastern Kentucky, East-Central Tennessee, and Western West Virginia
Robert T. Ryder, Robert D. Crangle, Jr., John E. Repetski, and Michael H. Trippi

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Using a Field Experience to Communicate Natural Resource Issues to Policy Makers: The Kansas Field Conference
Robert S. Sawin, Rex C. Buchanan, and Shane A. Lyle

New Techniques for New Discoveries – Results from the Lisbon Field Area, Paradox Basin, Utah
David M. Seneshen, Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr., Craig D. Morgan, and Michael D. Vanden Berg

Update of New Albany Shale Potential in Illinois
Beverly Seyler and Joan E. Crockett

Reprocessing the United States Magnetic Anomaly Map using the Comprehensive Model
Adam Shaw, Joseph Batir, Matthew McIndoo, Dhananjay Ravat, et al.

Revisiting Some Carboniferous Stratigraphic Correlations in Ohio
Ernie R. Slucher

Exploring New Geosequestration Horizons in the Appalachian Basin: Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership R.E. Burger Test Site
Joel Sminchak, Phil Jagucki, Jackie Gerst, and Neeraj Gupta

Analyzing the Deep Coal Resources of Eastern Kentucky for Their Carbon Sequestration Potential
Michael P. Solis and Stephen F. Greb

Geochemical Constraints on the Origin and Volume of Shale Gases in the Eastern Illinois Basin
Dariusz Strąpoć, Maria Mastalerz, Arndt Schimmelmann, and John Rupp

Compound-Specific Carbon and Hydrogen Stable Isotope Ratios of Coalbed Gases in Southeastern Illinois Basin
Dariusz Strąpoć, Maria Mastalerz, Cortland Eble, Arndt Schimmelmann, and John Rupp

Soil Gas Hydrocarbons: A Dual Purpose Geochemistry that Locates REDOX Cells and Identifies Specific Organic Signatures in Petroleum Exploration
Dale A Sutherland

Log-Derived Lithostratigraphy and Digital Mapping of Ste. Genevieve Oolite Bodies at Owensville North Consolidated Field, Gibson County, Indiana
Katy J.G. Swan, and Brian D. Keith

The U.S. Geological Survey 2007 Oil and Gas Assessment of the Illinois Basin
C.S. Swezey, J.R. Hatch, S.T. Brennan, J.A. East, et al.

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Reservoir Analysis of the Cypress Sandstone (Chesterian) for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Carbon Sequestration, Henderson County, Kentucky
Kathryn G. Takacs and T.M. Parris

Trenton / Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in Québec: The Emergence of a New and Highly Promising Play along the St. Lawrence Platform
Robert Thériault

Conasauga Mushwad Shale Gas Play in the Appalachian Thrust Belt in Alabama
William A. Thomas

CO2 Sequestration Potential of the North Michigan Silurian Reef Trend
Brian Toelle, Chaoqing Yang, and Tracee Imai

Residence Time of Light Alkanes in Soils
Daniel H. Vice and Philip M. Halleck

Asset Protection in a Politicized Environment: Drilling and Production in the 21st Century
James H. Viellenave and David Seneshen

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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Geological Carbon Sequestration (GCS) Potential in the Middle Devonian, Richfield Member of the Detroit River Group, Michigan Basin, USA
Amanda Wahr and David A. Barnes

From Clastic to Carbonate Facies: Borden Delta Destruction and Evolution of the Slade Carbonate Platform: Tectonics vs. Eustasy
D. Brent Wilhelm and Frank R. Ettensohn

Seismic and Sedimentary Facies Distribution of the St. Bernard Lobe, Mississippi Delta
D. Brent Wilhelm and Paul Howell

Sequence Framework of Mississippian Carbonates, Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia, U.S.A.
Thomas C. Wynn, Aus Al-Tawil, and J. Fred Read

Palynofacies Analysis, Source Rock Evaluation and Organic Thermal Maturation of the Gray Fossil Site, Gray, Tennessee
Mohamed K. Zobaa, Michael S. Zavada, and Michael J. Whitelaw

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