AAPG Middle East Region Geoscience Technology Workshop

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Integration of Static and Dynamic Reservoir Parameters for Thin Bedded Low Resistivity Pay


In this presentation two reasons of low resistivity pay are presented and discussed. First reason is thin beds development in turbidite flows channels and levies environment. Second reason is development of water saturated microporosity, unavailable for hydrocarbons due to high capillary pressure. Identification of such facies based on standard logging suite data is challenging due to low resistivity of reservoir, even at significant height above free water level. Thin bed evaluation, using LowReP method, helps to boost reservoir properties. Second part of the presentation demonstrates importance of integration between reservoir properties derived by a petrophysicist (porosity, saturation, permeability and saturation height model) and properties used by reservoir engineers (relative permeability and fractional flow). A novel approach, based on permeability calculated from free fluid porosity – permeability relationship is utilized, and new formulation of saturation height model is proposed, which reconciles all of the above properties.