--> AAPG Hedberg Conference, "Sequence Stratigraphic and Allostratigraphic Principles and Concepts," Dallas, Texas - AAPG, #90050 (2005).

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AAPG Hedberg Research Conference

Sequence Stratigraphic and Allostratigraphic Principles and Concepts

August 26-29, 2001, Dallas, Texas


Search and Discovery Article #90050 (2005)

Posted December 24, 2005


Note: Items preceded by asterisks(*) designate extended abstracts, some with illustrations.


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Practical Aspects of Seismic and Well Log Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis

Armentrout, John M.


*Two Categories of Unconformity-Bounded Stratigraphic Units Require Nomenclatural Clarity

Aubry, Marie-Pierre


*A Proposed Bipartite Sequence Stratigraphic Nomenclature

Berggren, W.A., N. Christie-Blick, M.-P. Aubry, R.M. Carter, et al.


Allostratigraphy Versus Sequence Stratigraphy

Bhattacharya, Janok P.


*Distribution of Turbidites and Deltaic Facies in the Underfilled Karoo Basin: A model for Foreland Sedimentation

Catuneanu, Octavian


*A Personal Perspective on Sequence Stratigraphic Nomenclature

Christie-Blick, Nicholas



Free Market Theory and Sequence Stratigraphy

Donovan, A.D.


*Allostratigraphic Principles and Concepts

Edwards, Lucy E.


In Search of a Practical Correlative Conformity

Embry, Ashton


Lessons from the Lower-Middle Triassic Sequence Boundary

Embry, Ashton


*The Six Surfaces of Sequence Stratigraphy

Embry, Ashton


*The Many Faces of Submarine Erosion: Theory Meets Reality in Selection of Sequence Boundaries

Galloway, W.E.



*Aspects of the Relationship between Sequence Stratigraphy and Allostratigraphy: A Fluvial Perspective

Holbrook, John M.


Facies Architecture of Lowstand, Transgressive, and Highstand Systems Tracts in the Upper Devonian Lock Haven Formation, Council Run Field, North-Central Pennsylvania

Laughrey, Christopher D., Daniel A. Billman, and Michael R. Canich


Tectonic Versus Eustatic Control in Two Cenozoic Foreland Basins--Southern Pyrenees (Spain) and Molasse Basin (Germany)

Luterbacher, Hanspeter



Sequence Stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous Strata, U.S. Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain

Mancini, E.A., and T.M. Puckett


How Should NACSN Respond to Proposals for Incorporation of Sequence-Stratigraphic Units into the North American Stratigraphic Code?

Owen, Donald E.


Sequence-Stratigraphic Subdivision of the Burro Canyon Formation, Dakota Sandstone, and Lower Mancos Shale (Cretaceous) of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado

Owen, Donald E.


Recognizing Condensed Sections and Their Significance in the Development of Reservoir-Scale Microbial Reefs in Upper Jurassic Carbonate Sequences

Parcell, William C.


*Ruminations on Sequence Terminology with Specific Reference to 'Sequence" and Sequence Boundary Types

Posamentier, Henry W.


*Upper Cretaceous Sequence Stratigraphy, U.S. Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain

Puckett, T. Markham, and Ernest A. Mancini


Stratigraphic Sequence Mapping Tool Aids Small Reservoir Development

Pyron, Arthur J.



*Review of the Concept of and Recommended Terminology for Uncon formity-Related Units

Salvador, Amos


*The Correlative Conformities

Salvador, Amos


*Integrated Chronostratigraphy of Cretaceous and Paleogene Sequences: Evidence of Global Events?

Scott, R.W.


Stratigraphic Numerical Modeling: Contribution to Sequence Stratigraphy

Swift, Donald J.P.


Preserving and Improving Global Stratigraphic Principles and Procedures

Vai, Gian Battista


Detailed Analysis of the Rupelian Ru- 1 Transgressive Surface in the Type Area (Belgium)

Vandenberghe, N., J. Herman, and E. Steurbaut


Types of Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic Sequences in the Southern North Sea Area

Vandenberghe, Noel, Etienne Steurbaut, and Jan Hardenbol


Stratigraphic Relationships of Pennsylvanian Cyclothems with Allostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy

Weibel, C. Pius


Difficulty of Defining Sequence Boundaries in Depositional Systems with Substantial Autocyclic Erosion

Willis, Brian J.


Reservoir Sequence Analysis: A New Technology for the 90's and its Application to Oil and Gas Fields

Wornardt, Walter W., and Peter R Vail