Petroleum Drilling Techniques, Issue 2, 2019

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A Dynamic Prediction Method for Segmental Flow Performance in Horizontal Wells Based on Node Networks


The dynamic prediction of segmental flow performance in horizontal wells is the basis for analyzing the adjustment effect of wellbore fluid inflow in different completion methods and the production performance of different well sections. The completion structure can be simplified into a three-layer node network composed of the formation, the annulus between borehole wall and completion tools, and completion tools. Based on the principle of mass conservation and the theorem of momentum conservation, the pressure drop model of various flow bridges was established. The bridge flow index was used to characterize the direction of fluid flow, and with the performance prediction model of the fluid flow in the coupling formation, the above mentioned annulus and the completion tools were further established. Finally, the Newton–Raphson iterative method was used to find the solution. The analysis on the calculation example showed that this model is able to predict the annulus, pressure and flow distribution in the tubing in horizontal wells with complex completion structure, and it can effectively reflect the impact of completion mode and completion tools on the fluid flow performance of the wellbore, with higher prediction precision. The established model can provide theoretical supports for the selection of segmental completion method and parameters for best practices for the optimization design of horizontal wells.