--> AAPG Hedberg Conference "Late Paleozoic Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Systems of Western North America – The Greater Ancestral Rocky Mountains", July 21-26, 2002, Vail, Colorado, #90012 (2003)

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AAPG Hedberg Conference

"Late Paleozoic Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Systems of Western North America – The Greater Ancestral Rocky Mountains"

July 21-26, 2002, Vail, Colorado


Search and Discovery Article #90012 (2003).


*Extended abstract with figure(s).


Precambrian Origins and Structural Development of the Ancestral Rocky Mountain Orogenic System, by D.L. Baars

Geometry, Chronology and Style of Arm Foreland and Intraforeland Basin Development: An Assessment of a “Soft” Contractional Southern Margin of Late Paleozoic North America, by D.L. Barbeau and P.G. DeCelles

*A Basement Framework Hypotheses for the Tectonic Architecture and Geologic History of the Western Mid-Continent, USA, by Marvin P. Carlson, Nebraska Geological Survey

The Velma and Milroy Structures, Ardmore Basin, Southern Oklahoma:  A New Look, by Steve Decker

Mechanisms for Ancestral Rocky Mountain. Intraplate  Deformation – Preliminary Evaluation of Coupled Convergent/Divergent Margin Processes and End Loading, by Patricia Wood Dickerson

Permian Topography and Tectonics in the Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma, by M. Charles Gilbert

Timing of Southern Ancestral Rocky Mountain Deformation from Stratigraphic Evidence, by K.A. Giles, G.H. Mack, T.F. Lawton

*Late Carboniferous to Middle Permian Copacabana Formation in Bolivia: Cyclic Carbonate-Clastic Successions in a Back-Arc Setting, by G.W. Grader, P.E. Isaacson, B. Mamet, and V. Davydov

Ancestral Rocky Mountain Uplifts and Accreted Blocks at the Southern Margin of North America (Chihuahua and West Texas), by Walter T. Haenggi, Patricia W. Dickerson, and William R. Muehlberger

Sequence Stratigraphy of a Wave-Dominated Fan Delta in the Fountain Formation (Morrowan-Atokan) near Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, by S.T. Hasiotis, H.R. Feldman, and L.J. Suttner

Evidence for Pennsylvanian Transpression from Fracture Analyses in the Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico, by Abby W. Howell, Eric A. Erslev, and Steven M. Cather

Stratigraphic and Structural Evidence for Compressional Tectonics in the Ancestral Rocky Mountains, Colorado and Utah, by Richard G. Hoy and Kenneth D. Ridgway

*The Origin and Nature of the Uncompahgre Fault, by A.Curtis Huffman, Jr. and David J. Taylor

Permian Tectonics, Eustasy, and Climates in Wyoming, by Richard F. Inden, Edward B. Coalson, and John Horne

Geophysical Expressions of Ancestral Rocky Mountain Structures, by G. Randy Keller

Origin of the Orogrande Basin by Strike-slip Faulting: Evidence from Subsidence Patterns and Facies Distribution, by T.F. Lawton and K.A. Giles

Carboniferous and Permian Sedimentation and Tectonics in Central and Eastern Idaho, by Paul Karl Link, Jeffrey K. Geslin, Matthew R. Saltzman, and David Z. Piper

*Structural Mapping of the Uncompahgre Front near Gateway, Colorado, with emphasis on Ancestral Rocky Mountain Fabrics, by Len C. Mankowski, Tara L. Campbell, Jackie E. Huntoon, William J. Gregg and David J. Linari,

New Findings in the Search for Paleozoic Petroleum Systems in Venezuela, by X. Márquez and F. Audemard

Petroleum Systems Related to Source Rocks in the Mississippian Antler Foredeep of Eastern Nevada and Western Utah--Emphasis on Source Rocks, Oil Generation, Migration, Entrapment and Timing, by Fred F. Meissner

The Collision of the Ouachita-Marathon-Sonora Margin of Paleozoic North America with the Western Portion of Gondwana: Stratigraphic and Structural Implications for Timing of Deformational Events and Resultant Plate-tectonic Model, by Forrest G. Poole, William J. Perry, Jr., and Raul J. Madrid

Depositional Sequence Trends Resulting from Differential Loading on Pennsylvanian Salt in the Paradox Basin, U.S.A., by Donald L. Rasmussen and Dalton L. Rasmussen

Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of a Sea-level-dominated Icehouse Carbonate Ramp: A Case Study from the Middle Bird Spring Formation (Pennsylvanian, Desmoinesian), Arrow Canyon, Nevada, by Scott M. Ritter and Aaron J. Leavitt

Pitfalls in the Use of Piercing Points for Slip Estimates, Wichita and Arbuckle Uplifts, C.P. Saxon.

Geometry of the Western Termination of the Wichita Mountain Front, by C.P. Saxon

Siliciclastic Sedimentation and Basin Subsidence in the Latest Pennsylvanian Western Orogrande Basin, Southern Ancestral Rocky Mountains, by Shane C. Seals and C.S. (Lynn) Soreghan

*Upper Paleozoic Tectonostratigraphic Framework for the Western Margin of North America, by Walter S. Snyder, James H. Trexler, Jr., Vladimir I. Davydov, and Patricia Cashman, Tamra A. Schiappa1, and Dustin Sweet1

Were the Ancestral Rocky Mountains Glaciated? Preliminary Evidence, and Tectonic Implications, by G.S. (Lynn) Soreghan and Michael J. Soreghan

Geochemistry and Detrital Zircon Geochronology of Upper Paleozoic Loessite within the Ancestral Rocky Mountains: Implications for Paleoclimate, by M.J. Soreghan, G.S. (Lynn) Soreghan and M.A. Hamilton

Structural Style and Evolution of the Ardmore Basin, by Bryan Sralla

Precambrian Basement Structure and Crustal Oxidation State of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains – Its Possible Importance to Petroleum Systems as a Physical Control on Fluid Path and Trapping Mechanism and as a Chemical Control of Hydrocarbon Stability and Fractionation, by Monte M. Swan, Stanley B. Keith and Jim Viellenave

*Middle Pennsylvanian through Early Permian Tectonically Controlled Basins: Evidence from the Central Pequop Mountains, Northeast Nevada, by D. Sweet and W.S. Synder

Sinistral Strike-slip along the Southwest Boundary of the Uncompahgre Uplift as Shown by Basement-cover Interaction in Post-Mississippian folds, Southwestern Colorado, by William A. Thomas

Pennsylvanian Sinistral Strike-slip Reactivation History of Basement Faults at the Southwest Boundary of the Uncompahgre Uplift, Ancestral Rocky Mountains, by William A. Thomas

*Sedimentological, Geochemical, and Magnetic Analyses of Pedogenesis in Maroon Formation Loessite with Paleoclimatic Implications, by Kristy L. Tramp, G.S. (Lynn) Soreghan, and R. Douglas Elmore

Metals and Brines of the Paradox Basin, Colorado and Utah, by C.A. Wallace, Jon P. Thorson, John V. Wright, and John. W. Keller

Mountain Flank Deformation, Facies and Petroleum Occurrences, Ancestral Rocky Mountains, Eastern Colorado, by R.J. Weimer