Petroleum Drilling Techniques, Issue 2, 2019

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Factorization Drilling Technology of the Horizontal Well in the Ma18 Well Block of the Mahu Oilfield


In order to improve penetration rate of the Ma18 Well Block in the Mahu Oilfield, the factory drilling plan of horizontal well was proposed based on the analysis of the geological stratum conditions and technical challenges in well drilling in the field. Different techniques were applied to create the factory drilling plan for the horizontal well in the Ma18 Well Block including mature drill bit sequence optimization, the use of MWD + screw+ PDC bit in drilling through vertical sections, the application of rotary steering tool+ PDC bit in the build-up/horizontal sections, and the XZ high-performance water-based drilling fluid, etc. The application of this technology achieved good results. The average single well completion period was significantly reduced resulting in 86.0 d for platform MaHW6234 and MaHW6235. It was reduced to 78.8 d for Well MaHW6203 with total depth to 6 130.00 m, setting the depth record of horizontal wells in the Mahu Oilfield. The factory drilling technology of horizontal wells in the Ma18 Well Block of the Mahu Oilfield has provided technical support for the efficient development of the Triassic Baikouquan Formation reservoir.