--> AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting, Oklahoma City, OK, September 10-13, 2005, AAPG, #90048 (2005).

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2005 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting

September 10-13, 2005, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Search and Discovery Article #90048 (2005)

Posted December 24, 2005


*Special appreciation is expressed to Terry Hollrah, Technical Program Chair, 2005 Mid-Continent Section Meeting, and Michael Root for providing these abstracts for posting on Search and Discovery.


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Environmental Effects of Oil Production on Soil, Vegetation, and Surface and Ground Waters at the U. S. Geological Survey, Osage-Skiatook Petroleum Environmental Research Site, Osage County, Oklahoma
Marvin M. Abbott, James K. Otton, Robert A. Zielinski, Bruce D. Smith, et al.

Gee Whiz Geophysics…But What About the Log Data?
Jeff S. Arbogast and Steven M. Goolsby

Exploration Discipline Matrix: A Key to Reestablishing a Vibrant Exploration Industry in the Mid-Continent and Other “Mature” Provinces
Lyle F. Baie and John J. Gallagher, Jr.

Episodic Felsic and Mafic Magmatism and the Growth of Southern Laurentia
Calvin G. Barnes, Kate C. Miller, Renee C. Rohs, and Melanie A. Barnes

Oil Classification and Exploration Opportunity in the Hugoton Embayment, Western Kansas and Las Animas Arch, Eastern Colorado
Troy Beserra, Ray Sorenson, Harry Dembicki, Warren Winters, et al.

Reservoir Engineering Studies in Hugoton-Panoma Systems
Saibal Bhattacharya, Martin K. Dubois, Alan P. Byrnes, John H. Doveton, and Geoffrey C. Bohling

Automated Processing of Large Data Volumes for Development of the Hugoton-Panoma Geomodel
Geoffrey C. Bohling, Martin K. Dubois, John H. Doveton, and Alan P. Byrnes

Kansas Coal — A Review of Several Important Factors of Interest to Coalbed Methane Exploration and Production in Eastern Kansas
Lawrence L. Brady

Coalbed Methane Horizontal Drilling Case Study - Weir-Pittsburg Coal Seam, Osage County, Oklahoma
Paul Bruce and John F. Sinclair

Relations Between Lithofacies and Porosity, Permeability, Capillary Pressure, and Relative Permeability in the Chase and Council Grove groups, Hugoton Embayment, Kansas
Alan P. Byrnes and Martin K. Dubois



Preliminary Tectonic Map of Oklahoma
Jock A. Campbell

Redefinition of the Tectonic Features in Portions of Nebraska and Adjoining Areas – New Approaches to Exploration
Marvin P. Carlson

Kansas Digital Petroleum Atlas: A Step Toward a Cyberinfrastructure for the Oil and Gas Reservoirs in the Hugoton Embayment
Timothy R. Carr, John R. Victorine, Jeremy D. Bartley, Melissa C. Moore, et al.

Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of the Upper Morrow Sandstone, Mustang East Field, Morton County Kansas
Adam DeVries

Assessment of In-Situ Gas Saturation and Permeability From Logs in the Hugoton Log Petrophysics of the Lower Permian Chase Group in the Hugoton Gas Field of Southwestern Kansas
John H. Doveton

Geologic Model for the Giant Hugoton and Panoma Fields
Martin K. Dubois, Alan P. Byrnes, and Geoffrey C. Bohling

Reservoir Pressures Suggest Communication Between Hugoton and Panoma Fields and Provide Insights on the Nature of the Connections
Martin K. Dubois, Alan P. Byrnes, and Richard Brownrigg

Overview of the Hugoton Asset Management Project, Southwest Kansas and Oklahoma Panhandle
Martin K. Dubois, Alan P. Byrnes, Timothy R. Carr, Geoffrey C. Bohling, et al.



Advantages and Disadvantages of each of the Three Common HC Trap Components and Their Influence on Exploration
Robert F. Ehinger

How Current Understanding of Basement Outcrops in Oklahoma Can Help Decipher Later Geologic History
M. C. Gilbert

Implications of Complex Stratigraphy on the Exploration for CBM and Conventional Reservoirs, Hartshorne Formation, Parts of Pittsburg and Hughes Counties, Oklahoma
Cory Goodwin and Jim Puckette

Pre-Pennsylvanian Paleocanyon in a Portion of McClain County, Oklahoma: Implications for Deese Oil and Gas Production
Steve Hadaway and Surinder Suhai

Problems in Coal Nomenclature Used by the CBM Industry in the Northeast Oklahoma Shelf: Part 1 – the Lower Part of the Krebs Group
R. Vance Hall and J. Glenn Cole

Evaluating Textural Changes and Bedding Characteristics Within Clastic Environments Using Electrical Borehole Images
S.M. Hansen and B.M. Newberry



Large Igneous Province: Cambrian Diabase Dikes, Eastern Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma
Edward G. Lidiak; Roger E. Denison, and Robert J. Stern

4-D Seismic--Application for CO2 Sequestration Assurances
Richard D. Miller, Abdelmoneam E. Raef, Alan P. Byrnes, and William E. Harrison

LOW-BTU Gas Areas in Kansas
K. David Newell

Geological and Geochemical Factors Influencing the Emerging Coalbed Gas Play in the Cherokee and Forest City Basins in Eastern Kansas
K. David Newell, Troy A. Johnson, W. Matthew Brown, Jonathan P. Lange, and Timothy R. Carr

Stratigraphy of the Atokan-Desmoinesian Riverton Shale (formerly Riverton Formation) in Southwest and West-Central Missouri and Correlation of Riverton Coal Beds in Missouri to Riverton Coal Beds in Kansas
Laurence M. Nuelle

The Need for a Better Karst Hazard Estimation Procedure for Pennsylvanian-Permian Limestones of the Mid-Continent
Gregory C. Ohlmacher and P. A. Macfarlan



Same Day Downhole Critical Gas Content without the Core
John M. Pope

Coal-bed Gas Potential of Arkansas Coals in the Arkoma and Desha Basins
W. L. Prior

Influence of Accommodation Space on Distribution of the Upper and Lower Skinner Sandstone Reservoirs in Oklahoma
Jim Puckette and Larry Gerken

Coal Seam Natural Gas Potential of Paleocene and Cretaceous Coals of the Desha Basin, Southeastern Arkansas
M. Ed Ratchford

Three Dimensional GIS Modeling of Confi ned Oil Reservoirs with Examples in the Bartlesville Shoestring Sands
Shawn W. Salley

When Seismic is Not Enough: Improving Success by Integrating High-Resolution Surface Geochemical Data with Seismic Data
Dietmar Schumacher, Brooks Rountree, and Daniel C. Hitzman

Missouri Oil Shale Projects May Be Feasible
David C. Smith

A Dynamic Model for the Permian Panhandle and Hugoton Fields, Western Anadarko Basin
Raymond P. Sorenson

Syndepositional Subsidence and the Origin of Multiple Coal Splits, Hartshorne Formation, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma
Melissa Stefos, Bill Coffey, and Jim Puckette

Reinterpreting Nebraska’s Structures - New Geometry, New Exploration, New Reservoirs
William H. Sydow and Marvin P. Carlson



Assessment of In-Situ Gas Saturation and Permeability from Logs in the Hugoton Field Based on the Physics of Mud-Filtrate Invasion
Carlos Torres-Verdin, Faruk O. Alpak, Bovan George, Ray Sorenson, and Grant Robertson

Depositional Model and Distribution of Marginal Marine Sands in the Chase Group, Hugoton Gas Field, Southwest Kansas and Oklahoma Panhandle
Nathan D. Winters, Martin K. Dubois, and Timothy R. Carr

Transgressive Shoreface Erosion, Translation, and Wave Ravinement on an Epeiric Shelf as Recorded by a Soil Nodule Conglomerate-Arenite in the Upper Pennsylvanian Oread Cyclothem, SE Kansas and NE Oklahoma
Wan Yang