Rocky Mountain Section Meeting:
2020 Vision: Turn Hindsight to Foresight

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Laboratory grade, Field Deployable Analytical Instruments Provide Inorganic Geochemical Rock Properties While Drilling combined with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning Improve Capital Efficiency and Increase Return on Investment.


Laboratory grade, field deployable analytical instruments provide inorganic geochemical rock properties while drilling. Drill cuttings, a free by product of the drilling operation, are collected and evaluated onsite using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) which gives an elemental breakdown of the composition of the rock and a modeled mineralogy. The elements can be used to create a chemical spectral Gamma ray by measuring Uranium, Potassium and Thorium. This is compared to the downhole Gamma Ray for tool calibration and cuttings depth control. It provides a modeled mineralogy and TOC which are calibrated to X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and Pyrolysis measurements respectively. Cutting samples can be adjusted in order to increase/decrease data depth resolution. Such information can aid in the delineation of optimal reservoir zones, optimal lateral placement, well placement and spacing, geosteering and be used to design horizontal completion and stimulation programs. Data is calibrated and integrated to ground truth core measurements and wireline to provide more comprehensive answer products while drilling. Logging vertical, directional or horizontal wells using downhole tools pose mechanical challenges and cost considerations; therefore, new wellsite techniques can reduce risk and offer a more cost-effective alternative to data gathering and reservoir characterization. Results are then integrated with drilling data and using Artificial Intelligence, machine and deep learning to minimize drilling dysfunction, optimize completions and forecast production. This compilation of case histories demonstrates that new analytical tools for well site can provide real time insights in order to improve capital efficiency and increase return on investment.