--> AAPG Hedberg Conference “Hydrocarbon Habitat of Volcanic Rifted Passive Margins”, September 8-11, 2002, Stavanger, Norway, AAPG #90022 (2003).

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“Hydrocarbon Habitat of Volcanic Rifted Passive Margins”
September 8-11, 2002, Stavanger, Norway

Search and Discovery Article #90022 (2003)

Note: Items preceded by asterisks(*) designate extended abstracts, most with illustrations.


Overview of the Faroe Islands and Development of the Northwest Flank of the Faroe-Shetland Basin
by Brian Bell, David Ellis, David Jolley, Andrew Morton, and Ragnar Poulsen

Thermal History Inferred from Large Scale Geodynamic Processes, Outer Vøring Basin, Norway
by Frédéric Brigaud, Laurent Gernigon, Marc Urreiztieta, and Francis Lucazeau

Thickness Parameter Crossplotting: A Useful Analytical and Predictive Tool in Petroleum Exploration
by Harald Brunstad

Subsidence and Uplift along the Faroe-Shetland Margin: A Mantle Mass Transfer Phenomenon
by A.D. Carr, D. Ellis

*West Greenland Basin Development – New Evidence of Old Sediments
by F.G. Christiansen, J.C. Olsen, S. Planke, H.E.F. Amundsen, J.A. Bojesen-Koefoed, F. Dalhoff, R. Myklebust, H.Nøhr-Hansen, and M. Sønderholm

*Structural and Stratigraphic Development of a Volcanic Rifted Passive Margin, Campos and Santos Basins, SE Brazil
by P.R. Cobbold, K.E. Meisling, and V.S. Mount

*Mapping Palaeostructure and Palaeobathymetry along the Norwegian Continental Margin
by Richard Corfield, Alan Roberts, Steve Matthews, Nick Kusznir, and Robert Hooper

Getting More from Your Potential Field Data Offshore Angola & Brazil, a Case Study
by Mark A Davies, Paul Versnel, and Jonathan A. Watson

Greenland Sourced Depositional Systems of the Mid-Norwegian Margin: Implications for Late Cretaceous Reservoir Prediction
by Chris Edwards, Richard Corfield, Paul Milner, and Kristin Nyberg

Structural Interpretations of the Northern Vøring Basin, Offshore Mid-Norway using Deep Geophysical Data Integration
by Chris M. Edwards, Steve Matthews, Chris F Elders, and David G. Roberts

Seismic Calibration of Heat Flow – Application of Direct Temperature Indicators
by Michael Erdmann, Arnd Wilhelms, and Christian Zwach

*Crustal Architecture and Evolution of Conjugate Margins off Mid-Norway and Greenland
by J.I. Faleide, F. Tsikalas, S. Ren, and O. Eldholm

*Deep Crustal Structure of the Argentine Continental Margin from Seismic Wide-Angle and Multichannel Reflection Seismic Data
by D. Franke, S. Neben, K. Hinz, H. Meyer, and B. Schreckenberger

*3D Geometry and Growth of Volcanic Passive Margins: Some Striking Features and Related Problems
by Laurent Geoffroy, Karine Perrot, Xavier Lenoir, Jean-Paul Callot, and the GDR Marges North-Atlantic Research Group

*The Outer High of the Santos Basin, Southern São Paulo Plateau, Brazil: Tectonic Setting, Relation to Volcanic Events and Some Comments on Hydrocarbon Potential
by Paulo O. Gomes, Jonathan Parry, and Wisley Martins

*Volcanic Margins in Law of the Sea Context
by Karl Hinz

*The Law of the Sea System: Some Major Features of High Relevance for Marine Scientific Researchers and Explorationists
by Karl Hinz

*Sub-Basalt Imaging from a Wave Propagation Point of View
by Richard Hobbs, Francesca Martini

*Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Rockall Trough, Northeast Atlantic Margin
by Gary H. Isaksen, Gavin R. Wall, Mark A. Thomsen, Chris R. Tapscott, J.C. Sempere, David R. Wilkinson, Chris A. Johnson, and Kevin McLachlan

*How Do Your Flood Basalts Grow? Constraining Flood Basalt Development Using Detailed Field Studies and 3-D Geological Models
by Dougal A. Jerram, Richard Single, and Graham Thompson

*Depth-Dependent Stretching on the Lofoten, Vøring and Møre Rifted Margins: Implications for Subsidence and Hydrocarbon Maturation
by Nick Kusznir, Alan Roberts, and Rob Hunsdale

*The Southeast Greenland Volcanic Rifted Margin: Nature of Breakup and Interaction with the Iceland Plume.
by Hans Christian Larsen

*Sedimentary and Volcanic Development of the East Greenland Margin - Implications for the Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Vøring and Møre Basins
by Michael Larsen, Lars Stemmerik

Stratigraphic Response from Late Cretaceous Rifting to Early Cenozoic Drifting, Norwegian Sea
by Trond Lien, Mike Charnock, Roald B. Færseth, and Ole J. Martinsen

*Is There a Connection between Paleogene Volcanism and Ooze Deposition Offshore Mid-Norway?
by Ragnhild Lilletveit, Lars N. Jensen, Oddmund Riise, and Kenneth Duffaut

*Tectono-Stratigraphic Geometries at Volcanic Passive Margins – Some Observed Phenomena in the Norwegian Sea and Elsewhere on the NE Atlantic Margin
by E. R. Lundin, A. G. Doré

*The Norwegian Sea, a Meeting Place for Opposed and Overlapping Arctic and Atlantic Rifts; Implications for Magmatism
by E.R. Lundin, T. H. Torsvik, O. Olesen, and W. R. Roest

*Imaging Sub-Basalt Sediments Using Marine Electromagnetic Sounding
by L. MacGregor

*Source Rock Prediction in Deepwater Frontier Exploration Areas: An Integrated Study of the Cretaceous in the Vøring Basin
by Ute Mann, Janine Zweigel, Kjell Øygard, and Grim Gjeldvik

*Quartz Cement Abundance as a Thermal History Indicator: A Case Study from the Gjallar Ridge, Vøring Basin
by James Matthews, Jorgen Samuelsson, Caroline Lowrey, and Hans Martin Helset

Integrated Petroleum Systems Analysis of Brazil; the High Resolution Geochemistry of Oils is the Answer
by M.R. Mello

*Magmatic Activity, Fracture Zones and their Relationship to the Origin and Evolution of the South Atlantic: Crustal Architecture and Tectonic Evolution of Conjugate Sedimentary Basins from Gabon to Namibia
by W.U. Mohriak, B.R. Rosendahl

Thermal Controls on Clay Diagenesis in Mudstones: Can They Help Predict Hydrocarbon Charge and Biodegradation Risks in Passive Margins?
by Paul H. Nadeaul, Olav Walderhaug, Per Arne Bjørkum, and Stephen Hay

*Early Opening of the South Atlantic: Pre-Rift Extension and Episodicity of Seaward Dipping Reflector Sequence (SDRS) Emplacement on the Conjugate Argentine and Namibia Continental Margins
by S. Neben, D. Franke, K. Hinz, B. Schreckenberger, H. Meyer, and H.A. Roeser

*Proto-Oceanic Crust in the North and South Atlantic: Types, Characteristics, Emplacement Mechanisms, and its Influence on Deep and Ultra-Deep Water Exploration
by Mark E. Odegard, William G. Dickson, Bruce R. Rosendahl, and Ralf J. Weger

*Alternative Source Rock in the North Atlantic Passive Margin – Cretaceous in the Møre and Vøring Basins, Offshore Norway
by Kjell Øygard, Rune Olsen

*Integrated Geodynamic and Basin Models of the Vøring Margin
by Tom Pedersen, Torbjørn Throndsen, and Finn Tony Lysell

*Petroleum Implications of Sill Intrusions: Emplacement of Magma in Sedimentary Basins
by Sverre Planke, Anders Malthe-Sørenssen, Henrik Svensen, Torfinn Rasmussen, Bjørn Jamtveit, and Reidun Myklebust

*Volcanic Rifted Margin Structure and Development: a Comparison between the NE Atlantic and Western Australian Continental Margins
by Sverre Planke, Philip A. Symonds, and Christian Berndt

Controls on Reservoir Distribution, Architecture and Stratigraphic Trapping in Slope Settings
by Bradford E. Prather

Crustal Structure of the Norwegian Volcanic Margin from an Extensive Obs-Network
by Thomas Raum, Rolf Mjelde

*The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Southern Atlantic Conjugate Continental Margins of Argentina and Namibia/South Africa
by S. Schmidt, B. Cramer, P. Gerling, and R. Littke

*The Hydrocarbon Potential of the Deep Offshore along the Argentine Passive Volcanic Margin – a Basin Modelling Study
by T. Schümann, N. Ellouz, D. Franke, K. Hinz, and R. Littke

*Hydrocarbon Generation Modelling along the UK North Eastern Atlantic Margin
by I.C. Scotchman, A.D. Carr, and J. Parnell

Petroleum Exploration on the Rifted Volcanic Margin of West Greenland
by Nina Skaarup

*Petroleum Implications of Sill Intrusions: Hydrothermal Vent Complexes
by Henrik Svensen, Bjørn Jamtveit, Sverre Planke, Sebastian Rey, Yuri Y. Podladchikov, and Reidun Myklebust

A Portrait of the Volcanic Rifted Margin of Namibia: Igneous Underplating, Regional Dike Swarms and Intrusive Ring Complexes
by R.B. Trumbull, K. Bauer, and T. Vietor

*Early Eocene Evolution of the Vøring and Lofoten-Vesterålen Passive Volcanic Margins in a Conjugate Setting
by F. Tsikalas, O. Eldholm, and J.I. Faleide

*Crustal Stretching, Pre-Salt Tectono-Stratigraphy and Early Salt Movement in the Lower-Congo and Kwanza Basins Offshore Angola
by Erling Vagnes, Joaquim Boavida, Paulino Jeronimo, José Manuel Peliganga, Mateus de Brito, Murray Symonds, and Luppo Wilhelm Kuilman

Gravity Anomalies, Magmatism, and the Segmentation of Passive Margins
by A. B. Watts, P. Wyer

*Basalt Imaging on the NE Atlantic Margin: Seeing Through a Glass, Darkly
by Robert S. White

*Magma Migration and the Thermal Evolution of Volcanic Passive Margins
by Marjorie Wilson