--> Cartography of sedimentary rocks, in the northern area of Paz del Río, Boyacá, Colombia

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Cartography of sedimentary rocks, in the northern area of Paz del Río, Boyacá, Colombia


This study goes around the stratigraphic, structural and geological hazards near a small town called Paz de Rio in Colombia, this place is known because of the artisanal extraction of carbon, this in a risky way, that has been taking the life of some miners through the time, even more with the immigration of people from Venezuela that are not legal in the country making a cheap and unqualified manpower that are easy to dispose; through the research of academic bibliography and the work done in the field, there’s been an integration of the whole data, getting a whole stratigraphic column from the upper Cretaceous till the Eocene, with some quaternarys that are been resourced by the Paz de rio fault, a thrust fault that’s transacted by some other strike-slip faults; with the description of all the formations in the zone (specially the carbon and iron reservoirs) and based on the topographic maps and aerial photography, the main objective of this field work was to create and update an accurate geological and structural map. In the end there’s no a final answer to some structural implications, especially about an anticline that according to the literature should have a sequence starting from the Fm Planers and ending on the Fm Concentración but apparently, there’s no record of the Fm Planers, and there’s an hypothesis that maybe there’s a repetition caused by the thrust fault leaving twice the Fm Labor and Fm Pinos that are laying over the Fm Planers, these questions are matter of study in some other work.