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AAPG Regional International Conference
July 9-12, 2000 Istanbul, Turkey

Search and Discovery Article #90024 (2004)


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Methods of Allocation of Deposits with Passive Oil Reserves in the South Caspian Basin and Recommendations for Passive Reserves Development
M. Abasov, I. Allakhverdiyev, B. Bagirov, M. Gasanaliyev, A. Kasimov, Akif Narimanov, and A. Salmanov

Problems of Deep Hydrocarbon Reservoir Exploitation in the South Caspian Basin
M. Abasov, Y. Kondrushkin, R. Aliyarov, and A. SaImanov

Seismic Stratigraphy of the Upper Pliocene and Quaternary Deposits in the South Caspian Basin
Nazim R. Abdullayev

Pliocene /Quaternary Sequence Stratigraphy of the Caspian Sea Region: Interplay of Deltaic Systems and Climatic Control on Non-Marine Depositional Sequences
Vitor S. Abreu, Dag Nummedal, Paul Ware, Dan Self, Roger Witmer, Art Trevena, Eileen V. Williams, and Jerzy Trybek

Future Petroleum Resources of the Greater Caspian in a New World Assessment Context
Thomas S. Ahlbrandt

**Reservoir Potential of the Lower Triassic in Part of NW Bulgaria
George K. Ajdanlijsky

The Geology and Oil and Gas Bearing Prospects of the Conjunction Zone Between PriCaspian and North Ust Yurt Depression
A.A. Akkulov, M.K. Bayzakov, A.P. Pronin, and I.V. Shestoperova

Depositional Model and Reservoir Features of the Eocene Sandstones in the Akcakoca Area, Western Black Sea Region, Turkey
Dogan Alaygut, Serpil Teymur, Halil Seker, Omer Akoz, Abdullah Oner, and Murat Sarginalp

*Devonian to Recent Evolution of the Greater Caspian Basin
Andrew C. Alexander, Simon C. Otto, and E. Iwaniw

**Azerbaijan Exploration Opportunities
Natik Aliyev

Petrophysical Characterization and Reservoir Modeling of GCA Fields
Nusret Aliyev, Shahin Negahban

Late Cenozoic Tectonics of the South Caspian Region
Mark B. Allen, James A, Jackson Keith Priestley, Ian Somerton, and Arif Ismailzadeh

**Predicting H2S Distribution on the Caspian Sea Regions
Leonid Anissimov



Choosing of the Oil Objects in Multihorizontal Fields in the South Caspian Basin on the Basis of Geological and Mathematical Modeling
Bagir A. Bagirov, A. Aliyev, A. Salmanov, and S. Nazarova

*Peri-Tethyan Basin Tectonic Evolution: From Opening to Inversion
Eric Barrier, E Bergerat, M.F. Brunet, and J.P. Cadet

*Developing Exploration Analogs by Evaluating Producing Fields Using Computer Database Techniques
Unal Bayram, Naciya Kuramshina, Sabir Khanmamedov, Paul Frydl, C. Driear, Vilyen A. Aliyev, and Yunus H. Aliyev

*Assessment of the Greater Caspian Region Petroleum Reserves and Their Role in the World Energy
Andrei V. Belopolsky, Manik Talwani

**Oil and Gas in Azerbaijan - Progress report from BP Amoco
Mike Bilbo

*Precaspian and South Caspian Basins: Subsidence Evolution of Two Superdeep Basins
Marie-Francoise Brunet, Yuri A. Volozh, Maxim V. Korotaev, Jean-Paul Cadet, Andrei V. Ershov, and Mikhail P. Antipov



*Climatic and Other Controls on the Deposition of the Lower and Middle Productive Series, Azerbaijan
E. Clifton, D. Nummedal, D. Riley, A. Sayilli, J.A. Stein, R.J. Witmner, V.E. Williams, Z. Bati, V. Abreu, T.D. Demchuk, D.S. Van Nieuwenhiuse, M. Fornaciari, and A. Narimanov

*Absheron: Structure and Stratigraphy of a Deep Water Prospect
J.A. Connor, R. Kuliyeva, R.M. Kieckhefer, and C.E. Stelting

*Devonian and Carboniferous Platform Facies in the Bolshoi Karatau, Southern Kazakstan: Outcrop Analogs for Coeval Carbonate Oil and Gas Fields in the North Caspian Basin
Harry E. Cook, V.G. Zhemchuzhnikov, W.G. Zempolich, P.JI Lehmann, D.V. Alexeiev, V. Ya. Zhaimina, and A. Y.

Mud Volcanoes of the South Caspian Basin - Seismic Data and Implications for Hydrocarbon Systems
Calvin Cooper

*Black Sea and South Caspian Basins: Comparison of the Oil Possibilities of the Cretaceous Formations
Bulent Coskun



**Turkish Petroleum and the Caspian Break
Osman Demirag

Non-Palinspastic Paleogeographic Evolution of the Black and Caspian Seas
Sami Derman, Boris V. Senin

*Hydrocarbon Systems of the Reservoired Oils in the South Caspian
William J. Devlin

**Neotectonics of the Greater Caspian Region
John F. Dewey

*Crustal-Scale Imaging of the Absheron Ridge (South Caspian Sea) Revealed by Deep Seismic Reflection Profiling
Camelia C. Diaconescu, James H, Knapp, and John Connor

*Buried Gas Hydrates in the Deepwater of the South Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan: Implications for Geo-Hazards
Camelia C. Diaconescu, James H. Knapp, and Robert M. Kieckhefer

**Geoscience Technologies - Key to Profitably Finding and Developing Caspian Hydrocarbon Resources
Bill Drennen


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AZLAB: Services for Azerbaijan PSA’s and Caspian Region
Oguz Erturk, Akif Narimanov, Teoman Altinkopru, and Rafiga Huseinzadeh

*Geochemistry and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Meso-Cenozoic Sediments of the South Caspian Basin Western Flank
A.A. Feizullayev, I.S. Guliyev, and M.F. Tagiyev

Petroleum System of the Northern Baku Archipelago, South Caspian Basin, Azerbaijan
P. M. Frydl, Akif Narimanov, and J. J. Sawlan



*Peri-Tethyan Basin Paleogeodynamic Reconstructions: The Results of the Peri-Tethys Programm
Maurizio Gaetani, Jean Dercourt, and the PerilTethys Team

Sedimentary and Geodynamic Evolutionary Model of the Balkan Thrust Belt
Roberto Gambini, Richard Moreton, and G,G. Ori

*Carboniferous to Triassic Evolution of Tuarkyr: From Intra-Arc Rifting to Final Welding of the “Turan Plate”
Eduardo Garzanti, Maurizio Gaetani

Brief Characteristic of the Report - Evaluation of the Oil and Gas Potential of Mangyshlak and Buzachi Zones as the Basis for Forecast of the Middle Caspian Potential
S. Ghershtansky, A, A, Rabinovich, and A. Ognev

**Technical Challenges on Drilling Deep Wells in the South Caspian
Torulf Gjedrem

*Geodynamic Evolution of the South Caspian Basin
Jan Golonka

**Oil and Gas Developments in the Caspian Region - In Search of Sustainable Solutions
Gavin Graham

*Gravity Modeling and its Implications to the Tectonics of the South Caspian Basin
Jim W. Granath, K-A, Sooli, O.W. Baganz, and E. Bagirov

*A Predictive Model for Continental Sediments
Paul V. Grech

Petroleum Exploration in a World Without Walls: the Role of Science and Technology
Arthur R. Green

*Geophysical Evaluation and Exploration Potential of the Haymana-Polatli and Cankiri Basins, Central Anatolia, Turkey
Kenneth W. Grove, Matthew R. Silverman, David R. Rasmussen, Glen T. Penfield, William R. Gumert, and Victor Graterol

**Results of the Study in Sphere of the Organic Theory of Oil and Gas Origin
Ihor B. Gubic

*Geological and Geochemical Promises of Oil and Gas Prospects of the West Georgia and Georgian Sector of the Black Sea Basin
Soso V. Gudushauri, Artem V. Sanishvili



The Formation of Supergiants in the Central and South Caspian Basins: Structural Evolution and Plate Tectonic Setting
Steve H. Hall, Vanessa J. Sturrock

Tectonic Control on the Deposition of Reservoir in the Central and South Caspian Basins During the Tertiary
Steve H. Hall, L. Nelson, and V.J. Sturrock

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sediments of the Petroliferous Kopet Dagh Basin of NE Iran
Moussavi Harami, A. Mahboubi

*Unlocking Azerbaijan’s Giant Onshore Oil Field Reserves: A Case History of the Kursenge and Karabagli Fields
Thomas Harris, A. Yukler, N. Demircan, Pat Seale, Joe Haskel, K. Bhattacharjee, A. Azun, A. Djavadova, and Rufat Mehti-zade

Sedimentology of the Productive Series, Azerbaijan
David Hinds, Mike Simmons, Mark Allen, and Elmira Aliyeva

*Isotope- Geochemical Prognosis of the Stratigraphic Origin of the Oil Seepages Source in the South Caspian Basin
D.A. Husseynov, I.S. Guliyev, and A.A. Feizullayev

**Shah Deniz E& P Challenges
Bayram Husseynov, Chris Reddick, Martin Smith, and Sue Fowler


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Guneshli-Chirag-Azeri (GCA) Megastructure Development in Azerbaijan
Hamlet Ibrahimov

Geochemistry of Organic-Rich Rocks from Mud-Volcano Ejecta in Azerbaijan: A Novel Approach for Regional Assessment of Source Rock Quality
Gary H. Isaksen, Adil Aliyev, and William Devlin

**Facies Collectors and Gas-Potential of the Cretaceous-Paleogene Carbonate Deposits of the Black Sea Basin
T.S. Izotova, O.V. Bondarenko

*The Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Lower Kura Area
Arzu Javadova, Michael Hauck



*Significance of Microbial Processes in Gases of the South Caspian Basin
Barry J. Katz, Akif Narimanov, and Rafiga Huseinzadeh

*A Re-examination of the Hydrocarbon Charge Components of the South Caspian Petroleum System
Barry Katz, D. Richards, D. Long, and G. Baum

*Outcrop Analogs of Upper Mississippian to Pennsylvanian Carbonate Buildups in the Pricaspian Basin: Asturias, Northern Spain
Jeroen A.M. Kenter, Lorenz Keim, Adrian Immenhauser, G. Della Porta, Michael E. Clark, Juan R. Bahamonde, and J.J.G. Reijmer

Interpretation of Seismic Profires of the Tertiary Sediments in the Ramsar Region, Southern Caspian Sea
S. Khodabakhsh, I. Farzadi, and M.A. Zadeh Mohammadi

*Correlation of Tectonic Evolution between Western Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins: Benefits for Oil and Gas Exploration
Alexander Kitchka

*Deep Seismic Exploration of the South Caspian Basin: Lithosphere-Scale Imaging of the World’s Deepest Basin
James H. Knapp, Camelia C. Diaconescu, John A. Connor, John H. MCride, and Mike D. Simmons

**Oil and Gas Bearing North Caucasus Foredeeps, Russia
Nickolai V. Koronovsky

Evolution of Basins Along the Western Part of the North Anatolian Fault
Ioannis K. Koukouvelas, Jordan Muller, and Atilla Aydin

Tectonics of Oil and Gas Potential of the Greater Caspian Region
B.M. Kuandykov, G. Zh. Zholtayev

Middle and North Caspian Area Oil and Gas Bearing Framework and Prospects
N.E. Kuantayev, G. Zh. Zhohaev, and B. M. Kuandykov


L - N

*General Features of Hydrocarbon Distribution and Prospect of Oil/Gas Exploration in South Caspian Basin
Leonid I. Lebedev

**Applying Experience in Developing the Karazhanbas Oil Field for Other Fields Onshore the Caspian Coast
S. B. Minibayeva, Z.V. Radaykina

**Geological and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Western Part of the Azov Region and Lower Caucasus
Nikolai Mitin

Part I - Reservoir Characterization of the Tengiz Field, Current Understanding -  Reservoir Engineering
M. Musagaliev, K. Suesinov, Michael E. Clark, Z. Urasov, S. Johnson, M. Doshmukhambetov, and A. Baimbetov

Tengiz - Challenges to the Management of a Large Carbonate Reservoir: I. Reservoir Geology
M. Musagaliev, K. Suesinov, M.E. Clark, Z. Urasov, S. Johnson, A. Baimbetov, and M. Dosmuskhambetov

**Hydrocarbon Deposits in the South Caspian Basin: Genesis, Migration and Accumulation
Akif Narimanov

Geological Modeling of Guneshli Oil-Field with the Purpose of the Development Optimization
A. Narimanov, F. Javadzadeh, and I. Akhmedov

**Geohazard Identification and Analysis in the Shah Deniz PSA, Azerbaijan
Erik Nygaard, Jim Mildenhall

*Sedimentological Response to Climate Cycles During the Pliocene of the South Caspian Basin
D. Nummedal, H.E. Clifton, Vitor Abreu, Z, Bati, T. Demchick, M. Fornaciari, G. Riley, Akif Narimanov, A. Sayili, J. Stein, D. Van Niewenhouse, E.V. Williams, and R.J. Witmer


O - R

*Tectonic Evolution Models for the Black-Sea
Aral Okay, Naci Gorur

Quantitative Assessment of Overthrust Sheet Dislocation in the Pre-Carpathian Foredeep
Alexander Orlov, V. Omelchenko, I. R. Mikhayliv, and A.V. Petrov

The Rock Fissures in the Internal Zone of the Pre-Carpathian Foredeep
Alexander Orlov, V. Omelchenko, A. Trubenklo, and M. Kakhnych

Modeling the Late Carboniferous Hydrocarbon Systems in the Dutch part of the Southern North Sea Basin
Henk J.M. Pagnier, R.T. Van Balen, F. Van Bergen, C. De Leeuw, H. Simmelink, J. Verweij, and J.D.A.M. Van Wees

Geophysical Investigations of the Nakhchivan Block, South Caspian Basin: Results of the 1998 3D Seismic Survey
David M. Pitcher

Structural History of the Nakhchivan Structure, South Caspian Basin
David M. Pitcher, Julie Cogswell

**The New Approach to Estimating of Generative Potential of Late Catagenesis Deposits of Oil- Gas Bearing Areas of South Ukraine
Aleksander J. Polutranko

*Deep Structure of the Black Sea Central Ridge (Offshore Turkey) Imaged by Multichannel Seismic Experiment (BLACKSIS Cruise)
Claude Rangin, E, Berkan, G, Pascal, A.G. Bader, R. Saatcilar, Naci Gorur, and the BLACKSIS Scientific Party

**Paleogeographic Evolution of the Northern Caspian Region
Barbara Rassmann, Ian Norton, Ken Stanley, and Anatoly Kaplan

Reservoir Development Technologies
David G. Roberts

*Geodynamic Evolution of the South Caspian Basin
M. Rustamov, Akif Narimanov, and M. Veliev


S - U

Structural Geology and Stratigraphy of the Dagestan Caucasus and the Terek-Caspian Foredeep of Russia
Daniel D. Schelling, Dimir Mirzoev, and Zilfikar Dashtiyev

Structural Evolution of the Mangyshlak, North Ustyurt, and Southeastern Pricaspian Basins, West Central Asia
Daniel D. Schelling, Viktor Pilifosov, and Boris Vasilyev

Western Black Sea Field Studies
Samil Sen

Regional Tectonics and Evolution of the Greater Caspian Region
Celal Sengor, Boris Natalin

Hydrocarbon Habitat in the Caucasus Petroleum Province
Mike D. Simmons

*The World of Technology: Emerging Technology and Implications for the Greater Caspian Region
Ganesh Thakur

*Eastern South Caspian Basin Petroleum System: The Gograndag Okarem Petroliferous Province, Turkmenistan
Max A. Torres

Overview of the North Caspian Basins
Greg Ulmishek

Part II - Reservoir Characterization of the Tengiz Field, Current Understanding - Reservoir Engineering
Z. Urasov, S, Johnson, M.E. Clark, M. Musagaliev, K. Suesinov, M. Doshmukhambetov, and A. Baimbetov

Tengiz- Challenges to the Management of a Large Carbonate Reservoir: II. Reservoir Engineering
Z. Urasov, S. Johnson, M. Suesinov, M. E. Clark, and M. Dosmuskhambetov

*Tectono-Sedimentary Evolution of the North Tethyan Margin in the Central Pontides of Northern Turkey
Timur Ustaomer, Alastair Robertson


V - W

**The Use of Integrated Seepage Detection Tools in the South Caspian
Ger Van Graas, Mike Abrams, Mike Bilbo, Akif Narimanov, R. Crisp, and N. Piggott

Application of Seabed Coring Techniques to Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Bahar-2 Area, Offshore Azerbaijan
G.W. Van Graas, Akif Narimanov, and Farit Dadashev

Karachaganak Field Development – Onshore 3D Seismic Survey
Riccardo Vercesi, Steve Elliott, and Terry O’Hearn

*Oil and Gas Prospects of the PriCaspian Depression Post-Salt Sediments
Yu.A. Volozh, K.Zh. Sadykov, Ya.D. Nugmanov, and O.A. Zhuikov

*Status and Prospects of the Development of Oil and Gas Production in the Northwestern Caspian Region
Nikolai Voronin

*Geochemical Evidence for Two Stages of Hydrocarbon Emplacement and the Origin of Solid Bitumen in the Giant Tengiz Field, Kazakstan
Jeff L. Warner, D.K. Baskin, R.J. Hwang, R.M.K. Carlson, and M.E. Clark

Reserve Analysis by Quantitative Petroleum System Analysis – Pri-Caspian Basin, Kazakstan and Russia
Dave A. Wavrek, Dimitri A. Shlygin, Edgar S. Votsalevsky, John L. Smale, Oleg Navrotskiy, Daniel D. Schelling, and Daniel M. Jarvie


X - Z

**Turkey’s Natural Gas Development Plan
Cokhan Yardim

Contracts, Joint Agreements and Challenges of Doing Business in the Caspian: An Independent’s View
Murat Yazici

*Emerging Opportunities and Challenges in the Caspian
Yurdakul H. Yigitguden

Tectonic Classification of the Basins in the East Anatolian - Caspian Regions and the Surroundings
Yucel Yihnaz

*The Geology, Geochemistry and Basin Modeling of the Western Kura Basin Depression, Georgia
Arif Yukler, A. Djavadova, N. Siradze, and R. Spiller

**Making of the Tengiz Field
Nick Zana

*Fault Tectonics and Formation of Oil & Gas Pools in the East Azerbaijan from Analysis of SPOT/ Landsat Images
Gasham A. Zeinalov

**Exploration for Paleozoic Carbonate Reservoirs beneath the North Caspian Sea, Kazakstan
Bill G. Zempolich

Stratigraphic Architecture and Diagenesis of Middle to Late Paleozoic Reefs and Mounds of the Bolshoi Karatau Mountains, Kazakstan and the Southern Urals, Russia: An example of Biotic Demise and Recovery
William G. Zempolich, H.E. Cook, V.G. Zhemchuzhnikov, and A.Ye. Zorin

Seismo-stratigraphic Analysis of the Caspian Cenozoic Sediments
G.Zh. Zholtayev, B.M. Kuandykov, N.E. Kuantaev, and V.K. Shilin

North Caspian Trace Fault Framework
G.Zh. Zholtayev, B.M. Kuandykov, N.E. Kuantaev, and V.K. Shilin

Tectonic Conditions and Most Important Milestones of the Northern and Middle Caspian
G. Zh. Zholtayev, E. Nusipov