--> 2003 Mid-Continent Section AAPG Meeting, October 12-14, 2003, Tulsa, OK, #90020 (2003).

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AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting 
Tulsa, OK, October 12-14, 2003 

Search and Discovery #90020 (2003)


Finger Printing of Trace and Rare Elements of the Niger Delta Oils
Akinsehinwa Akinlua, Taiwo R. Ajayi

The Central Oklahoma Carney District: A Unique Hunton Oil and Gas Play
Zuhair Al-Shaieb, Kenneth Rechlin, David Chernicky

The Microhole Technology Initiative
James N. Albright, Donald S. Dreesen, James C. Thomson, Roy C. Long, Rhonda P. Lindsey

Evaluation of Modern Analogs for Large-Scale, Late-Paleozoic Paleoriver Systems
Allen W. Archer

High efficiency epithermal neutron detectors
Mary Bliss, David V. Jordan, Howard Thesen, W. Karl Pitts, William A. Sliger, Michael A. Knopf, Lindsay C. Todd

The Barnett Shale Play, Fort Worth Basin
Kent A. Bowker

A Deposition and Reservoir Model for the Prue Sandstone in the Southwest Oklahoma City Area and the Effect of Foam Fracturing on Unlocking its Reserves
John R. Broker, Les J. Broker, Thomas N. Capucille

Intellectual Property Rights for New Technologies in the Practice of Environmental Geoscience
Wendy Buskop

The Role of Moldic Porosity in Paleozoic Kansas Reservoirs and the Association of Original Depositional Facies and Early Diagenesis with Reservoir Properties
A. P. Byrnes, E. K. Franseen, W. L. Watney, M. K. Dubois

Wells Drilled to Basement in Oklahoma
Jock A. Campbell

Coalbed Methane: Economic Success in the Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma
Brian J. Cardott, Matthew A. Biddick

Dynamic Mapping of Kansas Oil and Gas Data with Spatial Data Engines and Internet Map Server
Timothy R. Carr, Jeremy D. Bartley, Kurt Look, Kenneth Nelson, Dana Adkins-Heljeson

Cores of Pennsylvanian Coal Sequences -- Eastern Kansas
Timothy R. Carr, K. David Newell, Jonathan P. Lange, Troy A. Johnson

Structural Geology of the Spiro Sandstone Reservoirs along the Frontal Ouachitas-Arkoma Basin Transition Zone, Southeastern Oklahoma
Ibrahim Cemen, Marline Collins, Justin Evans, Steve Hadaway, Syed Mehdi, Jeff Ronck, Kris McPhail, Ata Sagnak

Tectonic Controls on the Remigratin of Hydrocarbons: Looking Beyond Nevada's Commercial Oil Seep Play
Alan K. Chamberlain

Using Industry Applications Software for Analyzing Data to High Grade Acquisition and Drilling Prospects
Mike Cherry

A Review of Coalbed Methane Operational Issues in the Cherokee Basin, Kansas and Oklahoma - A Case Study
John Coates

Correlation of Selected Lower Cherokee Units in Northeast Oklahoma
J. Glenn Cole, R. Vance Hall

Being Your Own Technology Scout
E. Lance Cole

Structural Geometry and Evaluation of Thrust Faulting in the Damon and Wilburton Quadrangles in Latimer County, Southeastern Oklahoma
Marline R. Collins, Dr. Ibrahim Cemen

Outcrop and Seismic Analysis of Natural Fractures, Faults and Structure at Teapot Dome, Wyoming
Scott P. Cooper, Bruce Hart, Laurel B. Goodwin, John Lorenz, Mark Milliken

Should Soil Properties be Considered In Assessing Human Health Risk Resulting from Exposure to Arsenic-enriched Soils?
Rupali Datta, Dibyendu Sarkar

The Potato Hills Gas Field, Latimer and Pushmatahn Counties, Oklahoma
Paul Denney

An Alternative Interpretation of Linear Dipping Events on 2-D Seismic Data from the Wichita Mountains Frontal Zone
Jan M. Dodson, Roger A. Young, Kevin J. Smart

Spatial and Temporal Relations of Upper Pennsylvanian Black Shales in Kansas
J. H. Doveton, Daniel F. Merriam, R. A. Olea

Extracting Lithofacies from Digital Well Logs Using Artificial Intelligence, Panoma (Council Grove) Field, Hugoton Embayment, Southwest Kansas
Martin Dubois, Geoffrey Bohling, Alan Byrnes, Shane Seals

Proportional Integrated Evaluation A Technique for Evaluating Multiple, Deltaic, Red Fork Sands in Competitive Reservoirs
Robert F. Ehinger

Data Mining for Subtle Traps
Robert Ehrlich

When Oilfields Become Water Fields, the Saga of Small Producers in California
Iraj Ershaghi

Developing the Simon Creek Prospect in Carter County, Oklahoma
James L. Evans

Mining Drill Stem Tests for Fluid Data
John R Forster

Well Integrity Assurance for Sub-Salt and Near-Salt Deepwater GoM Reservoirs
J. T. Fredrich, D. D. Coblentz, A. F. Fossum, B. J. Thorne

Red Fork Sandstone of Oklahoma: Depositional History, Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Distribution
Richard D. Fritz, Edward A. Beaumont, Larry D. Gerken

Identification of Friable and Cemented Jackfork Sandstones in Southeastern Oklahoma
Alison M. Garich, Roger M. Slatt

Compositional Changes in Spilled Oil as a Consequence of Evaporative Losses
Fathia Gomha, Colin Barker

Discovery and Development of Prolific Reservoirs in the Geneva Dolomite Result from the Application of Advanced Technologies Along the Silurian Reef Trend in the Illinois Basin
John Grube, Steven Gustison, Beverly Seyler

Structural Geometry of Thrust Faulting in the Hartshorne Area of Frontal Ouachitas, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma:
Steve Hadaway, Ibrahim Cemen

Fluid Inclusions in Petroleum Exploration and Field Development: Case Studies of Successful Application
Don L. Hall, S. Michael Sterner, Wells Shentwu, M Ashley Bigge

State Environmental Leadership and Regulatory Innovation
Christine A. Hansen

Horizontals Making an Impact in Michigan
William B. Harrison, Robb Gillespie

Application of Petrophysical Principles to the 'Hunt' for Overlooked Carbonate Pay
Dan J. Hartmann, Edward A. Beaumont

Distribution of Depositional Facies and Reservoir Properties from Middle Cretaceous Carbonates of the Cordoba Platform, Veracruz, Mexico
Maria Los Angeles Rodriguez Hernandez, Patricia L. Ortiz Gomez, Cruz Bartolo Sanchez, David Sorrentino, Ricardo Hernandez Martinez, Richard A. Schatzinger

Integrating Geologic And Hydrologic Information to Identify Coalbed Methane Sweet Spots in The Southern Raton Basin, New Mexico
J. Matthew Herrin, Paul Basinski, John Lorenz, Scott P. Cooper, Christopher A. Rautman, Bill W. Arnold

When Seismic is Not Enough: Improving Success by Integrating High-Resolution Surface Geochemical Data with Seismic Data
Daniel Hitzman, Dietmar Schumacher, Brooks Rountree

Compaction Localization: Effects on Permeability and Reservoir Mechanics
David J Holcomb, William A. Olsson

Polyhistory Oils in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: An Indicator of Remigration and Multiple Migration Events
Harold Illich, John Zumberge, Stephen W. Brown

Development of Unconventional Gas Prospects and Evaluation of Producing Using Geochemical Techniques
Daniel M. Jarvie, Brenda L. Claxton, Mark H. Tobey

Stratigraphy, Depositional Environments, and Coalbed Methane Potential of Pennsylvanian Coals -- Bourbon Arch Region, Eastern Kansas
Troy A. Johnson, Jonathan P. Lange, Timothy R. Carr, K. David Newell

Structural Geometry of Thrust Faulting in the Potato Hills area of the Ouachita Mountains, Southeastern Oklahoma
Gultekin Kaya, Ibrahim Cemen

Deepwater Lower Atoka Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Latimer County -- New Findings and a Progress Report
Dennis R. Kerr, Ron Havman, Ian Harris

Spiro Equivalent between the Windingstair and Ti Valley Faults: Implications for Correlation of the Atoka Formation in the Ouachita Fold-Thurst Belt
Dennis R. Kerr

Wellbore Management Essential to Economic Success
Bob Kiker

Geochemical Characterization of Core Extracts and Oils in the Hitch and Etzold Fields
Dongwon Kim, Paul Philp

Effect of Early Cementation on the Development of Secondary Porosity in Sandstones- Examples from the Cambrian of Illinois Basin
Mojisola .A. KunleDare

Biochemical Treatment of Produced Water
Mow Lin

Multiple-point Geostatistics: Integration of Geological Concepts with Numerical Data
Yuhong Liu

Fracture Strikes in Lenticular Reservoirs: Axis-Parallel, Axis-Normal, or Independent? Considerations for Drilling and Drainage
John C Lorenz, Scott P Cooper, William A Olsson

3-D Exploitation of Oklahoma Anadarko Basin Gas Resources, Anadrako Basin, Western and Central Oklahoma
Lawrence F. Lunardi

The Nemaha and Nearby Fault Zones in the Context of Midcontinent Strike-Slip Structural Geology
William McBee

Gulf of Mexico Produced Water: Characterization and Simulation
Joanna McFarlane

3-D Structural Interpretation: The Application of New Concepts and Techniques
Shankar Mitra

Regional Trends in Coalbed Gas Composition and Thermal Maturation in Eastern Kansas: Implications for Predicting Quality and Location of Coalbed Gas
K. David Newell, L. Michael Magnuson

Low-BTU Gas in the Permian Chase Group in the Ryersee Field in Western Kansas: A Case History Where Technology Creates a Marketable Commodity
K. David Newell, Scott Corsair, Steve Chafin, Kent Pennybaker

Geomechanical Model For Multiply-oriented Conjugate Deformation Bands
William A. Olsson, John C. Lorenz, Scott P. Cooper

Origin and Distribution of Friable and Cemented Sandstones in Outcrops of the Pennsylvanian Jackfork Group, Southeast Oklahoma
Tosan O. Omatsola, Roger M. Slatt

Evolution of Exploration, Drilling and Completion Concepts for Appalachian Basin's Trenton-Black River Play
Douglas Patchen, Katharine Lee Avary

Limestone and Dolomite Cores from the Hunton Formation, West Carney Field, Oklahoma
Joe Podpechan, J. Derby, J. Andrews

Dewatering as a Production Technique in a Dual Permeability Reservoir; West Carney Hunton Field, Lincoln and Logan Counties, Oklahoma
Joe Podpechan, James R. Derby, Jason C. Andrews, Sandeep Ramakrishna

Skinner Sandstone: Depositional History, Reservoir Distribution and Sequence Stratigraphy
Jim Puckette, Larry D. Gerken

Characterization and Fracture Potential of the Viola Limestone, I-35 Road Cut, Carter County, Oklahoma
Aisha R. Ragas, Roger M. Slatt, Douglas W. Jordan

Cromwell Sandstone Core Studies and Prediction of Reservoir Trends, Haskell County, Oklahoma
Bryant Reasnor, Dennis Kerr

Laser Rock Drilling for Oil and Gas Wells
Claude B. Reed, Zhiyue Xu, Richard A. Parker, Brian C. Gahan, Samih Bartarseh, Ramona M. Graves, Humberto Figueroa, Wolfgang Deeg

Stimulating Arbuckle Production with New Technologies, Large Volume Polymer Gel Treatments and Solid Propellent GasGun Stimulation Treatments
Rodney Reynolds

Fractures, In Situ Stress, and Production: Examples from the Mid-Continent of How Recent Advances Offer Improved Recovery
William D. Rizer

An Integrated Approach to Assessing Seismic Stimulation of Oil Reservoirs: DOE/Industry Cooperative Research
Peter M. Roberts, Ernest L. Majer

Stratigraphy and Composition of Turbidite Deposits, Jackfork Group, Eastern Oklahoma
Gloria A Romero, Roger Slatt

Natural Fracture Control of Hydraulic Stimulations in the Carthage Cotton Valley Gas Field
James Rutledge

Biodegradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soils: Effects of Biosolids Addition and Role of Carbon
Dibyendu Sarkar, Rupali Datta, Michael Ferguson

Tidal Deposits of the Labette Shale and Peru Sandstone, Southwestern Rogers County, Oklahoma
Scott Schad, Jeanette King, Robert Coleman, Dennis Kerr

Geochemical Exploration for Oil and Gas: New Life for an Old Technology
Dietmar Schumacher

Stratigraphy, Timing and Rock Properties of Lower Skinner Valley Fill Sandstones
William Aaron Siemers, James Puckette

A Dynamic Model for the Permian Panhandle and Hugoton Fields, Western Anadarko Basin
Raymond P. Sorenson

Structural Style of the Ardmore Basin
Bryan Sralla

The Use of Iodine Surface Geochemistry to define Pennsylvanian Sandstone Channels and Arbuckle Reservoirs in Eastern Kansas
Steven A. Tedesco

Exploration Strategies for Coal Bed Methane in the Western Region of the Interior Coal Province
Steven A. Tedesco

Mid-continent Backfilled Valleys: Reservoirs and Outcrop Analogs
Roderick Tillman

Collaborative, Web-based Petroleum Reservoir and Play Characterization and Modeling in the Public Domain
W. Lynn Watney, John Doveton, Geoffrey Bohling, John Victorine, Jayaprakash Pakalapati, Glen Gagnon, Saibal Bhattacharya, Alan Byrnes, Willard J. Guy, Ken Stadler, Melissa Moore, Kurt Look

Coalbed Methane: Smaller Operations and Economic Analysis Can Improve Potential Profit
John H. Wendell

Hydrogeologic Insight in Identification and Characterization of Saltwater Contamination and Associated Environmental Impacts in Kansas and Oklahoma
Donald O. Whittemore

Unconventional Drilling Methods for Unconventional Reservoirs
Doug R. Wight

Explore the Published Strike-Slip Faults
Rudolph P. Wilkinson

Simultaneous Marine Transgression and Valley Incision in a High Accommodation Setting, Hanna Basin, Wyoming
Anton F.-J. Wroblewski

Facies Architecture of the Upper Pennsylvanian Oread Cyclothem, Subsurface Southeastern Kansas and Northeastern Oklahoma
Wan Yang, Michael Bruemmer

Sorting out bad data; data mining with recursive partitioning
Jeffrey M. Yarus