--> 2003 Eastern Section AAPG Meeting, September 6-10, 2003 - Pittsburgh, PA, #90019 (2003).

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AAPG Eastern Section Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, September 6-10, 2003

Search and Discovery #90019 (2003)

Depositional Trends And Porosity Zone Development In The Big Lime (Greenbrier), Mingo And Logan Counties, West Virginia
by N. D. Alexandrowicz, P. D. Gerome, and S. P. Huffman

Abandoned Underground Mines GIS for Ohio
by Charles E. Banks, James McDonald, Douglas L. Crowell, and Lawrence H. Wickstrom

The Late Middle Ordovician (Chatfieldian) Guttenberg Carbon Isotope Excursion (GICE): A Unique Tool Used For Correlation From Kentucky To New York State
by Nathanael C. Barta, Stig M. Bergström, and Matthew R. Saltzman

Geologic Re-Interpretation and Production Prediction of an Upper Devonian (Lower Bradford Group) Field in Central Pennsylvania
by D. A. Billman, M. Comini

A Review of Upper Devonian, Elk Sandstone Exploration and Development in Pennsylvania: Random Thoughts on Potential Elk Pitfalls
by D. A. Billman

Solid Expandable Tubular Technology in Mature Basins
by Kate Blasingame, Gerry Cales

Case Study: Horizontal Well Drilling Project in the Six Lakes Gas Storage Field
by Robert M. Bomar, Edward Dereniewski

U.S. Department of Energy Field Efforts to Sequester CO2 in Geologic Formations
by Charles W. Byrer, Scott M. Klara

The Petroleum GIS – Three-Dimensional Geological Mapping in the Subsurface of Southern Ontario, Canada
by T. R. Carter, A. C. Castillo

A Fracture Analysis of the Beekmantown Group Carbonates of Eastern New York State
by Donald Clark

Oil and Gas Records on the Web: An Independent’s Dream
by Steven Cordiviola, Brandon Nuttall

Potential Gas Committee 2002 Natural Gas Resource Assessment
by Michael K. Decker

The Empire State Oil and Gas Information System (ESOGIS): An Essential Tool for Exploration and Development in the 21st Century
by Justin Deming, Richard Nyahay, and Langhorne Smith

Mississippian Goniatites of Alabama, U.S.A.
by James A. Drahovzal

Geology and Production Characteristics of Nora CBM Field, Dickenson, Russell, Wise and Buchanan Counties, Virginia
by Craig A. Eckert, Michael J. Kovarik

Potential Ordovician Hydrocarbon Plays in the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee and Southern Kentucky: Finding a Needle in a Haystack?
by Jonathan C. Evenick, Robert D. Hatcher, Jr.

Canada’s Oil & Gas Resources—Surplus to Requirements, But Not Enough to Satisfy US Demand
by George Eynon

Modern Analogs for Carbonate Reservoirs – Great Bahama Bank Revisited
by G. Michael Grammer, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, and Gregor P. Eberli

Horizontal Drilling for Oil and Gas in the Michigan Basin
by William B Harrison, III

Exploring the Appalachian Basin for Hydrocarbons Trapped in Hydrothermally Altered Reservoirs
by Robert G. Hickman, W. Norman Kent, Jeff Martin, and Mark E. Odegard

Hydrothermal Hydrocarbon Systems
by W. Norman Kent, Robert G. Hickman, Jeff Martin, and Mark E. Odegard

Seismic Images of the Northern West Virginia-Southwestern Pennsylvania Depocenter of the Central Appalachian Basin
by C. S. Kulander, R. T. Ryder

Petrology and Petroleum Geochemistry of Trenton - Black River Carbonates and Shales, Central and Northwestern Pennsylvania
by Christopher D. Laughrey

The Application of GIS in CO2 Sequestration
by H. E. Leetaru, R. Finley, J. S. Cokinos, and A. Luther

Characterization of the Mt. Simon Sandstone Gas Storage Reservoirs at Herscher and Herscher Northwest Fields, Kankakee County, Illinois
by H. E. Leetaru, D. G. Morse

Brine Disposal: Overcoming the Dominant Barrier to Salt-Cavern Gas Storage in the Northeast
by Courtney M. Lugert, Langhorne B. Smith, Richard Nyahay, and Stephen J. Bauer

Mesozoic Thrombolitic Reef Play, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
by Ernest A. Mancini

An Integrated Analysis of Deeper Hydrocarbon Plays for Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania Using Gravity, Magnetic, Satellite and Geological Data
by Jeff R. Martin, Mark E. Odegard, W. Norman Kent, and Robert G. Hickman

New York’s Utica Group Shales: The Next Fractured Shale Play?
by John P. Martin

Detailed Surface Structural Mapping Reveals Multiple CSD’s and Other Significant Structural Stratigraphic Relationships West-Central Pennsylvania
by Philip L. Martin

Stratigraphy, Petrography, and Sedimentary Facies of Lower Pottsville Sandstone (Lower Pennsylvanian) in the Greasy Ridge Oilfield, Southeastern Ohio
by Ronald L. Martino, Kenneth R. Marcum II, and Timothy D. Cook

Reservoir Characterization of the Devonian Gordon Sandstone in Two West Virginia Oilfields: Using Modern Techniques to Understand an Old Reservoir
by David L. Matchen, Ronald R. McDowell, Katharine Lee Avary, and Michael E. Hohn

Bedrock Geology and Bedrock Topography GIS for Ohio
by James McDonald, Ernie R. Slucher, Donovan M. Powers, E. Mac Swinford, and Lawrence H. Wickstrom

Petroleum Resource Assessment of the Central and Northern Parts of the Appalachian Basin, Eastern U.S.A.
by Robert C. Milici, Robert T. Ryder, and Christopher S. Swezey

Site Characterization of Historical Cemeteries Using Electrical Resistivity Measurement
by John B. Nelson

Vertical and Lateral Distribution of Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs in Trenton-Black River Carbonates of New York
by Richard E. Nyahay, Langhorne B. Smith

Gravity Anomalies, Faults and Gas Fields
by Frank A. Revetta, Warren Belile, Justin Spanneut, Andrew McDermott, and Joseph Wallach,

Regional Stratigraphic Relations of the Trenton Limestone (Chatfeldian; Ordovician) in the Eastern North American Midcontinent
by Jeffery G. Richardson, Stig M. Bergström

Assessment of CO2 Sequestration for Enhanced Recovery in Ohio
by Ronald A. Riley, Joseph J Wells, James McDonald, and Lawrence H. Wickstrom

Extensional Structures Related to the Jurassic-Cretaceous Rift of the Middle Magdalena Valley Basin – Colombia
by Luisa Rolon, Jaime Toro

C, H-Isotope Ratios of Indiana Coalbed Methane and Their Genetic Implications
by John A. Rupp, M. Mastalerz,, Grzegorz Lis, and Arndt Schimmelmann

Cambrian Petroleum Source Rocks in the Rome Trough of West Virginia and Kentucky
by R. T. Ryder, D. C. Harris, P. Gerome, T. J. Hainsworth, R. C. Burruss, P. G. Lillis, and D. M. Jarvie

Adsorbent Sample Surface Geochemistry: Mechanics, Application, and Value as Applied to Petroleum Exploration
by Alan H. Silliman, Melissa Noebes

Multiple Play Types in the Hydrothermally Altered Beekmantown Group Carbonates of East-Central New York
by Langhorne B. Smith, Richard D. Bray, and Richard Nyahay

Trenton Black River Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs of New York: An Integrated Structural-Stratigraphic-Diagenetic Play
by Langhorne B. Smith, Richard Nyahay

Pore Geometry and Permeability in a Dolomite Reservoir
by Richard Smosna, Kathy R. Bruner

Pennsylvanian System in Indiana: A Complex Target for Co2 Sequestration and Coal Bed Methane Recovery
by Wilfrido Solano-Acosta, John A. Rupp, Agnieszka Drobniak, and Maria Mastalerz

Aeromagnetic/Gravity Data and Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Appalachian Basin
by Allan Spector

A Multi-Agency Clean-Up of an Abandoned Crude Oil Pipeline Along an Urban to Rural Corridor in Kalamazoo County, Michigan
by Jeffrey D. Spruit, John Valkenburg, and Hans A. Johannes

Use of Iodine Surface Geochemistry for Exploration of Silurian Reefs in the Illinois and Michigan Basins
by Steven Tedesco

Coal-Bed Methane Activity in the Illinois Basin – An Update
by Steven A. Tedesco

Crooked CDP Lines and Structure; Whose Fault Is It ?
by Edward R. Tegland

An Update on the Midcontinent Interactive Digital Carbon Atlas and Relational Database (MIDCARB) Project
by Scott W. White, Timothy R. Carr, James A. Drahovzal, John Hickman, Brandon C. Nuttall, Ron Riley, John A. Rupp, Beverly Seyler, and Ernie Slucher

Middle Ordovician Clastic Wedges in East Tennessee: A New Look at an Old Basin
by Neil E. Whitmer, Robert D. Hatcher, Jr., S. Christopher Whisner, Jennifer B. Whisner, J. Ryan Thigpen, and John G. Bultman

Unconventional Drilling Methods for Unconventional Reservoirs
by Douglas R. Wight

Origin and Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Dolostone Bodies in Central Kentucky
by Clay A.Wilcox, III, David C. Harris, and James A. Drahovzal

Advanced Geophysical Logging in Shallow Unconsolidated Coastal Plain Sediments
by Douglas E. Wyatt

Permeability and Porosity Imaging of a Niagaran Pinnacle Reef Using Log Curve Amplitude Slicing of Core Data - Bell River Mills Field, St. Clair County, Michigan
by Albert S. Wylie, Jr., James R. Wood

Three-D Mapping of Sequence Stratigraphic Time Slices Via Well-Cuttings, Carboniferous Big Lime, West Virginia, USA.
by Thomas C. Wynn, J. Fred Read