--> ABSTRACTS: AAPG HEDBERG CONFERENCE “Deformation, Fluid Flow and Reservoir Appraisal in Foreland Fold and Thrust Belts Conference” May 14-18, 2002, Palermo - Mondello (Sicily, Italy) #90011 (2003).

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AAPG Hedberg Conference

“Deformation, Fluid Flow and Reservoir Appraisal in Foreland Fold and Thrust Belts Conference”

May 14-18, 2002, Palermo - Mondello (Sicily, Italy)


Search and Discovery Article #90011 (2003)

Extended abstracts are precedeed by asterisk *.


*Quantifying Matrix-to-Fracture Connectivity in Fractured Reservoirs, by C. Alimonti, A. Aliscioni, Bob Harrison, and Roberto Gambini

*Challenge for Forward Computer Simulation to Model Structural Deformation Coupled with Fluid Migration, by Ryosuke Aoyagi, Yukihito Suzuki, and Akihiko Okui

*Minor Fold Development and Evolution within the Palermo Mountains Thrust Belt, by Giuseppe Avellone and Massimiliano Barchi

*Exploring in structurally complex thrust belt: Southwest Albania Case, by A. Ballauri, Z. Bega, P. Meehan, R. Gambini, and W. Klammer

*Deep Oil Plays in Po Valley: Deformation and Hydrocarbon Generation in a Deformed Foreland, by M. Bello and R. Fantoni

*Sedimentology and Diagenesis of the Chorgali Formation in the Potwar Plateau and Salt Range, Himalayan Foothills (North Pakistan), by Lakhdar Benchilla, Rudy Swennen, Khursheed Akhtar, and and François Roure

Compressional Salt Tectonics in Nature and Experiments: Folding and Thrusting above Thick Salt in Angola, by Jean-Pierre Brun and Xavier Fort

Along-Strike Structural Control on Lower Silurian Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in the Appalachian Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt, U.S.A, by James W. Castle

*The Ionian Crust and the Calabrian Accretionary Wedge, by Catalano R., Doglioni, C., Merlini ,S., and Sulli A.

*Northern Tunisia Thrust Belt: Deformation Model & Hydrocarbon Systems, by H. EL Euchi, M. Saidi, L. Fourati, R. Ghenima, J. Friha, F. Hamouda & F. Messaoudi

Reconstructing Fluid Flow Evolution from Compressional to Extensional Regimes. Late Corrosive Fluids: A Key Factor for Porosity Formation and Enlargement, by M. Esteban and C. Taberner

*Tectonic and Thermal Forward Modelling of Canadian Foothills; An Essential Approach for Reservoir Appraisal, Fluid Flow and Pore Pressure History, by J.L. Faure, N. Benaouali, K. Osadetz and F. Roure

*Diagenesis and Fluid Flow History in Reservoir Carbonates of the Cordilleran Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt: The Cordoba Platform (Eastern Mexico), by H. Ferket, S. Ortuño, F. Roure, and R. Swennen

*Hydrothermal Massive Dolomitization in the Cantabrian Zone (NW Spain): A Permian to Triassic Event Promoted by Extensional Tectonics?, by M. Gasparrini, R.J. Bakker, T. Bechstädt, and M. Boni

The Presence of Reservoir Rocks Allowing the Facies Development in Late Jurassic Carbonate Sediments in ZawadaLekawica Region (Polish), by  Piotr Gliniak, Rafal Laskowicz, Grzegorz Lesniak, Andrzej Urbaniec, and Piotr Such

Factors Affecting Reservoir Properties of the Upper Jurassic and the Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Rocks in Central Part of Carpathian Foreland, by Piotr Gliniak, Rafal Laskowicz, Andrzej Urbaniec,  Piotr Such, and Grzegorz Lesniak

*Advances in Hydrocarbon Fluid Inclusions Microanalysis and Modelling: A powerful Constraint for Diagenesis History and Fluid Flow Reconstruction in Reservoir Appraisal, by Nicole Guilhaumou

The Role of Gravity-Driven Flow Relative to the Pyrenean Orogeny in the Genesis of the Cévennes Mississippi Valley Type Ore Deposits (Southern France) in Eocene Time, by Anne Jost, Sophie Violette, Jean-Claude Macquar, Gilles Dromart, and David L. Leach

Tectonic Style and Hydrocarbon Potential in the Acadian Fold and Thrust Belt, Gaspé Appalachians (Eastern Canada), by Donna Kirkwood, Mathieu Lavoie, and Jean-Sébastien Marcil

My Life Before I Was Compressed: Fluid Flow Histories on the Northern Australian Convergent Margin, by Mark Lisk, Frank Krieger, Anthony Gartrell, and Simon George

Anisotropic Physical Properties at Sample Scale and Their Evolution within Fold-Thrust Structures, by Laurent Louis, Philippe Robion, Christian David, and Dominique Frizon de Lamotte

*Evidence for Squeegee Flow in the Rocky Mountain Foreland Basin, by Hans G. Machel

The Effects of Late Neogene and Quaternary Relative Sea Level Changes on the Architecture of the Southern Sicily Foreland Basin, by Maria Mancuso

Learnings from the Last 50 years of Exploration and Development in the Foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, by Michael F. McGroder and Ken Potma

Subthrust Exploration Plays in the Neiva Sub-basin, Upper Magdalena Valley, by Andrés Mejía, Juan Carlos Ramón, Alexis Rosero, Mauricio Osorio, and Carlos Macellari

*Deformational History and Hydrocarbon Potential, Central Brooks Range Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt, Northern Alaska, by Thomas E. Moore, Christopher J. Potter, Paul O’Sullivan

*Tectonics and Fluid Flow at the Northern Variscan Front (Belgium), by Ph. Muchez, W. Heijlen, L. Dejonghe, and M. Sintubin

Dolomitization Processes and their Relationships with the Evolution of an Orogenic Belt (Central Italy), by M.V. Murgia and P. Ronchi

The Mechanics of a Growing Critical Taper: New Insights from High Resolution Video-Laser Scans and In-Situ Stress Measurements in Analogue Models, by D.A. Nieuwland and M. Saher

*Decompression of Rocks as a result of Fluids Operating Under High Pressure in the Earth’s Crust, by A.А. Orlov, V.G. Omelchenko, A.M. Karpenko, M.V. Lakhy, and A.M. Trubenko

Dependence of Abnormal Pressures from Tension in the Rock, by A.A. Orlov, V.G. Omelchenko, I.R. Mykhailiv,  and A.M. Trubenko

Tectonic Structures Distribution in the Internal Zone of Precarpathian Foredeep, A.A. Orlov, I.R. Mykhayliv, V.G. Omeltchenko, and A.M. Trubenko

Constraining Foreland Belt Thermal History Using Apatite Fission Track Thermochronology and Organic Maturity: Implications for Lewis Thrust, Flathead Fault and Waterton Gas Field in the Southern Canadian Cordillera, by Kirk G. Osadetz, Barry P. Kohn, Shimon Feinstein, and Raymond A. Price

Timing of Deformation and Gas Generation and Migration in the Foothills Region of the Eastern Brooks Range Fold-Thrust Belt, (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska), by T.M. Parris, R.C. Burruss, and P.B. O’Sullivan

Variations in Style and Timing of Deformation within the Tertiary Frontal Thrust Zone across Alaska’s North Slope, with Implications for Petroleum Geology, by  Christopher J. Potter, Thomas E. Moore, and Paul B. O’Sullivan

Reservoir Production Behavior in a Hydrodynamically Connected Fractured Carbonate, the Mississippian Debolt Formation, Sikanni Area of NE British Columbia, Canada, by Kaush Rakhit and Steve W. Burnie

*Diagenetic Evolution of Palaeozoic Clastic Sediments in the Cantabrian Zone, Spain Derived from Fluid Inclusion and Clay Mineralogy, by Christina Reinl and Thilo Bechstädt

Fracture Patterns and Magnetic Fabric in the “Chaudrons Fault-Propagation Fold” (SE Pyrenees, France): Implications for Fracture-Related Permeability in Convex Traps, by Francesco Salvini, Laurent Louis, Christine Souque, Stefano Tavani, Pascale Leturmy, Philippe Robion and Dominique Frizon de Lamotte

*Multiple Fluid Flow Events in the Cantabrian Zone, NW-Spain, by J. Schneider and T. Bechstadt

*Methodology for Basin Modeling in Complex Area: Examples from Eastern Venezuelan and Canadian Foothills, by F. Schneider, J.L. Faure, and F. Roure

Mesodolomite Formation as a Result of Layer Parallel Shortening and Secondary Porosity Development by Cooling of Formation Waters or Cooling Due to Thrust Emplacement: an Example from the Canadian Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt, by R. Swennen, J.L. Faure, K. Osadetz, Ph. Robion, K. Herbos, and F. Roure

Diagenesis in Foreland Fold and Thrust Belts: Synthesis of an Overregional Study, by R. Swennen, H. Ferket, L. Benchilla, F. Roure, K. Muska , Ellam, R.,  and SUBTRAP-team

Dual Porosity Reservoirs in the Ionian Zone of the Albanian FFTB, by R. Swennen, M. Van Geet, C. Durmishi, and F. Roure

Analytical Modelling of Rounded Hinge Fault-Bend Folding: Geometry and Deformation Dstribution, by Stefano Tavani, Fabrizio Storti, and Francesco Salvini

*Structural and Thermal Evolution of the Cordillera Oriental, Colombia, by Jaime Toro, François Roure, Sophie Lecornec-Lance,  Nathalie Bordas-Lefloch, and William Sassi

Linking Multi-Dimensional Petroleum Systems and Structural Modeling – Principles and Applications, by Bjorn P. Wygrala, Christof Keuser, Michael Hertle, and Christian Brinzer


*Extended abstract with figure(s).