--> 2006 Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies 54th Annual Convention, San Antonio, Texas, Abstracts, #90056 (2006).

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Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies

56th Annual Convention, Lafayette, Louisiana, September 25-27, 2006


Hosted by Lafayette Geological Society*


*Special appreciation is expressed to Dr. James J. Willis, who provided the abstracts for posting on Search and Discovery.


Search and Discovery #90056 (2006)

Posted August 15, 2006





Sedimentary Signature of Hurricanes and Exceptional Events in Cienfuegos Bay, Cuba, Inferred from 210Pb and 137Cs Vertical Profiles

Carlos M. Alonso-Hernández, Alain Muñoz-Caravaca, Misael Díaz-Asencio, Carlo Papucci, and Roberta Delfanti


FutureGen: Clean-Coal and Near-Zero-Emission Power Generation Technology for the Gulf Coast

William A. Ambrose, Mark H. Holtz, Vanessa Núñez López, Caroline L. Breton, et al.


Developing Interactive 3-D Presentations and Publications for Multidimensional Geoscience Research

John R. Andrews, Lesli J. Wood, and James C. Gibeaut


Hurricanes — How do they Change under Increased Greenhouse-Gas Concentration?

Klaus Arpe


Trap and Seal Analysis — Concepts and Mexican Examples

Marco A. Arreguín-López, Raymundo Sánchez-Rivera, Edmundo Heredia-Cervantes, and Susan Hippler


Source and Evolution of the Fluids around the S. Liberty Salt Dome, SE Texas Gulf Coast

Tat Banga, Regina Capuano, Adry Bissada, and Don Van Nieuwenhuise


Modeling the Burial and Thermal History, Organic Maturation, and Oil Expulsion of the North Louisiana Petroleum System

Roger Barnaby


High-Resolution Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of Cenomanian and Turonian Sandstones, Tyler County, Texas

Mary L. Barrett and John P. Goodson, Jr.


Basin 4 of the Brazos-Trinity Slope System: Anatomy of the Terminal Portion of an Intra-Slope Lowstand Systems Tract

R.T. Beaubouef and V. Abreu


Seismic Imaging at Conger: Lessons Learned in Gulf of Mexico Subsalt Imaging

Thomas C. Bergeon and Brad A. Robison


Diagenetic History of the Turbiditic Litharenites of the Chicontepec Formation, Northern Veracruz: Controls on the Secondary Porosity for Hydrocarbon Emplacement

Juan C. Bermúdez, Juan Araujo-Mendieta, Manuel Cruz-Hernández, Humberto Salazar-Soto, et al.


A 1,000-Year High-Resolution Hurricane Activity Record for the Boston Area

Mark R. Besonen, Mark B. Abbott, Pierre Francus, and Raymond S. Bradley


A Technique for Resolving Faulting Problems on the Steeply-Dipping Flanks of Salt Bodies using Multiple Bischke Plot Analysis (MBPA)

R.E. Bischke, J. Brewton, and D.J. Tearpock


Vernon Field — Waking a Sleeping Giant in North Louisiana

Steve J. Blanke and Sean P. Kelly


Coalbed Methane Production Potential in the Hartshorne Formation (Oklahoma)

Natasha Jeansonne Bordelon


System for Interpretation of 3-D Data in Virtual-Reality Displays and Refined Interpretations of Geophysical and Topographic Data from the Chicxulub Impact Crater

Christoph W. Borst, Gary L. Kinsland, Vijay B. Baiyya, Adam M. Guichard, et al.


The Princess Discovery — Sub-Salt Gulf of Mexico: Challenges of Sub-Salt Imaging in a Fast-Paced Sub-Sea Development

Aafke E. Bouma, Ben M. Hewett, and Bret D. Hampton


Basin Characteristics, Tectonic History, and Grain Size are Main Influences in the Transport and Deposition of Turbidity Currents

Arnold H. Bouma, Anne M. Delery, and Alfonso Benavides-Iglesias


Preliminary Determination of Bacteriological Niche Communities in Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox Group Coals from Coalbed Methane Producing Wells in North Louisiana

F.C. Breland, Jr., R.J. Portier, P.D. Warwick, and C.A. Metosh-Dickey



Systematic Variability of Hydraulic Conductivity within the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer in Northeastern Louisiana

Douglas Carlson


Petroleum System Attributes of the Bossier Shale of East Texas and Barnett Shale of North-Central Texas: Evolving Ideas and their Impact on Shale and Tight Sand Gas Resource Assessment

Ahmed Chaouche


Major World Delta Variability and Wetland Loss

James M. Coleman, Oscar K. Huh, DeWitt H. Braud, Jr., and H.H. Roberts


Visualization Blended into Computational Simulations: Academia and Industry Working Together at the LITE

Carolina Cruz-Neira


Where Does the Mud Go? The Dispersal of Mud from Rivers and the Stratigraphic Implications

Bob Dalrymple


Hurricanes and Energy Infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico: Impacts and Challenges

Kristi A.R. Darby, David E. Dismukes, and Seth E. Cureington


Classification of Holocene Foraminifera Bio-Facies within the Transgressive Lower Lafourche Headland, Louisiana

Chandra A. Dreher, Charlotte A. Brunner, Mark A. Kulp, and Matt Totten


A Brief Summary of Water Supply in the State of Louisiana

Timothy W. Duex



Energy Geopolitics

Michael J. Economides


Mapping Active Faults in the Houston Area Using LIDAR

Richard Engelkemeir, Shuhab Khan, and Carl Norman


Testate Rhizopods (Thecamoebians) as pH Bioindicators in Florida Lakes

Jaime Escobar and Mark Brenner


Spatial and Temporal Fault Analysis and Prospect Quality Evaluation Using Automated Interpretation and Solid Modeling Techniques

Laura Evins, Antony J. Marsh, Julio Gomez, Gladys Gonzalez, et al.


Variations in Tropical-Cyclone Activity and Storm-Surge Devastation since the 1950s in China

Daidu Fan


Preliminary Assessment of Recent Deposition Related to a Crevasse Splay on the Mississippi River Delta: Implications for Coastal Restoration

Nicholas F. Ferina, J.G. Flocks, J.L. Kindinger, M.D. Miner, et al.


Revisiting Frazier’s Subdeltas: Enhancing Datasets with Dimensionality, Better to Understand Geologic Systems

James Flocks


Natural Gas Reservoirs in the Tertiary Basins of Mexico

José G. Galicia


Theory and Methodology for Seismic Texture Analysis: Implications for Seismic Facies Visualization and Interpretation

Dengliang Gao


Structure-Oriented Texture Model Regression for Seismic Structure Visualization and Interpretation

Dengliang Gao


When is a Tsunami not a Tsunami? When is it a Storm?

James R. Goff


Hurricane Rita, 2005: Assessment of a Storm-Induced Geological Event along the Southwestern Louisiana Coast and Adjacent Interior Marsh

Walter S. Guidroz, Gregory W. Stone, and Dane Dartez



Early Compressional Deformation in a Shelf Salt Mini-Basin Setting: Pre-Stack Depth-Migration Imaging and Palinspastic Reconstruction of the Mozart Structure, South Marsh Island South Additions, Offshore Louisiana

David J. Hall, Scott N. Opdyke, and Richard L. Nagy


Modeling Differences in Drawdown between a Horizontal Water Well and a Vertical Water Well within a Confined Clastic Aquifer

Lisa Lynch Harrell


Pleistocene and Holocene Fluvial Systems of the Lower Pearl River, Mississippi and Louisiana, USA

Paul V. Heinrich


Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of the Miocene-Pliocene Sands in the Lankahuasa Gas Field, Offshore Veracruz

Ulises Hernandez-Romano, Juan C. Bermudez-Santana, Alberto Rodriguez-Maya, Hector Ruiz-Ruiz, et al.


Climate and the Rise in Human Dominance

Renée Hetherington and Andrew J. Weaver


Reservoir Characteristics of the Smackover Formation at the Little Cedar Creek Field, Conecuh County, Alabama

Ezat Heydari and Lawrence R. Baria


Sequence Stratigraphy of the Smackover Formation in the North-Central U.S. Gulf Coast

Ezat Heydari and Lawrence R. Baria


Sedimentary Record of the Landfall of Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast: Implications for Paleotempestology

Benjamin P. Horton, Veronica Rossi, Andrea H. Hawkes, and Matthew R. Wright


The Depositional Environment and Reservoir Characterization of the Taylor Sandstone at Woodlawn Field, Harrison County, East Texas

Jennifer N. Hoyt and Floyd “Bo” Henk


The Gulf Coast Geopressured-Geothermal Gas Resource: A Multipurpose, Environmentally Safe and Potentially Economic Reality in Today’s Market?

Chacko J. John, Brian J. Harder, Reed J. Bourgeois, and Raymond Fortuna


Evolution of a Salt Diapir within the Mississippi Salt Basin, USA: Interaction of Salt Migration and Sediment Deposition

Joseph R. Johnson, Jr., Maurice A. Meylan, and David F. Ufnar


Forecast of Nearshore Wave Parameters Using MIKE-21 Spectral Wave Model

Felix Jose and Gregory W. Stone


Geophysical Characterization of the Shallow Subsurface at a Contaminated Site in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

Keri B. Judice, Carl Richter, William H. Schramm, Catherine E. Bishop, and Timothy W. Duex



Cosmic Impact in the Coastal Plain of Mississippi? The Kilmichael Structure

David T. King, Jr. and Lucille W. Petruny


Evolution of the Morphology of the Vermilion River near Lafayette, Louisiana, USA; Consequent Flooding Problems and a Mitigation Plan; Some Features on the Surface of the Prairie Complex: All Illustrated with LIDAR Imagery

Gary L. Kinsland and John Wildgen


Development of a 3-D Virtual-Reality Geographic Information System Database for North Louisiana — Primary Purpose: Coalbed Methane Resource Delineation

Gary Kinsland, Joshua Kull, F. Clayton Breland, and Scott Comegys


A Stratigraphic Approach to Chicot and Evangeline Aquifer Boundaries, Central Texas Gulf Coast

Paul R. Knox, Steven C. Young, William E. Galloway, Ernest T. Baker, Jr., and Trevor Budge


Wave and Bottom Sediment Interactions over a Submerged Sand Bank during the Winter Cold-Front Season, Western Louisiana

Daijiro Kobashi, Felix Jose, and Gregory Stone


A Predictive Shale Porosity Model which Includes the Effects of Mechanical Compaction, Temperature, Mineralogy, Chemical Diagenesis, and Overpressure

James T. Krushin


Logfacies Distribution of the Wilcox Coal-Bearing Interval in North-Central Louisiana: A Quick-Look Technique for Coalbed Methane Resource Evaluation

Joshua Kull and Gary L. Kinsland


From Natural Hazard to Environmental Catastrophe: Past and Present

Suzanne A.G. Leroy


South Hallettsville Field (Wilcox), Lavaca County, Texas

Stanley M. Leventhal


Modeling of Thermal Maturity History of Strata in the North Louisiana Salt Basin Area

Peng Li


Reconstruction of Burial History of Strata in the North Louisiana Salt Basin Area

Peng Li


Short-Term Performance of Segmented Breakwaters along Raccoon Island, Louisiana

Baozhu Liu and Gregory W. Stone


Paleotempestology —The Science of Reconstructing Paleohurricane Catastrophes

Kam-biu Liu


Boquillas (Eagle Ford) Upper Slope Sediments, West Texas: Outcrop Analogs for Potential Shale Reservoirs

Brian E. Lock and Lauren Peschier


Subsalt Interpretation and Visualization Techniques: Alaminos Canyon, Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico

Frank R. Love


The Tapered Wedge Theory as Applicable to the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Benefits and Limitations

Allen Lowrie, Nancye Dawers, and Juan Lorenzo


Comparison of Two Gas-Hydrate Sites for Sea-Floor Monitoring

Carol Lutken, Tom McGee, Allen Lowrie, Charlotte Brunner, et al.



Structural Deformation of the Southern Florida Peninsula during the Late Miocene to Early Pliocene: Geophysical Log Evidence

Robert G. Maliva, Thomas M. Missimer, and Weixing Guo


Sequence Stratigraphy of Comanchean Cretaceous Outcrop Strata of Northeast and South-Central Texas: Implications for Enhanced Petroleum Exploration

Ernest A. Mancini and Robert W. Scott


Upper Jurassic Smackover Thrombolite Buildups and Associated Nearshore Facies, Southwest Alabama

Ernest A. Mancini, William C. Parcell, and Wayne M. Ahr


Accurately Characterizing Middle Cotton Valley Reservoirs in the Carthage Field, Panola County, Texas

Ronald B. Martin, Li Fan, Keith W. Owen, Baljit S. Sehbi, et al.


Upper Miocene-Pliocene Plays and their Economical Importance in the Tertiary Veracruz Basin, Mexico

Martin Martínez-Medrano, Renato Vazquez-Benitez, Victor M. Valdivieso-Ramos, Marco Antonio Arreguin-López, and Sergio Rivera-Cruz


Control of Upstream Variables on Late Quaternary Incised-Valley Evolution along the Northern Gulf of Mexico Margin

Christopher Robin Mattheus and Antonio B. Rodriguez


Hydrocarbon Production, Surface Subsidence, and Land Loss in Louisiana

Byron Miller


Basement Control of Coastal Surface Morphology in Southwest Louisiana

Riley Milner


Rapid Morphologic Changes to a Transgressive Tidal Inlet due to the Active 2005 Hurricane Season, Little Pass Timbalier, Louisiana

Michael D. Miner, Mark A. Kulp,, and Duncan M. FitzGerald


Late Miocene to Early Pliocene Fluvial Transport of Siliciclastic Sediment onto the Southern Florida Platform

Thomas M. Missimer and Robert G. Maliva


Petroleum System Observations and Interpretation in the Vicinity of the K2/K2-North, Genghis Khan, and Marco Polo Fields, Green Canyon, Gulf of Mexico

Van S. Mount, Arnold Rodriguez, Ahmed Chaouche, Steven G. Crews, et al.


Genetic Relationship between Salt Mobilization and Petroleum System Parameters: Possible Solution of Finding Commercial Oil and Gas within Offshore Nova Scotia, Canada during the Next Phase of Deep-Water Exploration

Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay, Paul J. Harvey, and Kris Kendell


Underground Nuclear Parks in Shallow Gulf Coast Salt Domes

Carl W. Myers


Pitfalls in Marine Heat Flow Probe Data Acquisition and Interpretations: Examples from the Gulf of Mexico

Seiichi Nagihara


Use of Ground-Based LIDAR in Geomorphic and Surface Stratigraphic Studies

Seiichi Nagihara


Deep Sedimentary Thermal Gradient in the Continental Shelf off Alabama through Louisiana

Seiichi Nagihara and Michael A. Smith


Tracking Salinity Sources to Texas Streams: Examples from West Texas and the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain

H. S. Nance



Hydrodynamic Control of Coalbed Methane Reservoir Performance in the Black Warrior Basin

Jack C. Pashin


Thinking outside the Pond: Benchmarking Performance Expectations for Deep-Water Reservoirs Using Analog Data from the Gulf of Mexico

Bradford E. Prather, Ciaran J. O'Byrne, and Carlos Pirmez


Stratigraphic Evolution of Linked Basins within the Brazos-Trinity Slope System: Western Gulf of Mexico

Bradford E. Prather, Carlos Pirmez, Ciaran J. O'Byrne, Charles Winker, et al.


No Guts, No Glory — Two Recent Discoveries in Stratigraphically Controlled Upper Miocene / Lower Pliocene Sands in Ship Shoal 181 and 194/206

Michael J. Quinn


Geochemistry and Thermal Maturity of the Upper Mississippian Fayetteville Shale Formation, Eastern Arkoma Basin and Mississippi Embayment Regions, Arkansas

M. Ed Ratchford and Lindell C. Bridges


Gas-Charging of Latest Pleistocene Shelf-Edge Delta Reservoirs by Possible Dissociation of Gas Hydrate, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Harry H. Roberts and Richard H. Fillon


Seafloor Reflectivity: An Important Seismic Property for Interpreting Fluid/Gas Expulsion Geology and the Presence of Shallow Gas Hydrate

Harry H. Roberts, Bob A. Hardage, William W. Shedd, and Jesse Hunt, Jr.


Restoration of Barrier Islands Overlying Poorly-Consolidated Sediments, South-Central Louisiana

Julie Dean Rosati, Gregory W. Stone, Robert G. Dean, and Nicholas C. Kraus


An Integrative Analysis of Basin and Dome Structures: Examples from Field Exposures, Venus, Numerical and Experimental Models, and the Subsurface Gulf of Mexico

Daniel A. Ruberg and James J. Willis



On the Origin of Mini-Basins in the Gulf of Mexico

Ghulam Sarwar


Miocene Vertebrate Fossils Recovered from the Pascagoula Formation in Southeastern Louisiana

Judith A. Schiebout,, John H.Wrenn, Suyin Ting, Julie L. Hill,


Effective Use of Horizontal and Vertical Wells Coupled with Dual Phase Extraction Pumping to Remediate a UST Site in Church Point, Louisiana

William H. Schramm and Andre Aucoin


The Coalbed Methane Potential of Louisiana and Texas

Andrew R. Scott and Donna F. Balin


Salt Related Volume Interpretation: An Example of Utilizing Volume Interpretation Software with Challenging Data Quality

Adam M. Seitchik


Case Study: SAGD Steam Flood Project Using Simultaneous Inversion of Pre-Stack Seismic Data

Arcangelo Sena


Geopressure Compartmentalization in Salt Basins: Assessment for Hydrocarbon Entrapments in the Gulf of Mexico

Selim S. Shaker


Understanding a Seismic Response from a Petrophysical Perspective

Tad Smith


Sequential Geometric Models of Detachment Folds: Alaminos Canyon Area, Gulf of Mexico

John H. Spang


An Explanation for the Lack of a Dilute Freshwater Lens in Unconfined Tropical Coastal Aquifers: Yucatan Example

Ronald K. Stoessell and James G. Coke


Tropical Cyclone and Winter Storm Impacts on the Short-Term Evolution of Barriers along the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Gregory W. Stone


Integrated Workflows for Pre-Drill Pore Pressure Prediction

Jack Taylor


Near Surface Characterization of the Baton Rouge and Scotlandville Faults, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

Angela M. Thomas and Jeffrey A. Nunn


Diagenesis of Mixed-Layer Clay Minerals in the South Timbalier Area, Gulf of Mexico

Matthew W. Totten, Mark Dixon, and Mark Hanan


The Occurrence and Seismic Expression of Volcanic Ash Beds in the Gulf of Mexico

Matthew W. Totten, M.A. Jurik, and Mark Hanan


Wheeler Diagrams: A Useful Exploration Tool in the Gulf of Mexico

Ramon H. Trevino, L. Frank Brown, Jr., Robert G. Loucks, and Ursula Hammes


Production Trends in the Travis Peak of Panola and Rusk Counties, Texas, East Texas Basin

James R. Turner



Pedofeatures from a Modern Soil Chronosequence, a Technique for Estimating the Relative Age of Ancient Pedogenic Features

David F. Ufnar


Exploratory Results and Upgrades in the Veracruz Basin, Mexico

Víctor M. Valdivieso Ramos and Edgar O. Martínez Treviño


The Extent of Geologic Control on the Storm Surge Flooding by Hurricane Katrina along the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Southeastern Louisiana

Thomas P. Van Biersel


Drinking Water Well Sampling in the Aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita along the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain, Southeastern Louisiana

Thomas P. Van Biersel, John E. Jennings, L. Riley Milner, Tiffani M. Craven, et al.


Visualization Technology in Quantitative Reservoir Characterization — Application to a Carbonate Reservoir

Joanne Wang and Duane Dopkin


Hurricane Rita Storm Surge Deposits in Southwest Louisiana: Preliminary Fieldwork Results

Harry F. Williams


Weld Classification — Not Just for Salt and Faults Anymore

James J. Willis


Gravity Geophysical Analysis of Spring Locations in a Karstic Desert Basin, Cuatro Cienegas Basin, Coahuila, Mexico

Brad D. Wolaver, John M. Sharp, Jr., and Juan M. Rodriguez


Volume Interpretation Using Advanced Seismic Data Analysis Techniques and GeoProbe

Ann Worrel, Terry Pool, Adrian Yates, Gene Johnson, et al.



Application of New Seismic Interpretation Techniques in the Exploration of Louisiana Coastal and Shelf Areas

Fangjian ‘Jack’ Xue, Kim Hemsley, and Dave Paddock


Deep Opportunities in the South Louisiana Transition Zones

Fangjian ‘Jack’ Xue, Kim Hemsley, and Dan Shan


Louisiana View: A Foundation for Sharing, Integrating, and Using Data Easily and Consistently

R. Brent Yantis


A Risk-Reduction Recipe Using Frequency-Based Pore Pressure Predictions from Seismic Data

Roger A. Young and Robert D. LoPiccolo


Depth Imaging of the Drake Structure in the Ultra-Deep Shelf Play of the Gulf of Mexico

George Zemlicka, Robert J. Bruce, Peter Gale, John E.G. Savage, et al.


An Improved Ocean Observing System for Coastal Louisiana: WAVE-CURRENT-SURGE Information System

Xiongping Zhang, Gregory W. Stone, DeWitt Braud, and Yuliang Chen


Integrated Geologic Interpretation in the Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico using Borehole Spectroscopy Logs, Microresistivity Images, Log-Derived High-Resolution Mineral-Based Lithofacies, and Regional Seismic Data

Eric Zimmermann, Mike Schneider, Mike Gallagher, Anish Kumar, et al.