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AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region Geoscience Technology Workshop

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Depth imaging of complex geological structures using RTM technique applied to reduce exploration process cost


This work aims to perform a comparison of depth imaging results using not common values for source and receiver intervals in order to prove that it is possible to get good results, in terms of the quality of seismic sessions, with less amount of data, which can directly impact in the cost of petroleum exploration. Bidimensional acoustic modeling with a finite difference scheme was applied to a slice of the 3D Previous HitSEGNext Hit/Previous HitEAGENext Hit Previous HitOverthrustTop model in order to generate the synthetic seismic seismograms. Such seismograms were generated using 25 meters, which is a very common interval for a seismic acquisition process, and 200 meters for shot and receiver intervals, which is a not common value. Reverse time migration (RTM) technique was applied to perform the depth migration of the generated pre-stack seismic data and then the migrated shots were stacked to create the seismic session. The presented methodology helps to design a cheaper acquisition campaign, decreasing the total cost of the exploration process, and/or also helps to reduce the computing time related to the migration process.