AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region Geoscience Technology Workshop

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AI4Seismic: A platform to apply artificial intelligence to Seismic Data


Seismic data is a central knowledge resource for the Oil & Gas industry, being of paramount importance to subsurface characterization. Interpreters face many challenges to analyze seismic surveys, such as the increasing size of the data set and the dependence on interpreter's tacit knowledge about the geological context. The use of Artificial Intelligence has been gaining increasing attention as an alternative to address these challenges. In this work, we discuss the importance of an integrated platform that provides AI-based tools to analyze seismic data. We advocate that it must take into account (1) data acquisition, storage, and access; (2) data pre-processing and post-processing; (3) support for basic machine learning tasks; (4) data and knowledge engineering; (5) traceability for reproducibility; and (6) validation of the developed machine learning methods.