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AAPG Foundation 2003 Grants-in-Aid Projects

Search and Discovery Article #90018 (2003).

Inferring Thin Bedded Strata from Seismic using Mathematical Techniques
by Michelle Abraham

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Pennsylvanian Juniper Gulch Member of the Snaky Canyon Formation: East-Central Idaho
by Bonny J. Archuleta

Inversion Structure and Its Implication For Hydrocarbon Trapping Mechanism; Study Of Kakap Psc West Natuna Basin Indonesia
by Mirzal Nur Ardhie

Quantifying the Relationship between Inlet Size, Tidal Prism and Salt Marsh Accretion in a Regime of Accelerating Sea-Level Rise: the Role of Winter Processes in Regional Differences
by Brittina Argow

Hydrocarbon Sealing Capacity of Paleosols and Shales in the Wasatch Formation, Hubbard Gulch, Rifle, Colorado
by Jarrad Berg

Catastrophic Fluvial Response to Climate Aberrations- Characterizing the Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Wasatch Formation, Western Colorado, USA
Andrea M. Blecha

Tectonic/Sedimentological Controls on the Formation of a Neogene Transtensional Basin in the Easternmost Mediterranean, Hatay, Southern Turkey
by Sarah J Boulton

Middle Devonian Low Oxygen Brachiopod Biofacies
by Diana L. Boyer

Development of Fold Hinges in a Quartz Arenite at Subgreenschist Facies Conditions
by Jennie Cook

Marine Sedimentation of the Fly River, Papua New Guinea
by John S. Crockett

Distribution and Transport of Coal Tar Contaminants in the Chattanooga Creek Floodplain
by Dalphanià Syreeta Dickerson

High-Resolution Stratigraphy of Organic Matter from the Lower Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event at Shatsky Rise, ODP Leg 198
by Mirela Dumitrescu

Stratigraphic Architecture of the Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation, Piceance Basin, Western Colorado Through Outcrop Studies and High-Resolution Lidar Imaging
by Amanda Ellison

Facies Architecture and Syntectonic Fold Geometry of Fluvial Conglomerate in the Cretaceous Nanushuk Formation, Brooks Range Foothills, Alaska
by Emily S. Finzel

The Seismic Characterisation of Gas Hydrates
by Robert Galvin

An Integrated Subsurface Analysis of the Jackfork Group, Southeastern Oklahoma
by Alison Garich

Tectonics and Sedimentary Evolution of the Cenozoic Canyon Ferry Basin, Southwestern Montana
by Rachel J. Giblin

Reconstruction of Late Quaternary Relative Sea-Level Changes from the Cartagena Region, Colombian Caribbean Based on Malacofauna and Microfossils.
by Andres Alejandro Gomez Usuga

Characterization and Prediction of the Spatial Distribution of Opening-Mode Fractures
by Leonel Gomez

Biogeochemical Investigations of Microbial Biomarkers in an Active Estuarine Pockmark Field, Penobscot Bay, Maine
by Allen M Gontz

Stratigraphy Framework of The Fox Hills Sandstone and the Lewis Shale Formation. Great Divide Basin, Wyoming.
by Angel P. Gonzalez

Characterizing Soil Nitrogen Fate and Transport Using NLOS in Northern Whatcom County, Washington
by Heather Good

Uncovering the Bahariya Formation, Western Desert, Egypt: an Integration of Ichnolgy, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
by Cynthia Hagstrom

Characterizing The Chaochou Fault in Southern Tiawan Using Surface Morphometry, Field, and Petrofabric Analysis
by Lauren E. Hassler

The Upper Crustal Shortening of the Southern Tibetan Plateau Before and During the Indo-Asian Collision
by Shundong He

Taphonomy and Sedimentology of Neogene Shelf and Slope Bioclastic Deposits, New Zealand: Sequence Stratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Implications
by Austin J.W. Hendy

Characterization of Lateral Petrophysical Heterogeneity Within Paleozoic Dolomite Reservoir Facies using Outcrop Analogs
by Colette B. Hirstius

Sedimentary Fill Record and Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture of Flathead Lake, Montana
by Michael H. Hofmann

Provenance and Sedimentation in the Oligocene Deep-Water Molasse Basin, Upper Austria
by Stephen Hubbard

Stratigraphical Significance of the Foraminiferal Assemblages from the Eocene Red Clays near Barwinek, Described by Rudolf Noth in 1912 (Magura Unit, Outer Carpathians)
by Sev Kender, Michael A. Kaminski

Origin of Meter-Scale Cycles in an Upper Ordovician (Cincinnatian Series) Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Unit: the Kope Formation, Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky
by Brian T. Kirchner

Jurrasic-Cretaceous Deposits of The Central Lhasa Terrane: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of Southern Asia Prior to the Indo-Asian Collision
by Andrew Leier

Evolution of Fractures in a Fold-and-Thrust Belt and the Associated Deformed Foreland Basin: an Example From the Northeastern Brooks Range and the Eastern Colville Basin, Alaska
by Andrea Loveland

Tectonostratigraphy of Foreland Basins: the Upper Cretaceous in the Greater Green River Basin, Southwestern Wyoming
by Hongjun Luo

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigrahy Of Nearshore Systems: Late-Campanian Cozzette Sandstone, Western Colorado
by Andrew S. Madof

Quantifying Macropore Geometry and Distribution Using Image Analysis and Geographical Information Systems
by Alex Manda

Subsurface 3D Structural Characteristics of the Lewis Shale, Southern Washakie Basin, Wyoming
by Priya Maraj

Stratigraphic and Structural Analyses of the Paleogene, Particularly the Guasare Formation, in La Concepción Field (Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela)
by Lanette Marcha

The Champagne Hot Springs Shallow Water Hydrothermal Area, Dominica, Lesser Antilles
by Kevin McCarthy

A Comparison of Live and Dead Large Benthic Foraminifera Assemblages, San Salvador, Bahamas
by Olivia McCormick

Internal Architecture of an Ancient Deep-Water, Passive Margin, Basin-Floor Fan System, Upper Kaza Group, Windermere Supergroup, Castle Creek, British Columbia, Canada
by Lori Meyer

An Experimental Study of Clinoform Morphology
by Jere A. Mohr

Mechanisms of Dolomite Precipitation and Growth
by Naila Moreira

Structure and Tectonics of the Lexington Fault System, Kentucky
by Krista L. Morisen

Tectonic and Climatic Controls on Eocene Deltaic Architecture, Spanish Pyrenees
by Jamie Moss

Late Quaternary Evolution of the Northeastern Australian Margin: Determining the Response of a Tropical Mixed Siliciclastic/Carbonate Margin to Fluctuations in Eustatic Sea Level
by Michael C. Page

Determining the Effects of Bacterial Sulfate Reduction in Saturated Sediments on Self-Potential and Magnetic Geophysical Measurements
by Stephanie Park

Analysis and Classification of Regional Encrinites: the Stratigraphy, Composition, and Detailed Sedimentology of Regional Encrinites Within the Joana and Lodgepole Ls. in the Western US
by William T. Phelps

Late Mississippian Tectonism on the Cratonic Margin of Northwest Arkansas; a Stratigraphic Response to Syndepositional Faulting
by Adam Price

How Stratigraphic Architecture, Facies, and Hydrodynamic Processes Change as a Structurally-Confined, Submarine-Fan Basin Fills—Proposed Research on the Upper Carboniferous Ross Sandstone, Western Ireland
by David R. Pyles

Reservoir Characterization Studies of Cut Bank Field, Montana
by Rahila I. Ramazanova

Sequence Stratigraphy and Diagenesis of the Short Creek Oolite Member, Keokuk Limestone, Kansas and Missouri
by Matthew E. Ritter

Testing the Origins of Nonmarine Stratigraphic Sequences, Iglesia Basin, Northwest Argentina.
by Brian Ruskin

Structural and Compositional Changes of Coral – Rudist Reefs Within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework in the Mixed Clastic/Carbonate Cardenas Formation (Central Mexico)
by Armin Schafhauser

Quaternary Shortening in the Southern Tian Shan, China: Resolving Deformation Style with Structural and Geomorphic Tools
by Katherine Scharer

Investigation of Microbe Mediated Smectite to Illite Transformation
by Jennifer Seabaugh

Determination of Petroleum Potential of the Devonian-Silurian Units in the Tethys Realm around the SE Turkey and Eastern Taurus Areas
by Ozgul Sen

Structural Geometry, Evolution and Relationships Between Strike-Slip Faults, Metamorphic Core Complexes and Rift Basins in Central Thailand
by Matthew Smith

Normal Fault Segmentation in 3-D
by Roger Soliva

A Sequence Stratigraphic Approach to Eumeralla Formation Seal Evaluation in the Otway Basin, South Australia and Victoria
by Lotte Svendsen

Stratigraphic Analysis of the Tuluvak Formation, east-central Brooks Range Foothills and North Slope, Alaska
by Ronnie Tingook

Characteristics, Type, Distribution, and Controlling Factors of Paleosols and Their Implications on Paleoclimatic Conditions, Cyclic Sedimentation, and Stratigraphic Correlation, Oread Cyclothem (Upper Pennsylvanian), SE Kansas and NE Oklahoma
by Monica Turner-Williams

Evolution of the Liberian-Amazonas Conjugate Margins
by Jacob Umbriaco

A High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Study of the Chimney Rock Member, Rock Springs Formation, Rock Springs, Wyoming
by Adam R. VanHolland

Seismic Reflection Imaging of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Inner Crater Rim
by Claudia Vélez

Characterizing and Forecasting the Fractures of the Low Permeability Sand Reservoir at Xinli Field
by Jianguo Wang

Contrasting Sterane Signatures in Neoproterozoic Marine Sediments of the Centralian Superbasin Before and after the Acraman Bolide Impact
by Lynn Webster

Improving Water Management of Complex Fractured Aquifer Watersheds Using Low Cost Field Data
by Tristan Wellman

Digital Mapping of Fault Patterns in the Northern Lofoten Islands and their Tectonic Significance
by Robert W. Wilson

Sedimentary, Geochemical and Biological Record of the Cretaceous Anoxic Events in the Pieniny Klippen Belt, Polish Carpathians
by Patrycja Wójcik – Tabol

Evidences of Episodic Fluid Flow along Shengbei Fault and its Influences on Oil and Gas Entrapment, Dongying Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
by Cuiling Yu

Preservation of Total Organic Carbon in the Santa Barbara Basin: the Anoxia Hypothesis Challenge
by Cathleen Zeleski

Using the Sediment Record in Lake Mead to Address Issues Related to Global Sequence Stratigraphy: a Mid-scale Analogue.
by Jonathan G. Zybala